Buy APACS FINAPI 232 Unstrung Badminton Racket (White)

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Buy APACS FINAPI 232 (White)  Unstrung Badminton Racket Online at lowest price on APACS represents the Motto: Aggressive, Power, Accurate, Control and Speed all the essential ingredients of the Game of Badminton. Conceived In the Spiritual Home of Badminton in Malaysia.

The Rackets are at the Cutting Edge of Design and Performance With Pure Quality at the Heart of each racket.


  • Brand :  Apacs
  • Playing Level : Advanced
  • Length :  28 in
  • Grip Size : G1
  • Material: High Modulus Graphite
  • Balance : Head Heavy
  • Flexibility : Medium
  • String Tension : 38 lbs’
  • Head Shape : Isometric
Apacs Finapi 232, a legendary racket known for it high tension capacity upto 38 LBS (Highest in the industry) and extreme durability from Apacs. Finapi 232 is developed with Carbon Nanotube material which increases the impact and bending strength of frame and shaft. Further, the base graphite material of racket is 24T Japan high grade graphite material. -This badminton racket is developed with new concept known as Triple Speed System Frame which gives additional power and strength to racket frame helps in better playing characteristics. -Racket is developed with high degree of frame aerodynamics offers less air resistance and helps in better racket speed.
With better head speed player can place fast drive shots and effective cross corner shots with pin point accuracy. Racket is medium flex racket offers optimized shuttle hold so that player will get best possible repulsion and power..This racket is suitable for intermediate badminton players with all round type of playing skills , Playing who love to play powerful smash with effective control shots with like this racket most. -Frame shape of Finapi 232 is isometric which offers enlarge sweet spot area results into powerful shots delivery even if shuttle hits to off center.