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Mizuno JPX 8.9 Badminton Racket Specifications:

Mizuno JPX 8.9 Specifications
Brand Mizuno
Weight 85g
Weight Category 4U
Flexibility Stiff
Stringing Capacity 30 lbs
Frame Material Japan HMG T46
Shaft Material Japan HMG T46
Balance Head Heavy
Suitable For Advanced

Mizuno JPX 8.9 Badminton Racket Description:

Revolutionary Speed : The rigid, unyielding anti-torsion Prismatic Shaft’s higher kick-point delivers more power with every smash while the Duplex Design frame that merges into an Aero Hexagram frame and then to a box frame through the Combi-Frame design, is ideal for the hard-core power player that is searching for even more power.

Prismatic Shaft : The Prismatic design of the shaft is a revolutionary concept that eliminates the torsion inherent in the conventional round oval-shaped shafts. The Prism design increases the stiffness and provides unsurpassed control for the stronger and more powerful players. This unique construction furthermore shifts the kick point higher up the shaft for pinpoint accuracy during powerful smashes.

Aero Hexagram : The six-pointed star-like frame with equilateral angles reduces air resistance and the lower frame’s high-level strength increases repulsion power. The aerodynamic frame is perfect for lightning-fast shots and high-speed rallies.

Duplex Design : Combining the structural strength of a Box Frame and the Aerodynamics of the Aero Hexagram frame, the Duplex Design is able to absorb an extremely high level of pressure without compromising the racquet head speed during the stroke play.