YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe review

Is the YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe worth the money?

Anyone who values quality and comfort in playing badminton should consider the YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe. Badminton is a sport of skill; every shuttler needs comfort to get properly in their zone. Their gear should fit as per their needs, including their badminton and their shoes, in addition to all the other accessories they use. YONEX Akayu Super 6 is one option to increase the athlete’s comfort level.¬†

With a mesh top for breathability and durability, this shoe includes a 6-shank sole plate structure that offers exceptional stability and cushioning. Its EVA midsole, which also helps to lessen the impact and absorb shock, provides cushioning. The lacing mechanism offers a solid fit, and the fit is snug but not too tight. All things considered, the YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a supportive and comfy shoe. 


The YONEX Badminton Shoe is designed with various features to improve performance. It has a reinforced toe guard and a protective rubber heel to provide extra protection and stability. The TPU midfoot support system also helps keep your foot secure when making quick turns or lunges. The grooved outsole enhances grip and allows for improved lateral and forward movements. Finally, the perforated microfiber insole offers superior breathability and comfort. 

The YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe is available in 6 attractive colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Additionally, it’s lightweight so that it won’t weigh you down during long games. Finally, it has a great price point, making it an affordable option for any budget. The Akayu Super 6 comes with Tru Cushion that has a nice texture, and it also comes with a shockliner.

The YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe is also solid in its traction. The sole of the badminton shoe has a Radial Blade that increases the overall grip by 3%. Its grooved outsole provides excellent grip and improves lateral and forward movements, making it a great option for aggressive players. Additionally, the traction helps to prevent slips, allowing for consistent and reliable performance. This shoe is designed to be flexible and adaptive, allowing it to move with the player’s feet when playing. This helps to increase agility and responsiveness on the court.¬†

YONEX has a wide range of badminton shoes for men, from the budget-friendly Akayu Super 6 to the top-of-the-line Power Cushion. They also offer a variety of other shoes, such as their Hitogami line for speed and agility, the Shizuku Pro for stability and traction, and the Shizuku EX for enhanced manoeuvrability. 

Key features

The YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoes are a popular choice among players looking for added power and comfort. The shoe features an enhanced cushioning system consisting of a 3-layer cushioning system and a TPU sole plate to absorb shock and reduce fatigue. The shoe’s light design also helps keep feet comfortable and provides extra agility, making it a terrific choice for shuttlers who approach the game aggressively.


The YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe is the ideal shoe for badminton because of its many wonderful characteristics. The 6-shank sole plate system’s excellent stability and cushioning, the EVA midsole’s ability to absorb shock and lessen the impact, the snug fit that ensures a secure fit, the shoe’s lightweight construction, the protective rubber heel, the TPU midfoot support, the grooved outsole for improved traction, and the perforated microfiber insole for breathability and comfort are just a few of the advantages. It also comes in a range of colours and is reasonably priced, making it a fantastic choice for any budget.¬†

Another pro of the YONEX Akayu Super 6 is its durability. It is designed to last hundreds of hours on the court, making it a significant long-term investment for any badminton player. Additionally, it has been well-received by players for its high quality and comfort, making it a great choice for any level of badminton player. Another positive of the YONEX Badminton Shoe for Men is that it has been used by a variety of well-known professional badminton players. This shows that it can provide the necessary support, comfort, and stability needed to help enhance performance during intense matches. Additionally, its popularity among amateur badminton players speaks to its versatility and quality. 


However, there have been some reported negatives about the YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe as well. Some users have reported that the shoes can be tight, and others noted that they weren’t as comfortable or supportive as they had hoped. Additionally, some users have opined that the shoes don’t last as long as expected.¬†

Other than the reports mentioned above, there have not been any major negative reviews of the YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe. However, trying on a pair before making a purchase is always important to ensure the best fit and comfort for your feet. 

Overall rating (4.5/5) 

Overall, any badminton player should consider the YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoe. It offers remarkable durability, breathability, cushioning and excellent stability. Quick motions are made more secure by its lightweight design, cushioned heel, and TPU midfoot support system. In addition, the perforated microfiber insole provides exceptional comfort and breathability, and the grooved outsole improves traction. The sneaker has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating overall. 


In conclusion, the YONEX Akayu Super 6 is one of the best choices for any badminton player. It is one of the best products in the market, which is very affordable and easy to use. The Akayu Super 6 fits right into the legs and right into the budget. The YONEX Akayu Super 6 Badminton Shoes are available in India for a price of around ‚āĻ2,850, making it one of the best buys in this price range. Want to grab a hold of these badminton shoes? Click here and make the super hot badminton shoes your own.

The ultimate guide to selecting a squash ball

The ultimate guide to selecting a squash ball

While buying sports items, it is necessary to consider all the criteria and essential details. There are many varieties in each item that are specifically prepared to fit certain game types and players. To get your game correct initially, it is better to look at all these sub-points that will help you select the best item that is fit for your level and aid you in saving money from getting wasted. 

Playing Level 

For beginners or childrenРWhite dot ball/ single blue dot ball is made for beginners due to higher bounce. It has 40% more bounce than the ball for advanced players, which makes players confident in their game as they can give more hang time. There is no need to warm up the ball before beginning the game. 

For intermediatesРIt bounces more than 10% more than the Prime. The refined players should use this ball. It is suitable for cold weather conditions. 

For advanced levelРTo play with this level of ball, there is a great technique requirement, and both players must be good in their gameplay. 

Court temperature 

The squash court’s temperature is essential when selecting the right ball, as it can affect the game.¬†

Low temperature: Go for a ball that bounces much higher. 

Higher temperature: When it is hotter, balls have a low bounce. 

The material used in squash ball 

It is better to know the basics and the game’s elements down to the T to understand better the sport you will be playing.¬†

The balls are composed of raw butyl rubber, and a mixture of natural and synthetic materials is added. The ball is empty from the inside, more towards the hollow side, and the air that is present inside works as an absorbent of energy converted into heat. This process makes the rubber expand more which makes it bouncier. One should know this, as the squash ball should be warmed up to bounce. 

Choosing the Right Squash Ball

Choosing the ball must be according to a player’s level of game and expertise. For beginners, it is always better to start from ground level and not directly skip on the upper ones, as that can ruin the fundamentals of the game, which can have a bad impact in the future.

Online websites are the best source for buying this equipment as they give ample knowledge and information on the ball they sell. It will be easier to know the ball’s performance by reading through these details to know if the ball is better for your style.¬†

Educational videos on various internet platforms can give a fair understanding and personalized opinions on which ball to choose while listening to the reviews given by game experts. 

If you are visiting a store, ask the salesperson to help you choose the ball, as they have deep knowledge and hands-on experience in knowing which ball will suit your game the best. 

What are the different squash ball types? 

If you have started developing a new interest in squash and are looking forward to purchasing a squash ball, then it can be done by looking at the different symbols displayed on it. 

Various colours on the ball mean a difference in bounce, and the temperature can also affect it. 

  • Blue Single Dot: This is the squash ball for beginners. It is the ideal choice for those who have just started in this game because it has the highest time of hanging in the air compared to any other ball. Blue single dot allows players to enjoy rallies and get comfortable with the game.¬†
  • Red Single Dot:¬†This is highly used and is fit for intermediate players. It has the quality of good bounce as the diameter is larger. One can use this ball to develop their skills and reach a higher level because of good hanging time.¬†
  • Yellow Single Dot: Club or semi-pro players use this squash ball, a fit choice in cool places. The hanging time of this is more than Double dot type.¬†
  • Yellow Double Dot: Professionals in this game who have mastered their skills use this type, and they can be commonly seen in the squash circuit. The qualities of this ball that makes it the most favourable choice are that it is consistent and it sustains games that have hard-hitting, which aids in maintaining the ideal temperature for better performance in the game.¬†
  • White ball: This should be only used in the glass courts. It is more like yellow double dot balls in its performance. It is used in glass courts so that there is more visibility of it in the court.¬†

Specifications of a squash ball 

DiameterРIt is measured perpendicular to the seam. The diameter ranges between 39.5mm to 40.5mm. 

Weight- Ranges between 23-25 grams.

Changing of the ballРThere are no hard and fast rules when it comes to changing the ball. If you feel that the ball has worn off as it starts looking shinier and skidding, then it is a sign that the ball needs to be changed. This occurs when the ball is used for more than 8-10 hours of playing. If there are no such signs, the ball is good to go. 

In professional matches, a ball change is allowed after every two games. 

Package- These balls are sold individually, in a tube, a 3-pack, and a box. If you go for a single ball, it is given in a small cardboard box; these are more for beginners. For Pro and Competitive matches, the balls are bought in tubes containing three balls. Tubes are much more preferred than individual ones because they are used to store the balls in an orderly way which keeps them protected from any harm and slows down the process of wear and tear. It is also clean and handy to carry in the racket bag. A box contains 12 individually packed balls. 

Best Brands to buy Squash Balls 

While buying these squash balls, it is always better to go for a well-known brand to get your hands on the best quality product. A few of them are listed down below with their features and positives. 

1) Dunlop 

This brand has a well-set reputation. They are known to produce the largest number of squash balls in the entire globe. The famous ball most commonly used is the DUNLOP PRO YELLOW DOUBLE Dot ball. As white squash balls were mentioned above that were only used in glass courts, this brand was the first to develop them, including the Red, Yellow, and Blue. 


  • Dunlop Pro is officially used by World Squash Federation (WSF), the Women‚Äôs International Squash Players Association, and Professional Squash Association (PSA). ‚óŹ It is known to give a steady performance that will aid players in engaging in powerful and decent gameplay.¬†
  • They produce 7 types of squash balls that fit every game.¬†

2) Head 

This brand is developing a good name in the market after they have come up with great sets of rackets. It is a sports brand that is based in the UK. Their products are renowned worldwide because of the quality of goods that they supply. These balls are made up of excellent materials; the control is high-level and durable. 


  • It is easy to recognize the different types as different colours on the ball mark them.
  • These balls are created out of special rubber material, which changes the entire gameplay as it makes it easier to use.¬†

3) Prince 

They are known to create balls that give an ulterior game experience by being extra bouncy, having fast speed, and great durability. It has a quick pace. 


  • Squash players from any level can use balls made by this company. ‚óŹ The World Squash specifications approve it because of the material used to make this which makes the gameplay quite effective and comfortable while using it on the court.¬†

4) Tecnifibre 

This company has lots of experience as it was made in 1979. It now only makes squash equipment, which gives it an exclusive reputation. They produce squash racquets, strings, balls, grips, bags, and more. The speed of the ball is known to be steady, while the bounce is quite consistent. Excellent for experienced players in the game. 


  • It comes with two balls in a pack.¬†
  • Expert players can use this to see a change in their game as it is made up of ulterior quality.¬†
  • This company sells squash balls made by the ex-world number one player Thierry Lincou.¬†


With this guide, buy the optimum squash ball to improve your game. This will also help you to put your money into the right equipment and save a lot of time by not playing with the wrong ball, which can ruin the entire skill. With the right ball choice for every player and details about the squash ball, we hope there are no doubts left in your ball to select the right one.

Best 5 badminton rackets available in the market

The Best Badminton Rackets Available in the Market (as per your gameplay)

Badminton is a game that requires immense skills and power in a player. To nail this sport, ample practice requires lots of focus and regular training. Despite all this, the tools essential to play this game are very different, as the badminton racket comes with different powers and features. If you want to see which badminton racket is best, read further to get a detailed description. 

While buying a badminton racket, we consider a lot of points. From price to stability, a buyer will take into consideration all the points and then make a decision. This is true when it comes to professional players. But what about the newbies? Don’t worry; Team God of Sports is here. Take a look at the tips to keep in mind before buying a badminton racket.

Which points to remember when you are purchasing a badminton racket?

1. Balance Point or overall weight of Racket:

Head Heavy Racket: A head-heavy racket means the weight shift towards the head. Head Heavy rackets will give you more power due to the momentum generated from heavier racket heads.

Head Light Racket: A Head Light balance means the weight shifts less towards the head (towards the grip). A headlight racket will give you more manoeuvrability but less power.

For starters, always go for the Even-Balanced racket rather than the Head-Heavy or Head-Light racket. Once you know your type, you can always replace your racket according to your suitability.

2. Head Shape:

Isometric: An isometric racket gives you a larger sweet spot, hence making it easier for you to hit a shot efficiently.

Oval: An oval-headed racket has a smaller sweet spot, but if the sweet spot hits, it gives you a slightly more concentrated power.

An isometric racket is easier to play with than an oval racket, as it gives you a larger sweet spot. Nowadays, 90% of rackets are made of Isometric shape.

Want to read the other tips you should keep in mind before buying a badminton racket? Read this article.

Which racket is perfect for your game style? 

For beginners 

Senston Professional Woven Badminton racket 

  • Those who have just started playing this game should go for this racket, as it can give you a grand opening.¬†
  • Badminton racket lightweight and affordable is this racket’s advantage. It is advised to beginners not to play with a badminton racket head heavy as they will not be used to the weight, which can affect their hand movements.¬†
  • It is made up of epoxy resin plastic. The resin in this badminton racket gives it stability, and the power is immense during the game.¬†
  • The grip is excellent for beginners as it is non-slip, which helps with comfort as beginners are not used to the grip yet.¬†

For intermediates 

Babolat Satelite Gravity 74 Badminton Racket 

  • This has been discussed above. The Babolat Satelite Gravity 74 Badminton Racket is used for intermediate players in the game. The best feature is that it is lightweight and preferred for defensive play.¬†
  • It gives a nice whip as it is light in weight. Because of this reason, it is advised for beginners not to play with it.¬†
  • The speed and manoeuvrability are immense and come with slim T technology.

For advanced-level players

Yonex Nanoflare 800 Badminton Racket 

YONEX nanoflare 800

  • This racket is to be used for the aggressive game as it is light-headed. This is seen in the hands of professional players. This racket can handle rapid-fire play as it is equipped to do it at an advanced level.¬†
  • The reason for its high performance is due to the single-pass grommet hole which is on the frame. There is a feature of Nanoflare in the razor frame, which helps the racket to reduce air resistance irrespective of any angle.¬†
  • It can perform faster swings. This racket gives high-level accuracy as there is stiffness in the flex of the Yonex Nanoflare 800.¬†

Other Notable Mentions: 

The above were the 5 best rackets according to us. Now, if you want some good suggestions for the rackets with their features, continue reading further. 

For Beginners 

Li-Ning 3D CALIBAR X Boost Badminton Racket

  • This racket is known to have a flexible shaft, and the weight is seen as modern, which gives perfect balance. Li-Ning‚Äôs MPCF Reinforcing Technology bolsters it.
  • The MPCF has numerous layers of carbon fiber combined with the handicraft that helps to strengthen and aids the durability and intensity of this badminton racket.¬†
  • It is designed to have high performance as there is a high-tech geometric design.¬†
  • For beginners, it is the best option as there is high power in this badminton racket. It is made out of wood and has a rubber grip. The head is created from steel.¬†
  • It is lightweight and can be carried easily, which is why it is suitable for beginners. For Intermediates¬†

Adidas Kalk√ľl A3 Legend Ink Strung¬†

  • This racket has a medium flexible handle, and the balance on the head is seen as light.¬†
  • Intermediate players use it for a defensive style of game. There is an excellent balance between power and control while using this racket.¬†
  • The weight of this is 82 grams, and due to the string pattern of compressor 76, there are more strings in a frame. This ensures that the racket has reasonable control.¬†
  • The T-Lok system is combined with the Slim 6.5 shaft, which gives excellent stability to the racket. This will make your every shot more precise than ever.¬†

For Expert Level Players

Adidas Wucht P8 Raw Badminton Racket

  • This racket is known to be the most challenging, extremely powerful, and advanced in its technology compared to the others. Wucht P8 is an optimum option for various players as it is made for advanced professional players who love to play offence in the game.
  • It is suitable for heavy hitters in types of games like singles, doubles, and mixed play.¬†
  • The shaft stiff is known to be highly rigid, and the accessibility in power. The head is heavy but not overpowering, so beginners are not advised to play with it as they cannot handle the weight.¬†
  • The racket is very durable and stable. It has numerous sweet spots in the racket, which is why it is considered the professional’s favourite. If you are searching for an attacking racket, this is your ideal choice.


Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racket

YONEX duora

  • The Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racket is an offensive racket that gives the best power, control, and speed, which provides any player with an upper hand in the tactical sector of this game on the courts. The Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racquet has impressive features as it is beautiful for all-around games.¬†
  • It is made keeping in mind cutting-edge technology as there are two frame shapes that are merged into one, as it has impressive forehands and quick backhands.¬†
  • Players who are fond of speed and power should definitely go for this, as it gives both in the game.¬†
  • With Duora, Grommet design features are made, keeping the various thickness that is observed on both sides of the racket frame.¬†
  • It has an extra thin shaft which is the most delicate and the most robust shaft that is ever produced by this company. Due to this, every shot can be seen to have more intensity and a more decisive shot.¬†

What is the best badminton racket in 2023? 

Victor Jet Speed S 12 F G5 Speed Series Unstrung Badminton Racket 

  • This racket is quite expensive, but every penny is worth the money spent on it. It has been used by numerous famous players like Chae Yoo Jung, Sung Ji Hyun, and Kim Ha Na.
  • It is known to be around the globe as it is used for tournaments by the professionals in this port. The design of the Victor Jet Speed S 12 F G5 Speed Series Unstrung Badminton Racket has a well-balanced feature. It has a handy towel grip for a badminton racket, and its performance is heavyweight in nature.¬†
  • Let’s get into the specifications of this racket to understand it in detail. It is manufactured by the brand Victor. The weight of this racket is 89.9 grams, and the grip size is 121 mm. It is made up of graphite material. The shape is isometric.¬†


  1. The quality of this racket is unmatchable by any, and it has an in-built connector.
  2. It is made up of hard-core technology. The high-resilient modulus graphite makes it one of a kind. 
  3. The balance is even for a consistent performance in the game. 


  1. It is costly, and this racket comes unstrung, which implies more money and utilization of time will be required to put it together. 

With so many options to go for, choosing a racket suitable for your game style is essential. Different features are included for beginners, intermediate and advanced rackets, which is why selecting the right one wisely can significantly impact your game. So, the next time you are going to buy badminton equipment, keep in mind these points to get the best result out of the product.

The Ultimate Guide to different types of shuttlecocks

Badminton is a game that requires some specific skill sets and strategies to take your opponents down. But when you are a layman in the game, you understand that other than these factors, the necessary equipment needs to be purchased to refine the style. 

Why choose the right equipment for badminton? 

Badminton has various badminton types, shuttlecocks, and other equipment. The beauty of it is that these tools are made in different forms and styles. One can choose any badminton and shuttle they like according to their convenience. It is a must to play with the right game gear according to the level that you belong to. If you are a beginner and try your hand at an advanced level shuttle, it can make the game more complicated, and these kits are expensive to use carelessly. 

Three kinds of badminton shuttlecocks are available for players. It is suitable for different kinds and levels of game styles. Let’s see further what the highlights are that these shuttlecocks have and for which level of games they can be used.¬†

Feather shuttlecock 

  • The feather shuttlecock is used by all the high-level players. You won’t see this shuttlecock in a beginner’s hand as an intermediate and professional player deals with it.¬†
  • The professionals prefer it because it is made out of goose feathers, making the quality much more elite than the others. It is not recommended for newbies because they can be too rough with it as, initially, badminton can be a difficult game to engage in that can break the feathers and damage the shuttlecocks. Experts have an idea of how to engage with the shuttle that can maintain it.¬†
  • The positive is that it can be tackled quite conveniently, unlike the other shuttles. If you are looking for some slice and net spin, then this is the right tool, as it can be accomplished using a feature shuttle.¬†

The disadvantage will be that it is less durable than the nylon one. The feathers tend to break or bend after numerous matches. There are certain ways that this problem can be dealt with if it is stored in a humid environment. When the feather gets brittle, that leads to breakage of the shuttlecock, so keeping it in humid conditions is a way to avoid this situation. 

Here are a few recommended badminton feather shuttlecocks.

Babolat 1 Badminton Feather Shuttlecock Speed 76 

  • This is the supreme quality shuttle that is available in the market. It is one of the classiest options that are available for players.¬†
  • It is made with Taiwanese goose feathers and a triple-layer cock. You do not have to buy shuttlecocks often as it is quite durable, and this speed is moderate.

Adidas Flieger FS5 badminton shuttlecock 

  • If you have reached that level in your game where it is getting better, try this shuttlecock.¬†
  • It can be used for matches as well as practice sessions. This shuttlecock will give you a hands-on experience of what experts deal with in badminton.¬†
  • This is created out of the C goose feathers, and it also has a double-layer cork. These features can give you the experience of increased resistance, and the flight trajectory will improve to a great extent.¬†

YONEX Aeroclub ACB-TR Feather Shuttlecock

  • This shuttle can be used for practice games and tournaments by the players.¬†
  • Yonex feature cock is made with keeping all the precision in mind. It is also suitable for various climatic conditions.¬†
  • Natural duck features are used to make this shuttle, giving this shuttlecock a great flight trajectory.¬†

YONEX Aerosensa 2 AS2 Badminton Shuttlecock

  • The material that this shuttlecock is made up of is excellent for smashes and significant height drops. This shuttlecock is supreme in quality as the cork is solid 100%.¬†
  • This shuttle’s recovery time is shorter compared to the other shuttles. It does not get affected by cold or warm temperatures.¬†

Plastic/nylon shuttlecocks 

  • This is used by beginners in the game as there is no need to worry about the shuttlecock breaking easily. It is inexpensive compared to the other ones available.¬†
  • They are created from a nylon material which can be observed after you touch the shuttlecock.¬†
  • Because of the material, it takes a faster flight but a slower declaration rather than the feather cock. The game, due to this reason, is quite fast as there is not much control over it.¬†
  • The best part is that this shuttlecock can go without tearing up to 100 matches which is a great option for beginners as they can practice with it regularly.¬†

Here are a few recommended badminton nylon shuttlecocks.

FZ Forza NS 10 Badminton Shuttlecock 

  • It is excellent regarding durability, as this shuttlecock will give you an experience of extraordinary playability.¬†
  • The cork is made up of natural material, and the skirt of this shuttle has been updated for the players to get the best experience.¬†

YONEX Mavis 350 nylon shuttlecock 

  • The best feature of the YONEX Mavis 350 nylon shuttlecock is that they are just 0.005 seconds slower than the feather shuttlecock.¬†
  • It recovers at 0.008 seconds, much faster than the other shuttlecock.¬†
  • It is similar to a feather shuttle, which is why it is excellent for beginners and intermediates in the game.¬†

Cosco AERO 777 Nylon Badminton Shuttle 

This shuttle is used for club-level matches as it has a durable foam base that keeps the shuttlecock intact. 

YONEX Mavis 2000 Yellow Badminton Shuttlecock 

  • If you are a beginner in the field of badminton, then this shuttle should be your first buy, as it is strongly suggested that newcomers should use this.
  • It gives a glimpse of how the feather shuttle will feel. This shuttlecock will aid in making your flight performance much better while considering any other competitors in the market. You will see this shuttle lasting for a longer time.¬†
  • It is a pocket-friendly option and is preferred by most players in the field. You can encounter an excellent flight performance from YONEX Mavis Shuttlecocks.

Hybrid shuttlecock 

  • As the name suggests, it is the mix between two other types. It is a mixture of plastic and feather shuttlecock.¬†
  • This concept has been introduced recently, which is why it is seen in a small number. It is constructed so that the ends are that of a goose feather, and the frame is made of synthetic material.¬†
  • This goes without saying that hybrid shuttlecocks are more brittle than feather ones.¬†
  • This means that the prices are quite affordable due to reasonable manufacturing costs that give people an opportunity to play with a better quality product but at a lower price.¬†
  • The negatives here can be seen that the flight path and control could be better than the feather ones.¬†

Here are a few recommended hybrid badminton shuttlecocks.

Babolat Hybrid Badminton Shuttlecock 

This shuttle comes with a cork head and top-quality nylon features, making it durable equipment to buy. You can experience the features of durability, stability, and precision that make you improve the game to a greater extent. 

  • If you check out the online sites, one thing that can be observed is the shuttlecock’s speed. If this confuses you, read further to understand better what these shuttlecocks’ speed means.¬†
  • If the description says that the speed is 78, it indicates that it is the best one to buy. Speed 78 shuttlecock is the most popular one.
  • There are a lot of factors that are involved when one chooses a shuttlecock. Seeing the length of the court and the force plays a significant part, as it can affect gaming.¬†
  • The slow shuttle speed will decelerate faster and won’t reach the standard length when seen with the other shuttles. The exact opposite happens with the fast shuttle because the speed will make it travel much faster when a shot is hit, and the length it will travel will be much further.
  • The speed of these shuttlecocks ranges between the numbers of 75-79. As you can guess, if the number is less, then the shuttlecock is relatively slow, and if it is larger, the speed is faster.¬†
  • In the court, three factors can affect the entire game: temperature, humidity, and altitude. These things cannot be handled as it depends on the locations where the match is being held. Even though there are these speeds that the shuttlecocks are known to possess due to such conditions, they can change accordingly.

Speed of the badminton shuttlecocks 

65- Slow 

This is used at an altitude that is above sea level. The degree it is suitable for is above 30, which is very hot. Professionals rarely use it, and its popularity across the globe is relatively less 

76- Quite slow 

It is used for sea level altitude in matches. This speed of the shuttlecock is used for a degree that ranges between 25 to 30, which is a hot temperature. It is not seen that often in the game, which is why it is a rare occurrence 

77- Average speed 

This, too, is seen at a sea-level altitude. The temperature here is seen as average, which is between 15 to 25 degrees. It is not as rare and is sometimes seen being used in games 

78- Quite fast 

They are used for altitudes that are below sea level. This shuttle is utilized in the cold degree range from 0-15 degrees. It is the most popular one that players from across the globe use 

79 РFast 

The badminton shuttlecock is used in altitudes that go below sea level. It is used in places that have very cold that goes below freezing degree. This shuttle is also rarely used by players 

Purchase your shuttlecock using these guidelines, as it will aid you in getting your game even better. Choosing online sites to get this is the best option to go for as they give a detailed description of the product, which can help you read the things that were written above in the product description of the site for better understanding. Bring your A-game with the right shuttlecock while playing.

Top 5 great badminton players of all time and their rackets

How good is a warrior without his weapon? The warrior might possess every ability to rule the world but he can not do it without his sword. Similarly, every sportsperson requires his/her gears to dominate their opposition. Every top batter personally crafts their bat as per their needs, every footballer wants a personalized stud. It is extremely necessary for athletes to have their sporting gear as required and they only choose the best for them. 

Similarly, badminton players have specific preferences when choosing their racquet. Every badminton has different features like weight, grip size, and head. The top players in the business make sure to play with the racquet which suits their ability the most. Let’s have a look at the top 5 great badminton players in the world and the badminton racquets that they use.¬†

Top 5 great badminton players and their racquets 

1) Kento Momota 

Kento Momota is a Japanese badminton superstar who is currently ranked 10 in the BWF world rankings. Momota is known for his fearsome quick attacking skill on the court. He is also great with his lethal swings, which puts the opposition in a worrying situation. Momota has tasted glory in almost every championship he has featured in like the All-England Badminton Tournaments and World & Asian Championships. Momota was the first Japanese men’s singles player to grab World number 1 in the BWF World ranking in 2018.¬†

TOKYO, JAPAN – AUGUST 24: Kento Momota of Japan competes in the Men’s Singles Second Round match against Prannoy H. S. of India on day three of the BWF World Championships at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on August 24, 2022, in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Toru Hanai/Getty Images)

Kento Momota uses Yonex Astox 99 Racquet. This racquet is for the shutters who want to dominate the court with dynamic smashes. The racquet helps with getting the accuracy that a player demands in his smashes. 

‚ÄúYonex Astox 99‚ÄĚ Details:¬†

  1. Head: Square/Isometric 
  2. Grip Size: G5 
  3. Weight: 4U (80-84g) / 3U (85-90g) 
  4. Balance: Head Heavy 
  5. Flex: Stiff 
  6. String Tension: 4U (20-28 lbs) / 3U (21-29 lbs) 
  7. String Used: Yonex BG80 Power Badminton String 

2) Srikanth Kidambi 

Srikanth Kidambi, is undoubtedly, one of the greatest Indian badminton players to date. He has proudly represented India globally with back-to-back glories in the Gold Coast. Kidambi won a Gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth games and recently clinched bronze in the 2022 edition. Srikanth was awarded the ‚ÄúParma Shri‚ÄĚ in 2018 and has also won numerous titles in ‚ÄúBWF Badminton Tournaments.‚ÄĚ

India’s Srikanth Kidambi hits a shot to India’s Lakshya Sen Sindhu during the men’s singles semi-final badminton match of the BWF World Championships in Huelva, on December 18, 2021. (Photo by JOSE JORDAN / AFP) (Photo by JOSE JORDAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Kidambi uses the Li-Ning Turbo Charging 75 racquet which matches perfectly with his game style. Kidambi prefers the attacking style of play and the racquet sits perfectly with it. Kidambi was a loyal user of Yonex until his contract with the company came to an end. 

‚ÄúLi-Ning Turbo Charging 75‚ÄĚ details:¬†

  1. Head: Isometric 
  2. Weight: 85-89g 
  3. Balance: Head Even 
  4. Flex: Medium 
  5. String Tension: 20-30 lbs 
  6. String Used: Li-Ning No.1 String 

3) P.V. Sindhu 

P.V. Sindhu is one of the most renowned badminton players in the world. Sindhu has made history in every tournament she has played in. She has won accolades in the Olympics and in BWF as well. Sindhu won gold at the 2019 World Championships. Sindhu is the only Indian shutter to become the badminton world champion and only the second Indian athlete to win two back-to-back medals at the Olympic Games. She reached the highest ranking of no. 2 in 2017. 

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – AUGUST 08: Pusarla Venkata Sindhu of Team India plays a shot against Michelle Li (Not pictured) of Team Canada during the Badminton Women’s Singles – Gold Medal Match on day eleven of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games at NEC Arena on August 08, 2022 on the Birmingham, England. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

P.V. Sindhu uses the ‚ÄúN9 Li-Ning Racquet.‚ÄĚ The racquet is mainly designed for attacking and offensive players who desire to dominate their opponents.¬†

‚ÄúN9 Li-Ning‚ÄĚ details:¬†

  1. Head: Isometric 
  2. Weight: 85-89g 
  3. Grip: G2 
  4. Balance: Head Heavy 
  5. Flex: Medium 
  6. String Tension: 24-28 lbs 
  7. String Used: Li-Ning No.1 String 

4) Parupalli Kashyap 

Parupalli Kashyap is a former World No.6 shuttler. Kashyap was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2012 by the Government of India. Parupalli Kashyap was the first Indian male player to reach the quarter-finals of men’s singles at the 2012 London Olympics. He also won Gold at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games in the men’s singles competition. Kashyap was named the Icon player for Banga Beats in the Indian Badminton League in 2013. He is also the husband of the famous Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal.¬†

Photo Credit: Olympics.com

Parupalli Kashyap has grinded his way to the top. Kashyap is known to be a hard worker on the court and his racquet supports him in every situation. Kashyap uses a Yonex Arcsaber 11 Racquet which Is known to be one of the best in the business.

‚ÄúYonex Arcsaber 11‚ÄĚ details:¬†

  1. Head: Square/Isometric 
  2. Weight: 85-89gm 
  3. Flex: Stiff 
  4. Grip Size: G4 
  5. Balance: Head Even 
  6. String Used: Yonex BG-65 

5) Sai Praneeth 

Sai Praneeth is one of the best Indian shutters in the world. Sai Praneeth was the first Indian male badminton player who won a bronze medal in the BWF World Championships in 36 years after Prakash Padukone in 1983. Sai Praneeth achieved the feat in 2019. Sai Praneeth was honoured with the Arjuna Award in 2019.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Sai Praneeth is known for his fearless and fast-paced playing style. Praneeth relies a lot on his smashes and has been using the racquet which matches his style of play. Sai Praneeth uses the ‚ÄúYonex Voltric Z-Force II” racquet.¬†

‚ÄúYonex Voltric Z-Force II” details¬†

  1. Head: Square/Isometric 
  2. Weight: 80-84gm 
  3. Flex: Extra Stiff 
  4. Grip Size: G4 
  5. Balance: Head Heavy 
  6. String Used: Yonex BG-65 

So, these were the top 5 badminton players and their preferred racquets. Which one among them is your favourite?

How to select a Squash Racket

If you are new in the field and want to know what is squash, then we have made the job easier for you as it is a game that two or four players play in a court covered with four walls with a hollow rubber ball. Those who are into the game of squash will be keen to know which rackets are suitable for them to increase the quality of the game. Let’s look more into the details so that you know which racket fits you by the end of the article. Squash Racket Shape¬†

When deciding on a squash racket, it is essential to keep in mind its shape. Four kinds of shapes are usually found in squash, and that is: 

  1. Elongated teardrop 
  2. Teardrop 
  3. Oval 
  4. Square head 

These 4 have special abilities that can be observed by the player when they use different shapes of rackets. The teardrop ones are known to have more power in them than compared to the square-head racket. The Square-head is recognized for its control. 

Next comes the throat of these rackets that are important in the game. They are divided into two categories: Closed throat squash rackets and open-throat squash rackets. The main difference between the two is that the open throat has more power as the strings are longer. In the closed-throat ones, the main is shorter, giving the player more command of their racket. 

Squash racket balance 

There are three kinds of balance in squash rackets, and they are categorized as Head heavy, Even, and Headlight. 

Head heavy: As the name suggests, this is on the heavier side because most of its weight is on the frame of the racket. The plus point in this situation is that more power is given by head-heavy ones, which also aids in better control and handling. One can experience their swings being excellent with this kind of. 

Even: This is between the two others, which gives perfect balance, and here the weight is more on the throat at the bottom of the strings. This is a better option for those who are confused with the other rackets. 

Headlight: This racket is focused on speed which is why being light in weights plays a major role here. It is suggested that those who have a slow game can go for this racket that consists of serves or drops. You can change the direction of your shot with the help of your wrist, which is why it is also called a wristy swing. 

How to know about the balance?

You can check the balance of the racket by using these techniques. 

  • If you put the racket on your palm, the weight can be judged according to the place it is leaning. If the racket is leaning in one direction and is balanced in the other, then it means that you have got your answer. For head heavy, the balance is more towards the higher angle. For even, it is around the base where the strings are located, and for the last one, i.e., the headlight, the balance is usually seen either in the handle or the grip.¬†
  • Internet sites have made life much easier, which is why it has become an efficient job to check the balance of your racket if you are online shopping. Head-heavy rackets have a balance between 350-380mm. Even rackets are known to have their balance at 340mm. In the case of headlight rackets, it ranges below 340 up to 320 mm.¬†

Squash racket weight 

The weight of the racket can usually vary between 110 and 140 grams. One thing that needs to be noted is that this weight does not include the string and the grip. These rackets are divided into four categories according to their weight. 

Heavy: These weigh above 140 grams. This is great for players who want more power and are fond of hard-hitting shots, as they can see the racket doing wonders with it. It can be a task to bear the weight of this after a point which is why this is used only sometimes by the players. 

Mid-weight: This ranges between 130-140 grams. It is popular amongst intermediate players as it is not leaning on any extreme sides of the weight. If someone is looking for accuracy in their shots, then these kinds of rackets are a suitable option as they give stability when it comes to playing shots. 

Light racket: This has become a successful racket in today’s world, as most players lean towards it. The weight varies from 120-130 grams, and the advantage that is seen in these rackets is that it is great for manoeuvring. Power is guaranteed by light rackets, which makes it more attractive. It is necessary to remember that light rackets are sometimes the best choice, and one should not buy them thinking that they perform the best as it has their own set of drawbacks.¬†

Ultra-light: Squash rackets that weigh under 120 grams are categorized under this section. This is best in making the other opponent nervous, as speed is a speciality of ultralight. A few disadvantages that it has is control and power are not in its favour. Those who are good at the game can use these. 

Squash racket beam 

When we say racket beam in simple words, it means how thick the frame of the racket is. How wide the racket is from the side is considered under this aspect. Here, there are three measurements. Let’s look at them in detail for better understanding.

Wider beam: Those who are beginners in this field are seen with this kind of racket. This has the advantage of being more powerful as the frame consists of an additional material which makes it wide in size. The measurements are seen as 20-21mm. 

Average beam: This is the most common one which is utilized by players. It ranges from 18-19. This is one of the safest options to go for, which is the reason for its popularity. 

Narrow beam: The measurement is taken in mm. Wide beams are usually between 16-17mm. The positives that this gives are that it has more flexibility than compared to the others and good manoeuvring and this kind is seen being used by those players who have an ample amount of experience in the game of squash. 

What are some useful recommendations? 

Those who specifically want a few suggestions in rackets can read further to know what experts suggest for various degrees of players. 

NIVIA Attack-Ti Squash Racquet 

This racket is made up of steel, and the material that is used is of high grade. The strength of this is that it is lightweight and durable, which gives a noticeable performance. If you are a beginner in the game and want something comfortable, this can be a great option to go for. 

Cosco LST 125 Aluminium Squash Racquet 

Players have experienced a strong grip with this racket, and the weight of it is around 0.75 pounds which makes it another brilliant choice for beginners. Those who are above 12+ can definitely go for it, as it has an anti-slip feature that makes it efficient for newcomers to handle the racket well. 

Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Top 125 

The pro player Mohamed El Shorbagy used this; this racket has multiple features, which is why it makes it to the top of the list. The price is high compared to the others. It gives a great balance when it comes to the essential aspect of squash: power and control. It is recommended for expert players, and this was released in the year 2021. 

Prince Airstick 130 

This is the classic choice that Ramy Ashour used. It weighs around 130 grams, and it was released a few years back, but the experts believe that this racket can still perform excellently. It is known for its good power and maneuver, which will make your opponent sweat. The material used in his racket is graphite, which aids with giving an edge for some powerful action in the court. 

Head Nano Ti 110

This budget-friendly racket will fit into your spending and also give you the feel of a good game. If you are just getting to know squash, then it is better not to go for something which will be too expensive, as when your game improves, that will be the right time to go for it. For now, this option is the best as it gives all the brilliant features. The weight of this racket is around 149 grams, and this has been recommended strongly as a good racket, to begin with. 


It is always a clever step to buy such types of equipment with a proper set of knowledge about how other factors affect performance. Take a view at the specifications to get an idea of what will be the most suitable for you. With this guide, we hope that you get your own racket that will make you stand out from the rest of the players.

7 cricket bats every aspiring cricketer wants to use

Cricket is more than just a game, especially for the Indians. Since the historic win of the 1983 World Cup, Indians have treated cricket as a religion. Then came the great Sachin Tendulkar, who became the ‚Äúgod‚ÄĚ of this religion. The World Cup triumphs of 2007 and 2011 have inspired a whole new generation to take up cricket as their career. Every 1 out of 3 kids in India wants to be a cricketer.¬†

Cricketers have a huge impact on their fans. Every aspiring cricketer wants to know which equipment their idol uses in the hope of becoming a player like them. From Virat Kohli to Smriti Mandhana, every budding cricketer wants to have the exact same cricketing gear as the modern-day superstars. 

This is not a new trend, as the kids from the 90s desperately wanted Sachin Tendulkar’s MRF bat or Rahul Dravid’s Britannia one. Little did we know that these are just stickers of the brands our favourite cricketers endorsed via their bats, not the actual bat makers.¬†

Be it a professional cricketer, an aspiring batsman, or a gully cricket player, the quality of the bat matters the most when it comes to batting. If you are dreaming of becoming a professional cricketer, you need to make the right decision while picking your bat. It will be safe to say that every batter threats his/her bat like a holy book. It is their weapon, and it must be perfect when they enter the war zone. Let’s have a look at the 7 cricket bats every aspiring cricketer wants to use.¬†

Gunn and Moore Noir 909 Cricket Bat 

Gunn and Moore (GM) are one of the best bat makers in the world. Gunn and Moore, famously known as GM, have been in the business since the inception of cricket. Gunn & Moore was founded and established by England Test batsman William Gunn with the help of a local businessman, Thomas James Moore in 1885. Players like Ben Stokes, Shane Watson, and Michael Vaughan have all played with GM bats. 

Gunn and Moore Noir 909 Price in India: INR 13,043 

Gunn and Moore Noir 909 Cricket Bat Specifications: 

  1. Blade Specs: Material РEnglish willow /wood | Grade: One. 
  2. Ideal for Leather Cricket ball | Handcrafted by Master Craftsman in India. 3. Designed for powerful and dominating strokes. 
  3. Suitable for: Boys / Youth / Adults | Playing Levels: Advanced, Professional, Tournament players. 
  4. Available In: Size- Men’s | Size: Harrow | Size-6 | Size-5 | SIZE-4 | Size-3.


MRF Virat Kohli Chase Master English Willow Cricket Bat

Virat Kohli is a brand himself; of course, every kid in the block dreams of becoming like him. Virat Kohli uses one of the world’s best bats, specifically designed to keep every requirement of his in mind. The Chase Master comes in MRF’s top-drawer collections. The Chase Master carries most of its power in the sweet spot, so if the connection is right, the bowl will be flying out of the park.¬†

MRF Virat Kohli Chase Master Price in India: INR 55,099 

MRF Virat Kohli Chase Master Specifications: 

  1. 8-12 Straight Grains with a rounded handle made of Sarawak Combination Cane. 2. Handle designed for Shock Absorption and Driving Power. 
  2. MRF Plain Bat Handle Grip for Control and Comfort. 
  3. Edge Thickness 38-40 mm. 
  4. Bat Weight 1160 to 1230 Grams. 


New Balance TC 1260 Limited Edition 19/20 Cricket Bat 

The New Balance TC 1260 Limited Edition 19/20 bat is a perfect blend of style, features, and looks. A budding cricketer dreams of having a New Balance TC 1260 Limited Edition in their collection. The bat is a symbol of prestige and elegance in the world of cricket. 

New Balance TC 1260 Limited Edition 19/20 Price in India: INR 58,999

New Balance TC 1260 Limited Edition 19/20 Cricket Bat Specifications 

  1. Quality: Easy pickup and big middle part for maximum effect during big shots 2. Willow Grade: Grade 1+ 
  2. Product Size: Size SH 
  3. Material: English Willow 
  4. Bat Covers: Includes Premium/Portable bat cover 


MRF Virat Kohli Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat 

MRF Virat Kohli Limited Edition is made for the lovers of Virat Kohli’s cover drive. This bat comes under MRF’s Genius range. As the name suggests, the Limited Edition is purely inspired by Virat Kohli and is perfect for the upcoming superstars of the cricketing world. 

MRF Virat Kohli Limited Edition Price in India: INR 22,599 

MRF Virat Kohli Limited Edition Specifications 

  1. Made from Selected Grade B English Willow. 
  2. 7-10 Straight Grains. 
  3. Rounded Handle made of Sarawak Combination Cane. 
  4. Handle designed for Shock Absorption and Driving Power. 
  5. MRF Plain Bat Handle Grip for Control and Comfort. 
  6. Edge Thickness 37-40 mm.
  7. Bat Weight 1160 to 1230 Grams 


SS Gladiator Player Grade Cricket Bat 

From cricketing masterminds like Kumar Sangakkara to hard-hitter like Kieron Pollard. the SS Gladiator Player Grade Cricket Bat has been a choice of many professional cricketers over the years. Perfect for the eyes, perfect to bat in any conditions. 

SS Gladiator Player Grade Cricket Bat Price in India: INR 44999 

SS Gladiator Player Grade Cricket Bat Specifications 

  1. Grains: 7-12 Straight Grains. 
  2. SS Hand Selected Super Grade I English Willow. 
  3. Edges Thickness is 38 to 41 mm mm|Highly Concave edges. 
  4. Special Scale Grip for the Bat Handle- for control and comfort. 
  5. Weight:1150-1260 gm, Top Class SS Premium Grade A English Willow bat 


BAS Retro Vintage MS Dhoni Edition English Willow 

MS Dhoni Edition, do we need to say more about this bat? It’s simple, effective, and strong, just like our very own legendary skipper. The BAS Retro Vintage is one of the finest bats on the market. The bat is known to come in handy when it requires some hard-hitting.¬†

BAS Retro Vintage MS Dhoni Edition English Willow Price: INR 40,000

BAS Retro Vintage MS Dhoni Edition English Willow Specifications 

  1. Manufactured from the best quality English Willow. 
  2. The handle is created from premium Sarawak cane, which helps in better control and provides extra power. 
  3. The bat’s edges are around 36 ‚Äď 40mm with a 60mm+ spine.¬†
  4. Rounded Toe with Rounded Edges 
  5. Excellent performance and ping. 


SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle 

The legendary bat is named after the legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. The SG Sunny Tonny Bat also has the qualities to feature in the list. SG is one of the best sporting brands in India, and it is used and trusted by many. The SG Sunny Tonny Bat has been tried and tested for generations; you can simply rely on it. 

SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle Price in India: INR 8,499

SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle Specifications 

  1. Grade: Grade 4
  2. No. of Grains: 4-6 
  3. Suitable For: Leather Ball
  4. Weight: 1160-1200gm 
  5. Sweet Spot: Medium 
  6. Spine Profile: Medium 
  7. Playing Style: All-Round
badminton racket player

Top 7 Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks (Best of 2022)

Badminton is a game of strategy, skills, and stamina. A badminton player needs to have a combination of all the required aspects to become a master of the game. A player must have all his essentials in place to win a game of badminton. Usually, most of the players focus on just buying the best badminton racket. But alongside a good racket, one should also make sure to buy the best badminton feather shuttlecock. A good quality shuttlecock will help you get an accurate flight trajectory and pinpoint shot placements. 

Now there will be many questions in your mind, like Which is the No.1 shuttlecock? or Which is the best badminton feather shuttlecock? It might become a bit of a hassle to buy the perfect shuttlecock as there are too many options in the market. Relax; we have got you covered. 

In this article, we will help you understand the following points: 

1) Which is the best badminton feather shuttlecock? 

2) Which is the No.1 shuttlecock? 

3) Which is the best brand in shuttlecock? 

Which is the best badminton feather shuttlecock? 

Gone are the days when people used to select a badminton feather shuttlecock by its price range. The cost shouldn’t be the most crucial factor when buying a feather shuttlecock. A customer can conveniently purchase any product at a much-discounted rate on any online shopping website. In this article, we will also mention what shuttlecocks professionals use. Let’s get it started.¬†

Which is the No.1 shuttlecock? 

1. FZ Forza VIP Premium Badminton Feather Shuttlecock


FZ FORZA VIP premium badminton feather shuttlecock is the top shuttle of FZ FORZA. A first-class tournament shuttle approved by BWF and used by several national federations around Europe. Perfect flight and good durability make this shuttle the best choice for the game.

The shuttle offers 77 Speed and comes with 12 shuttles in one tube.

Which is the No.1 shuttlecock?: Can also try Babolat 4 (Speed 76) Badminton Feather Shuttlecock 

2. Yonex Aerosensa 50 Feather Shuttlecocks


It is a known fact that most American badminton clubs opt for Yonex AS 50 feather shuttlecocks while needing a feather shuttlecock with 100% solid cork. Yonex has been producing top-quality feather birdies for decades now. Yonex Aerosensa 50 Feather Shuttlecocks come in three-speed options and can easily sustain hammering from the best badminton rackets in the world. If you are an elite-level badminton player with accuracy, you should surely choose Yonex Aerosensa 50. With Yonex AS 50, you can be confident about reconcilable performances and precise shot placements. 

Which is the No. 1 shuttlecock?: Can also try Adidas FS09 Hybrid Feather Badminton Shuttlecock

3. Victor Master Ace Badminton Feather Shuttlecock (BWF Approved)


The Victor Master Ace Badminton Feather Shuttlecock is designed for durability, consistency, and speed. This shuttlecock is Victor‚Äôs top-of-the-range shuttle and official tournament shuttle of the VICTOR Korean Open ‚Äď Badminton Super Series. Every single feather of the Victor Master Ace badminton feather shuttlecock is chosen very carefully. Victor precisely selects every single feather from its shape, angle, curve, size, humidity, and completeness to ensure flight, stability, speed, and quality.

Which is the No.1 shuttlecock?: Can also try RSL Tourney No. 4 Badminton Feather Shuttlecock 

4. Yonex Aeroclear 30 Feather Shuttlecocks 

Is your search going for a budget-fitting shuttlecock? Look for further as Yonex Aeroclear 30 is your answer, as they come with goose feathers as well. Aeroclear 30 shuttlecocks will give you a similar experience to Aerosena 30. The ACL 30 shuttlecocks consist of many layers of cork which makes it affordable as the case is not the same as AS30 because it has 100% cork wood. But the quality and durability are affected here. It can give you satisfaction with decent consistency and good durability, along with a nice flight. 

5. Li Ning SG Gold (Speed 76) Badminton Feather Shuttlecock


Li Ning SG Gold Speed 76 Feather Shuttlecock belongs to the premium quality shuttles range from Li Ning. It is made of a natural cork base and duck feather skirt. It offers moderate speed. It is available in a pack of 12.

Which is the No 1 shuttlecock?: Can also try RSL Tourney No 1 Supreme Badminton 

6. Yonex Aerosensa 30 AS30 Feather Shuttlecocks 

Elevate your game to unstoppable levels with the Yonex Aerosensa 30 AS30 shuttlecock.  The high-quality Yonex Aerosensa 30 AS30 is designed to perform at extremely high levels, producing a stable trajectory, short recovery time, and solid feel upon impact. The base is made of 100% solid cork, and the cone is made with high-quality goose feathers. The Yonex Aerosensa 30 AS30 shuttlecock gives a solid performance in a hard-hitting practice session or a fast-paced match.

Which is the best brand in shuttlecock? 

Being one of the most popular badminton brands in the world, it goes without saying that you should consider getting yourself a shuttlecock from Yonex. These guys employ the latest technology to design top-notch shuttlecocks that perform impeccably in matches. Their shuttles are used the world over and in many professional matches as well.

More options: 

→ RSL: This company is dedicated to the art of producing shuttlecocks, and they offer top-quality feather and synthetic shuttlecocks. Of course, you can buy goose or duck feather shuttles. They’ve got a range of products for players at varying skill levels. 

‚Üí Babolat: Looking for a shuttlecock approved for competitions? Or a shuttlecock perfectly suited to training? A balance between flight quality and life span for maximum pleasure, the Babolat badminton shuttlecocks cover all your needs.

‚Üí Li-Ning: Li-Ning Studio is the e-commerce wing of Li-Ning, the Chinese leader in sports apparel and footwear. The company manufactures premium badminton goods and provides high-quality gear and equipment.

Choosing the perfect badminton shuttlecock is extremely important. Here’s hoping this buying guide on badminton shuttlecocks will help you select the ideal shuttlecock.

How to select a Badminton Racket?

In Badminton, having the proper equipment is necessary. Proper Badminton equipment, whether racket or shoes, is a must. Having a proper racket according to your game style can upgrade your game to another level.

Sometimes you may have to purchase a new racket, so many problems arise, like which racket is best for me. So, we, the God of Sports, are here to help you tell you which racket is good for enhancing your game.

Points to remember when you are going to purchase a badminton racket for you:

1. Balance Point or overall weight of Racket:

  • Head Heavy Racket:

A head-heavy racket means the weight shift towards the head. Head Heavy rackets will give you more power due to the momentum generated from heavier racket heads.

  • Head Light Racket :

A Head Light balance means the weight shifts less towards the head (towards the grip). A headlight racket will give you more manoeuvrability but less power.

For starters, always go for the Even-Balanced racket rather than going for Head-Heavy or Head-Light racket. Once you know your type, you can always replace your racket according to your suitability.

2. Head Shape:

  • Isometric: An isometric racket gives you a larger sweet spot, hence making it easier for you to hit a shot efficiently.
  • Oval: An oval-headed racket has a smaller sweet spot, but if the sweet spot hits, it gives you a slightly more concentrated power.

An isometric racket is easier to play with compared to an oval racket, as it gives you a larger sweet spot. Nowadays, 90% of rackets are made of Isometric shape.

3. String Tension:

String tension refers to how tight the racket string is tied to the racket, and it’s measured in pounds (lbs) normally. The tighter you tie your string, the less bouncy your string becomes, which means less repulsion power will be generated from the string bed. However, your shots will be more accurate and sharper.

4. Shaft Flexibility:

The stiffness of the racket shaft refers to how easily the shaft flexes (flexibility). If you are a Beginner, you want a shaft which is more flexible, while Advance Player will benefit from one that is stiffer.

The stiff shaft provides more resistance and a faster snap back (recoil) when flexed, which won’t be a problem for an advanced player.

5. Racket Weight:

Selecting the weight for your badminton racquet depends upon your playing technique and skill of play. The weight and balance of the racquet change when it is either strung or any extra grip is added.

In conclusion, a player has to choose the racket on the basis of these points. If you are confused about selecting the best racket for you, click on the link here. An expert will connect with you soon to guide you to the best racket for you.

To shop your favourite badminton products at the lowest price, visit our website – God of Sports.

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