Buy FZ FORZA POWER 9X-290 Badminton Racket Online At Lowest Price

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FZ FORZA is Europe’s top badminton brand based in Denmark. A brand new very technical frame twisted 9 times to increase durability and stiffness in the frame, This gives you a racket with extremely low torsion and maximum transfer of power from your arm to shuttle. 290 mm racket balance for a good mix between power and control. * CARBON NANOTUBES: As we continue to improve our rackets and strive towards creating the best racket in the world, we continually research and develop new materials and ideas to take our rackets to the next level. Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) is based on extraordinary small scale advancements in the material construction. Thanks to our cooperation with Aalborg University in Denmark, FZ FORZA is able to introduce world-class rackets manufactured using polymer composite materials modified by Multi-Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (MWCNT). Thanks to the MWCNT technology your FZ FORZA racket has improved durability in comparison with conventional rackets. The polymer resin that binds the carbon fibers together will ensure toughness and damage tolerance.