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Yonex Eclipsion Z Badminton Shoe has a semi-one piece sole and Radial Blade Sole for maximum stability and grip promoting rapid footwork.

The ECLIPSION series is focused on stability to handle even the most advanced or complex footwork, providing the athlete with confidence in every step and every jump. The POWER CUSHION ECLIPSION Z will be available in late March 2021.

As badminton play has become increasingly fast-paced in recent years, shoes are required to have the stability needed to react instantly and propel quickly.

A key ingredient to stability is reliable grip. The newly developed RADIAL BLADE SOLE is designed to provide ultimate grip with a rubber surface that has a pattern reminiscent of a ninja star. This pattern was calculated to ensure grip for sudden vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements. In addition, the Semi One-Piece Sole is newly adopted to increase the area of contact by integrating the outer rubber of the tread and heel. This increases stability when landing and reduces the risk of sprains.

To complement the grip, a secure upper is required. The polyurethane-based Durable Skin Light is an upper that combines rubber-like flexibility with the stiffness of hard plastic, letting you play light on your feet while maintaining a secure and snug fit.