Buy Li Ning Windstorm 72 Badminton Racket online at best price

 14,990.00  9,750.00

Player Level Professional
Weight (grams) 72
Balance Point (mm) 315
Balance Highly Head Heavy
Shaft Flexibility Flexible
Racket Grip Size S1
Maximum Racket Tension ≤ 30 lbs (pounds)
Frame Material Carbon Fibre


Lightweight just got a new word in the dictionary and its the Li-Ning windstorm series. The Windstorm technology included in the Windstorm 72 delivers a feather-like 72 gram weight and makes this racket flag bearer of speed and control.

The racket promises a head heavy balance which means that the weight is distributed towards the head of the racket giving you a thunderous rush of power along with a flexible shaft which ensures that along with the power you get a sense of control over your fast-paced game. It ensures faster swing speeds which will significantly improve the reaction time of the player and will make you unstoppable on the court.