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Martina Navratilova diagnosed with early-stage Throat & Breast Cancer

All-time tennis legend Martina Navratilova announced that she has been diagnosed with early-stage throat and breast cancer. The 66-year-old said, “This double whammy is serious but still fixable. “I’m hoping for a favourable outcome. It’s going to stink for a while, but I’ll fight with all have I got.”

Navratilova, who was previously diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer—ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS—in 2010, has been diagnosed with an unrelated form of breast cancer, still in its early stages, and was discovered during throat examinations.

Martina Navratilova’s agent, Mary Greenham, said the tennis legend discovered an enlarged lymph node in her neck during the WTA Finals in Fort Worth, Texas, which was held from October 31 to November 7.

A biopsy was done, and she was later diagnosed with stage one throat cancer, her agent said. When Navratilova was undergoing throat tests, her agent said a suspicious form was found in her breast, which later was diagnosed as cancer. Navratilova announced that the diagnosis at such an early stage is good for her health, and she will begin the treatment soon.

The all-time great has been an inspirational figure in the Tennis world. She has won 18 grand slam singles titles, 31 grand slam doubles titles, and 10 grand slam mixed doubles titles. She still holds the WTA Tour’s all-time record of 167 titles.

Tennis PlayersNadal, Djokovic and Federer

Tennis players who defeated Nadal, Djokovic & Federer

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic are the three greatest Tennis players of all time. These 3 GOATs have amassed the most grand slams in the history of the sport, with Nadal (22) leading the pack with Djokovic (21) second and Federer (20) in the 3rd spot. Next to them is Pete Sampras, who has won a total of 14 grand slams, mind the gap. Let’s be realistic; every player had to face at least one of them in their journey before winning a major trophy. It is surely a difficult task to get the better of any of them. 

Federer’s retirement from the sport might have come as a sign of relief for many players out there. Having said that, there are few players who actually don’t fear facing any of these 3 aces. Actually, there are plenty of players who have beaten all of these 3 in the game of tennis. Now it is surely a huge achievement to defeat Nadal, Federer and Djokovic in one’s career. Let’s have a look at these players. 

Tennis players who have beaten Nadal, Djokovic and Federer 

Andy Murray (29 wins against the Fab 3) 

Andy Murray is one of the undisputed legends of the game. The only player to clinch the no.1 spot in the Federer-Nadala-Djokovic era. The player who has gotten the better of the Fab 3 most of the time. Andy Murray is surely the 4th best player of this generation. 

Andy Murray

Creator: Juan Manuel Serrano Arce Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

Wins against the Fab 3 
  1. Roger Federer: 11
  2. Novak Djokovic: 11
  3. Rafael Nadal: 7

Juan Martin del Potro (17 wins against the Fab 3) 

Juan Martin del Potro earned the respect in the sport, even from the Fab 3. He is one of the most feared opponents, as he can dominate any superstar on a good day. If not for his injuries, Juan Martin would have been twice the player he has been in his career till now. However, he still holds a solid record against the Fab 3. 

Juan Martin del Potro

Creator: Cameron Spencer Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2018 Getty Image

Wins against the Fab 3 
  1. Roger Federer: 7
  2. Rafael Nadal: 6
  3. Novak Djokovic: 4

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (16 wins against the Fab 3) 

If not for his severe knee injury, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga would have enjoyed a completely different career. Even the Fab 3 failed at certain points to hold on to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s solid comebacks. He was a serious player who gave Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic a run for their money. 

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Creator: CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Wins against the Fab 3 
  1. Roger Federer: 6
  2. Rafael Nadal: 4
  3. Novak Djokovic: 6

Lleyton Hewitt (14 wins against the Fab 3) 

Lleyton Hewitt has a solid record against the Fab 3. Taking nothing from Australia, Hewitt did have a bit of an upper hand against the young Federer and Nadal. 

Lleyton Hewitt

Creator: Mark Metcalfe | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

Wins against the Fab 3 
  1. Roger Federer: 9
  2. Rafael Nadal: 4
  3. Novak Djokovic: 1

Dominic Thiem (14 wins against the Fab 3) 

It will be safe to say that Dominic Thiem is the closest tennis player who comes to the Fab 3. Thiem has a solid record against Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic. Having said that, Dominic Thiem has lost some important matches against the Fab 3, as he was beaten by Nadal in two French Open finals and by Djokovic in the Australian Open. Nevertheless, Thiem is an exceptional talent, and he can replace Federer in the Fab 3 with the Swiss legend retired from the game. 

Dominic Thiem


Wins against the Fab 3 

1) Roger Federer: 5

2) Rafael Nadal: 5

3) Novak Djokovic: 4 


Tomas Berdych (13 wins against the Fab 3) 

Tomas Berdych had a career to cherish. The Czech superstar was a Wimbledon finalist and was ranked no.4 during his peak. He holds a solid record against the Fab 3. Not many in the world can get the better of Federer a total of 6 times. 

Tomas Berdych

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Wins against the Fab 3 
  1. Roger Federer: 6 
  2. Rafael Nadal: 4
  3. Novak Djokovic: 3 

Stan Wawrinka (12 wins against the Fab 3) 

Stan Wawrinka has won three Grand Slam titles in his career. Interestingly, the 37-year-old is only a Wimbledon title away from completing the career slam. Stan Wawrinka would have dominated the world of tennis if not for the likes of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. However, he still has a solid record against the fab 3, mainly against Novak Djokovic. 

Stan Wawrinka


Wins against the Fab 3 
  1. Novak Djokovic: 6 
  2. Roger Federer: 3 
  3. Rafael Nadal: 3

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal: A rivalry for the ages 

A great rivalry makes a sport more interesting, and there is no denying that. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have single-handedly divided the football world into two halves. Every sport needs a classic rivalry to make the game better, and Tennis has its own in the name of Federer and Nadal. 

However, Federer and Nadal are a different breed of rivals, unlike competitors in any other sport. While the two legends used to go for each other’s throats on the tennis court, the world saw both of them shredding tears together when Roger Federer played his last official tennis match in September 2022. 

Arguably, the two greatest tennis players of the modern generation re-defined athleticism, longevity and rivalry. They made each other better while entertaining millions of their fans. The tussle, which went on for 18 years, ended in 2022, but it has given the world of tennis so much to talk about. Let’s have a look at one of the greatest opponents in the history of tennis, the “Federer-Nadal” story. 

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal: A rivalry for the ages 

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer played each other for the first time in 2004 in the third round of the Miami Masters. A 17-year-old Rafael Nadal, who was ranked 34 at that time, managed to beat no.1 ranked Roger Federer in straight sets. Rafael Nadal became an overnight sensation, and that’s how it all began. 

Creator: Clive Brunskill Copyright: 2017 Getty ImagesNadal and Federer faced each other a total of 40 times, with Nadal leading 24–16 overall, which includes 14–10 in finals. Out of the 40 matches played between them, 20 were played on a hard court, 16 on clay, and a total of 4 matches on grass. 

Nadal leads Federer (14–2) on clay and (8–6) on outdoor hard court. Federer leads Nadal (3–1) on grass and (5–1) on an indoor hard court. Nadal leads Federer 3-1 at the Australian Open and 6–0 at the French Open, while Federer has the upper hand at Wimbledon (3-1). Nadal and Federer have faced each other a total of 14 times in majors, with Nadal leading 10–4. 

Rafael Nadal ranks no.1, while Roger Federer ranks no.3 on the men’s all-time list for the most major singles titles. Rafael Nadal has won a total of 22 major titles, while Roger Federer has claimed 20 to his name. Novak Djokovic is second on the list with 21 titles. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have shared a total of 11 consecutive majors between them, from the 2005 French Open to the 2007 US open. 

Federer and Nadal are the only duos to finish as the top two ranked players for six consecutive calendar years on the ATP Tour, from 2005 to 2010. The 2008 Wimbledon final game between Federer and Nadal is touted as the greatest match to be ever played in the history of Tennis. 2005 Miami Open final, 2006 Italian Open final, 2007 Wimbledon final, and 2009 Australian Open final are some of the other matches between these two, which are considered to be the epitome of Tennis.

As Nadal won the first match between the two, Roger Federer won the last match played against the Spaniard in the Semi-finals of the 2019 Wimbledon Championships. It can be rightly said the greatest tennis rivalry on earth was started by Nadal but ended by Federer. Poetic. 

What did Rafael Nadal say about Roger Federer’s retirement? 

“Someone I have admired, who I have rivalled, and also I have shared many beautiful things on and off the court was leaving. In that sense, all those moments, those feelings you have before playing a final of a grand slam, of an important tournament, everything that was in the air before those matches. It was different from other matches. 

You know you’re not going to live that again, and a part of my life left with him [when he retired]. It was also the emotion of saying goodbye to someone who has been so important to our sport.” 

My time will come when it has to come. “I’m quite prepared for my next life outside tennis. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem for me beyond what will be an adaptation to the changes. My life has things equally or more important than tennis.” 

What did Roger Federer say about Rafael Nadal after his retirement? 

“It showed once again what we mean to each other and how much respect we have for each other. The feeling of having a tough rivalry but still showing: It’s just tennis – also a sign that both wanted to set. “It was an incredible effort from Rafa, and I will never forget what he did for me in London.” 

Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer (all matches) 

2019 Wimbledon (winner: Roger Federer) 

2019 Roland Garros (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2019 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Roger Federer) 

2017 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Roger Federer) 

2017 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Roger Federer) 

2017 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Roger Federer) 

2017 Australian Open (winner: Roger Federer) 

2015 Basel Switzerland (winner: Roger Federer) 

2014 Australian Open (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2013 ATP Finals (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2013 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2013 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2013 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2012 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Roger Federer) 

2012 Australian Open (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2011 ATP Finals (winner: Roger Federer) 

2011 Roland Garros (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2011 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2011 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2010 ATP Finals (winner: Roger Federer) 

2010 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2009 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Roger Federer)

2009 Australian Open (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2008 Wimbledon (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2008 Roland Garros (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2008 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2008 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2007 Tennis Masters Cup (winner: Roger Federer)

2007 Wimbledon (winner: Roger Federer)

2007 Roland Garros winner: Rafael Nadal

2007 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Roger Federer)

2007 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2006 Tennis Masters Cup (winner: Roger Federer)

2006 Wimbledon (winner: Roger Federer)

2006 Roland Garros (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2006 ATP Masters (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2006 ATP Masters (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2006 Dubai (winner: Rafael Nadal) 

2005 Roland Garros (winner: Rafael Nadal)

2005 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Roger Federer)

2004 ATP Masters 1000 (winner: Rafael Nadal)

Top 10 Female Tennis Players you must know about

In the matter of women and sports, the world has witnessed that “tennis” has an extremely important role to play with its record of great accomplishments and achievements as well. 

Talking about the past few decades, various iconic & exemplary female tennis players have been highly successful in creating history with their outstanding performances & procurement! 

There have been a wide number of excellent female tennis players till today. Some of them are known to dominate the sport for a really long period of time, and others have achieved greater success in respective contests or Grand Slams.

Well, for us, deciding on the top 10 greatest female tennis players was an extremely difficult job to do! As we know, there have been numerous tennis players serving their countries with glory & utmost pride in the history and even today. 

In this blog post, we will read about the greatest female tennis players and how they have successfully left their mark on the sport and continue to encourage new generations worldwide! 

Let’s not wait any longer!! Here we go… 

  1. Sania Mirza 

Sania Mirza, I mean, who doesn’t know this name? Even words will fall short of explaining her achievements. She is unquestionably India’s best female tennis player ever! Santa Mirza has been an inspiration to billions of females in India and across the globe as well. 

HOBART, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 17: Sania Mirza of India prepares to serve during her semi final doubles match against Maria Bouzkova of Czech Republic and Tamara Zidansek of Slovakia during day seven of the 2020 Hobart International at Domain Tennis Centre on January 17, 2020 in Hobart, Australia. (Photo by Steve Bell/Getty Images)

She has won 6 Grand Slam Titles and is the first Indian Female Player to win a Grand Slam of any kind! Additionally, in 2013, she was ranked No. 1 in her doubles career. She is the only Indian who entered the top 100 WTA singles rankings, being at World No. 27.

She has also done commendable work in many multi-national matches, as she has won medals in the singles & doubles categories and the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and the Afro-Asian Games. 

  1. Serena Williams 

She is known as the strongest & influential female tennis player and has inspired millions of us throughout her journey. Serena, as well as her sister Venus Williams, have proved to be a dominant force in the sport of tennis since the late 90s. They both have won fourteen Grand Slam Doubles titles, which is commendable. Serena Williams, at present, holds the  “Open Era Record” for Grand Slam Singles Titles by a tennis player as she owns 23 Grand Slam Singles titles, including the 2017 Australian Open. 


The world has seen that Serena’s game has clearly withstood the ordeal of time, hard work, competition, and commitment. The achievement of owning the Grand Slam titles came over an 18-year long period, starting from 1999, with her latest win at the 2017 Australian Open. 

Out of competitive tennis for most of 2017, while pregnant, Serena reached 4 Grand Slam finals without securing that coveted 24th title to tie Margaret Court before retiring after the 2022 US Open. The point can now be brought in to raise up Serena Williams to be the most remarkable tennis player of all time! 

  1. Martina Navratilova

She was considered to be one of the toughest competitors by many players out there. Martina Navratilova dominated the sport of women’s tennis from the late 1970s to the 1980s. She is specifically known for her intense physical activity. Plus, she got the big serve & volley back to the sport. 

Moreover,  she made the Open Era record for career titles, holding 167 of them, and also has 59 Grand Slam titles, which comprise singles, doubles, & mixed doubles! Isn’t it incredible? You must know that Martina Navratilova also possesses the record for career Wimbledon titles with an extraordinary nine titles. 

  1. Karman Thandi 

Karman Thandi is known to be one of the very few Indian tennis singles players to reach the top 200 of the WTA rankings. She was the sixth tennis player who has been successful in doing so! On 20th August 2018, Karman Thandi caught up with her career high-ranking of 196, which was amazing. At present, she holds the rank of 447 and owns 107 points to her credit. On 23rd June 2018, the 24-year-old achieved the maiden singles title in the $25k Hong Kong tournament. 

Plus, in the Fed Cup, she was one of the players to represent India. She also retains a win-loss track record of 3-6 in singles in this specific tournament. Karman Thandi is known to be the first tennis player since Sania Mirza to gain a victory in a WTA main draw match. At the 2018 Jiangxi International Women’s Tennis Open, she won against Lu Jiajing.

  1. Steffi Graf 

Steffi Graf, having a 17-year-long career, became an inspiration for so many people all over the world. Her record of ranking number 1 for continuous 377 in the world is a history for any player, be it male/female. 

In the year 1988, Steffi held the position of the first player to accomplish what is considered as the calendar year Golden Slam by gaining a victory in all four majors, along with the Olympic Gold Medal in the same year! If we observe, no one was better than Graf from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s.

  1. Rutuja Bhosale 

Rutuja Bhosale, who hails from Maharashtra, is one of the most talented and skilful Indian tennis players! She actually had blown away everyone with her performance as a junior tennis player. She is best known for her achievement of securing the 55th rank as a junior competitor, and she also holds four titles on the ITF circuit. 

Rutuja Bhosale is at present ranked 476 on the WTA circuit. But she has dropped more than a hundred spots because previously, she was ranked at 342. Nevertheless, if you look at her career graph, then you will observe that her doubles career has proliferated in the past few years. 

  1. Margaret Court

A lot of experts out there believe that Margaret Court is one of the best tennis players of all time! She has made an outstanding record of 24 Grand Slam Singles titles, so it’s hard to deny experts’ beliefs, right? Margaret Court has an astonishing record of 62 major tiles, including 19 doubles and 19 mixed doubles. 


In the year 1970, Court was the first ever woman who was in the Open Era to win the singles Grand Slam. Plus, she is the only female (other than Daniela Hantuchova) to win a Grand Slam in mixed doubles, and she won it twice! Also, Margaret Court was the first ever female to integrate weights and fitness training into her daily routine to enhance her skills.

  1. Ankita Raina

Next is Ankita Raina, a 29-year-old tennis professional from Ahmedabad. She is one of the most successful and inspiring Indian women’s tennis players. She has been quite amazing in slowly climbing the ranks and going after the footsteps of none other than “Sania Mirza” as she has also achieved the titles in the ITF circuit, with an excellent record of 18 doubles titles and 11 singles titles. 

Ankita Raina has also won the title on the WTA tour and one at the contests in the WTA 125K series. She is even defined as one of the best Indian female tennis players because she is only the 6th Indian ever to embark on the WTA Top 200 in singles. Moreover, in 2021, she also cracked up in the Top 100 in doubles. 

  1. Chris Evert 

Chris Evert, have you heard of any player more graceful on the tennis court than her? No, right! In the 1970s & 1980s, with her two-handed backhand shot, she successfully dominated the sport of tennis. Chris Evert is one of the players who still holds the track record for catching up with the most Grand Slam singles finals with 34. 

Chris Evert attends the 30th Annual Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic at Boca Raton Resort & Club on November 22, 2019 in Boca Raton, Florida.

She actually won 18 titles which also includes all of the majors twice. Chris Evert was proven to be the number one player in the world continuously for seven years, and moreover, she had a career-winning percentage in singles tournaments of over ninety percent.


  1. Rushmi Chakravarthi 

Rushmi Chakravarthi is a former Indian tennis player with a record of winning 52 ITF titles, which are the most titles by any Indian tennis player to date. She started her career in 2005 and has only featured in two WTA matches.

In the year 2003, she won a total of four medals at the Afro-Asian Games; her performance was applaudable as, two of which included gold medals. In the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Rushmi won the bronze medal in doubles along with Sania Mirza. 

All these tennis players are regarded as the most excellent female tennis players in the world. They have all stretched for a really long career; it’s quite remarkable that these female tennis players have all excelled in their own ways, and all of them will always be remembered for their precious contribution to the field of sport. 

Their legacy and hard work shall never be ignored or forgiven, as each one of them laid the foundations for so many women across the globe and also for all our future generations!

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