Buy Li Ning Tectonic 7D Badminton Racket Online at best price

 22,990.00  11,990.00

Tectonic 7D (Drive) trademarks are speed and power. It is a head heavy racquet that helps in guiding down the shuttles with greater power. This racket provide quick swing speed for counter attacks.

•Weight: 81 grams

•Stringing Advice: 23-25lbs

•Material: Military Grade Carbon Fiber

•Flex: Stiff

•Balance Point: 304mm (Head Heavy)

•Playing Style: Intermediate : Advance

The all new Li-Ning Tectonic 7D Series – a cumulation of the 3D calibar, aeronaut and turbocharging tech delivering an unparalleled energy absorption and rebound system to enhance every aspect of your badminton gameplay. When it comes to champions they choose wisely. The Tectonic 7D racket features fast speed, creative and elastic structure. It has strong toughness and durability in the frame.