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Yonex Astrox 7 dg is developed on durable grade graphite material (Earlier this concept is adopted in Voltric series, Like Voltric 7 DG, and after getting success, Yonex lunched same in Astrox series).

Astrox DG frame  is made of HM graphite and tungsten material while its shaft is made of HM graphite and Nanomesh material. HM graphite and Nanomesh material in shaft shows superb racket characteristics to player wherein, player will get maximum bending strength, optimized flex and perfect power.

Astrox 7 Dg is developed with rotation generation concept. this concept is adopted in every Astrox series racket for offering unique racket balance property. Normally, Head heavy configuration racket shows some sluggishness during fast badminton rallies. To overcome this issue, Yonex Badminton adopted the new concept called as Rotation Generation Concept.

In this concept, weight of the racket is distributed across the head and handle of the racket so player will get better balance and fast racket handling. This concept is tested and found that smash power is increased by 7.1% while smash angle found to be 2.3 degree stepper.

Weight of the Astrox 7 DG is around 85 gms while max string tension is up to 35 lbs. Racket is head heavy and medium flex shaft. Head heavy and medium flex shaft is deadly combination for those players who love to surprise the opponent with powerful smashes and long badminton rallies.

Exact Balance Point is 305 mm and overall Racket length Is 675 mm , shaft diameter is kept as 7.1 mm.