Chetan Sharma

Chetan Sharma reveals shocking revelations about Indian cricket in a sting operation

Chairman of Selectors Chetan Sharma has made some shocking comments. The former cricketer was embroiled in a controversy after he made some shocking statements pertaining to the Indian team during a sting operation conducted by Zee News.

The sting operation saw Chetan Sharma comment on the Indian cricketer’s fitness and about the ego clash between the two heavyweights of Indian cricket- Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. In the video, he was seen saying, “The players are not fit but they take injections to play. They are ready to play even at 80 percent fitness. They take injections and start playing.”

He further added, “Even if they are around 85 percent fit, they will say ‘Sir let us play’ but they are not cleared by the medical team that is where the problem lies. The players always want to play, they never refuse to play.”

According to Sharma, BCCI wasn’t happy with Virat as he had started to consider himself bigger than the game, and that’s why they were eager to remove him from the leadership role and took advantage of his rough patch in 2021 to replace him with Rohit Sharma, who as per Chetan wasn’t the preferred choice.

He stated, “Jab player thoda bada ho jaye to usko lagta hai ki vo bahut bada ho gaya, board se bhi bada ho gaya. Toh fir usko lagta hai ki mere ko toh koi kuch kar he nahi sakta. Mere bina to cricket band ho jayega India mein. Kabhi hua hai? Bade bade aaye, bade bade gaye, cricket to wahi ka wahi rehta hai. Toh vo usne uss samay hit maarne ki kosish kari president ko.”

Watch the entire sting operation conducted by Zee News here:

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