Buy Li Ning Turbo Charging 75 EX (Extreme) online at Best Price

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Buy LI-NING TURBO CHARGING 75 EX (Extreme) Unstrung Badminton Racket online at Best price on


  • Player Level : Professional
  • Weight (grams) : 88
  • Balance Point (mm) : 295
  • Balance : Even Balance
  • Shaft Flexibility : Flexible
  • Racket Grip Size : S2
  • Maximum Racket Tension : ≤ 35 lbs (pounds)
  • Frame Material : Carbon Fiber


LI-NING TURBOCHARGING 75 promises fast-paced gameplay. It embodies high-tech badminton technology. It is highly efficient and aerodynamic. It uses a special trapezoidal frame construction which allows you to generate strong and fast swing motions and return the shuttlecock with ease and grace like the professionals.

The Turbo Charging Technology Platform uses a 2-digit numbering system. The first digit determines the grade of the racket as follows:

If the first digit is 1, 2 or 3, the racket is suitable for beginners.

If the first digit is 4, 5 or 6, the racket is suitable for intermediate players.

If the first digit is 7, 8 or 9, the racket is suitable for advanced players.


Turbo Charging Trapezoidal Frame

The Turbo Charging series rackets come with a Trapezoidal Frame construction that cuts through air seamlessly to reduce the drag coefficient of the racket for extra-strong swing speeds.

TB-Nano Binding

Nanometer Technology combines carbon-fiber and resin tightly. This provides unmatched elasticity, stability and durability in every strike.

Stabilized Torsion Angle

Turbo Charging rackets are engineered with Stabilized Torsion Angle technology to improve torsion resistance of the racket by manifolds, enabling you to strike, smash, and attack seamlessly.