Li Ning Tectonic 7 Badminton Racket Unstrung (White/Gold)

 22,990.00  11,990.00

Li-Ning Tectonic 7 Super Flexible Multi color, White Unstrung Badminton Racquet. Tectonic 7 racket features fast speed, creative and elastic structure. It has strong toughness

Weight: 84g

Grip Size: 82.5 mm

Stringing Advice: 24-32 lbs

Material: Carbon Fiber

Flex: Medium Flex

Balance Point: Even Balance

Playing Style: All Round


Li Ning Tectonic 7 Badminton Racket features fast speed, creative and elastic structure. Its Dynamic Optimum Frame provides strong toughness and durability in frame. Wing Stabilizer Technology can control shake and make counterattack accurate, stable and quick.

Special Carbon Fiber is used in Tectonic 7 to achieve the light weight and better control with higher strength and better elasticity which provides great power for smashing. Also the frame sustains maximum string tension up to 32lbs.

Technology Used in the Tectonic 7:

Dynamic Optimum Frame: In Dynamic Optimum Frame they have a larger extended sweet spot so the hitting point is moved higher & provide a larger defensive area.

MPCF Reinforcing Technology: Li Ning takes up the racket production to the new level & reduces the chances of imperfections.

Wing Stabilizer: Wing Stabilizer is unique technology used in the aviation sector for controlling the unnecessary vibration.

TB Nano: Nano Technology combines the carbon fiber & resin more closely. This gives better elasticity, stability and durability overall we say the more powerful striking.

Cubic Locking: Cubic grommet locked within the slim groove is more stable and could provide extra protection for string effectively absorbs shock to get an accurate placement, improve controlling performance.