5 famous handled-the-ball dismissals in cricket

5 famous handled-the-ball dismissals in cricket

Nothing hurts more than getting out in an unfortunate matter. Be it a run-out or a hit-wicket; a batter dreads getting out in such a way. ‘Handled the ball’ is one such expression. A batsman might be dismissed for handling the ball under Law 33 of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) if they intentionally touch the ball with one or both of their hands during a delivery while holding the bat in their hands. 

It is touted to be one of the unluckiest ways to get out. The batter is hapless to be dismissed since, more frequently than not, the infraction is unintentional rather than deliberate. When the batter notices the ball heading dangerously toward the stumps, their instincts can sometimes take control. Let’s have a look at some of the famous incidents when batters were given out for handling the ball. 


5 famous handled-the-ball dismissals in cricket 

  1. Brian Lara vs Australia (1993, Melbourne) 
  2. Steve Waugh vs India (2001, Chennai) 
  3. Andrew Hilditch vs Pakistan (1979, Perth) 
  4. Mohinder Amarnath vs Australia (1986, Melbourne) 
  5. Cheteshwar Pujara vs Leicestershire (2014, Derby) 

Brian Lara in 1993: West Indies vs Australia, Melbourne 

Brian Lara was famously dismissed in 1993 during the West Indies vs Australia match. He handled the ball and was declared out. Brian Lara was trying to field a shot that he misjudged and ended up touching the ball with his glove. The umpire immediately declared him out and the West Indies went on to lose the match. This dismissal has gone down in cricket history as one of the most famous handled-the-ball dismissals. The bowler who delivered the ball that led to Brian Lara’s dismissal was Glenn McGrath. 

On This Day - Brian Lara Single-Handedly Demolishes Australia In 1999 - News Nation English

Creator: Ben Radford | Credit: Getty Images

Commentators at the time said that this dismissal was a turning point in the match as it changed the momentum and gave Australia the upper hand. They praised the umpire’s quick decision and called it a great example of good officiating. They also praised Lara for accepting the decision gracefully. One commentator said: “Lara’s dismissal could be the defining moment of the match. The umpire made the right call, and Lara accepted it with grace. That’s cricket.” 

Brian Lara reportedly said: “It was a mistake on my part, and the umpire made the correct call. It is always sad to be dismissed in such a manner, but I accept it.” After the game, Lara joked that he was so surprised by the dismissal that he had to ask the umpire if he was out. He also said that it was a learning experience and a reminder to always be alert while batting.

Steve Waugh in 2001: India vs Sri Lanka, Chennai 

India’s historic 2-1 Test series win over Australia in 2001 is a source of pride for every Indian cricket fan. The match in Kolkata was especially memorable as India managed to give the Australians a follow-on, resulting in an embarrassing defeat for the top-ranked team.

Steve Waugh's brutal response to Shane Warne sledge | 7NEWS

Creator: Adam Pretty

During the Chennai Test, Steve Waugh was coming out to be a difficult batsman as he was batting at 47. Harbhajan Singh, one of India’s legendary spinners, was trying hard to break through the defenses of Steve Waugh. Waugh missed a sweep against the off-spinner, and it appeared that the ball spun too late and moved in the direction of the stumps. At that point, Waugh pushed the ball away with his hands, resulting in him getting declared out. 

With this dismissal, Steve Waugh became the sixth batsman in Test matches to be given out for handling the ball and the eighth batsman overall at that time. Steve Waugh reportedly said: “I knew I was in trouble the moment I lifted my hand to the ball. It wasn’t intentional and I accept the umpire’s decision.” 

Andrew Hilditch versus Pakistan (1979, Perth) 

In a Test match against Pakistan in Perth, Andrew Hilditch suffered one of the rarest handled-the-ball dismissals. Standing at the non-striker’s end with a score of 29, Hilditch blocked an incoming wide throw with his hands and handed the ball to the bowler Sarfaraz Khan. The bowler appealed to the umpire, who declared Hilditch out for handling the ball. It is the only incident where a non-striker was given out for handling the ball. 

New opening batsman Andrew Hilditch in action in the nets.Australian... News Photo - Getty Images

Creator: Fairfax Media Archives | Credit: Fairfax Media via Getty Images

This incident caused a lot of debates in the cricket world, as it was seen as against the ethics of the game. The fact that a non-striker was dismissed in such a manner is still considered to be highly unusual. Many critics felt that this dismissal was the result of an unconventional interpretation of the laws of cricket. The incident has caused much debate over the years, as it is rarely seen in cricket. 

Many commentators have expressed their views on this incident. One commentator said: “It’s the most unusual and bizarre way to be given out in cricket. Andrew Hilditch was given out for an act that went against the ethics of the game.” Andrew Hilditch reportedly said: “I was shocked and surprised by the umpire’s decision. I was trying to do the right thing, but I accept that the umpire made the right call according to the laws of cricket.” 

Mohinder Amarnath versus Australia (1986, Melbourne) 

1983 World Cup winner Mohinder Amarnath lost his wicket in the most unlikely way during the 1986 India-Australia one-day international series. Amarnath, who was batting at a total of 15 runs, was up against off-spinner Greg Matthews. The delivery was flighted by the bowler and spun off the deck. On the other hand, Amarnath played the ball with gentle hands and didn’t seem bothered by the turn. 

5 Unique records held by Indians in List A cricket

Creator: Patrick Eagar/Popperfoto | Credit: Popperfoto via Getty Images

Amarnath attempted to cut the ball at first with barely any foot movement but ultimately had to defend it in an awkward position. The ball bounced off the ground in the direction of the stumps, and Amarnath instinctively responded by using his hands to bat it away. As the Australians prepared to appeal, Amarnath belying his misstep with a smile, walked slowly to the pavilion.

Cheteshwar Pujara versus Leicestershire (2014, Derby) 

India’s Cheteshwar Pujara was given out for handling the ball in a County Championship Division Two match between Derbyshire and Leicestershire. He was the 59th first-class player overall and only the second Indian, after Mohinder Amarnath, to experience this sort of dismissal. He also became the first player to get out in this manner in England since Karl Krikken of Derbyshire did so in 1996. 

BAN v IND 2022: “Indian Test batting still needs him,” Sanjay Manjrekar heaps praise on Cheteshwar Pujara

Creator: MUNIR UZ ZAMAN | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

While batting at number six, Cheteshwar Pujara played a fastball from left-arm seamer Atif Sheikh without much difficulty. However, upon looking back, he quickly slapped the ball, which appeared to be headed toward the stumps. Pujara was eventually declared out after it was confirmed via replays that he handled the ball.

Longest Tennis matches of all time

Revisiting the Longest Tennis Match of All Time

Tennis is a challenging sport. It is a contest of talent, cunning, and accuracy. The game continues until one player scores the required number of points or until a player quits or retires in the middle of the court due to injury or exhaustion and is unable to continue. This is the precise reason why games that last a long time are so appealing.

The audience is kept on the edge of their seats by it. Exactly this is what happened on January 30, 2022, when Rafael Nadal, one of the greatest players of all time, defeated Daniil Medvedev at the Australian Open 2022. The 5 hours, 24-minute final was won by the Spaniard. In addition, it allowed Nadal to surpass players like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic by becoming the first tennis player to win 21 Grand Slam titles. Despite this, the match isn’t anywhere close to being the longest tennis match ever played. 

However, the longest tennis match took place in 2010, which lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes. It was played between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon. The match began on Tuesday, 22 June 2010 and lasted until Friday of the same week. During this time, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played 183 games in total. The match’s final score was 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7-9), 7-6 (7-3), and 70-68 for Isner. 

Both players endured considerable physical and mental exhaustion during the match to reach this point, with Isner serving a total of 112 aces and Mahut 103. It was described as the greatest in tennis history by commentators and analysts alike. 

The longest Tennis match of all time: 

John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut: 2010 Wimbledon (11 hours and 5 minutes) 

John Isner and Nicolas Mahut broke several records during their match. Most notably, the match was the longest tennis match ever to be played in terms of time, lasting 11 hours and 5 minutes. It was also the match with the highest number of total games played (183) and the longest set (the fifth set lasted 70-68). The match also saw both players serve the most aces in a single match; Isner served 112 aces, while Mahut served 103. 

John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut

John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut

In total, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut served 215 aces during their 11-hour and 5-minute match at Wimbledon. The longest tennis match before the Isner-Mahut match was the men’s singles final at the 2004 French Open between Gaston Gaudio and Guillermo Coria. The match lasted six hours and 33 minutes, with Coria eventually winning 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1, and 8-6. 

Many people have praised the Isner-Mahut match for its remarkable display of skill and determination. Legendary tennis player Björn Borg referred to it as “a milestone in modern tennis”. Commentator John McEnroe lauded the match as “a great benefit for the world of tennis”, while American television personality Jimmy Kimmel described it as “an epic moment in sports history”. 

The men’s singles championship of the 2010 Wimbledon Championships was won by Rafael Nadal, who defeated Tomas Berdych in straight sets. John Isner and Nicolas Mahut both spoke about the match with great respect for their opponent. Isner said that he was “very proud to have been part of such an amazing occasion, ” while Mahut commented, “it was truly a special match, and I will never forget it.” 

John Isner said, “It was an honour to be part of such an incredible match, and I’m very proud to have been part of it. I wish the match could have gone on forever.”

Nicolas Mahut commented, “It was truly a special match, and I will never forget it. I’m lucky to have been part of history and I am sure it will remain a legendary moment in tennis.” 

Here are some interesting facts about the Isner-Mahut match 

– The match had a combined total of 909 points 

– The longest rally between the two players spanned 36 shots 

– Isner’s longest service game lasted over 40 minutes 

– The match was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest tennis match ever played 

– Isner and Mahut were given a standing ovation when they completed the fifth set – It was the first time Wimbledon had to suspend play due to darkness 

– The match saw 205,000 people watched it live on the BBC website 

– It was the second-most viewed match at Wimbledon that year, behind the men’s singles final between Rafael Nadal and Tomas Berdych 

– It was the first time Wimbledon had to suspend play due to darkness 


What Tennis players had to say about the Isner-Mahut match: 

“The Isner-Mahut match was an extraordinary display of courage and endurance that will be remembered as one of the greatest sporting events of all time.” – Roger Federer 

“John Isner and Nicolas Mahut’s match at Wimbledon in 2010 was a remarkable display of human achievement and resilience.” – Novak Djokovic 

“What Isner and Mahut did at Wimbledon in 2010 was nothing short of incredible. They pushed tennis to its limits and showed us what it means to never give up.” – Andy Murray 

“The Isner-Mahut match was an incredible show of willpower, tenacity, and determination.” – Rafael Nadal 

“No other tennis match has made such an impression on me as the Isner-Mahut match. It was one of the most remarkable displays of endurance and sportsmanship that I have ever seen.” – Serena Williams 

“The Isner-Mahut epic produced a record that may never be broken and will live on in the annals of the greatest sporting moments of all time.” – Andy Roddick

Top 10 longest tennis matches of all time: 

  1. John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut – 2010 Wimbledon (11 hours and 5 minutes)
  2.  Fabrice Santoro vs Arnaud Clement – 2004 French Open (6 hours and 33 minutes)
  3.  Younes El Aynaoui vs. Andy Roddick – 2003 Australian Open (5 hours and 22 minutes)
  4.  Kevin Anderson vs. John Isner – 2018 Wimbledon (6 hours and 36 minutes)
  5.  Novak Djokovic vs. Juan Martín del Potro – 2013 US Open (5 hours and 53 minutes)
  6.  Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal – 2008 Wimbledon (4 hours and 48 minutes)
  7.  Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael Nadal – 2012 Australian Open (5 hours and 53 minutes)
  8.  Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic – 2012 US Open (4 hours and 54 minutes)
  9.  Michael Chang vs. Ivan Lendl – 1989 French Open (4 hours and 37 minutes)
  10.  Gilles Muller vs. Rafael Nadal – 2017 Wimbledon (4 hours and 48 minutes).
IPL: Has it killed Test cricket?

IPL: Has it killed Test Cricket?

T20 cricket cancels out the entire foundation of what the sport of cricket was initially based on during its establishment. The makers of cricket wanted it to be a gentlemen’s game, with the Test format being the oldest version of the sport. Time, days, or results were not the issue in Test cricket, whereas T20 demands entertainment plus results in a span of a few hours. 

Why did T20 cricket become famous? 

The T20 format was introduced in the 21st century, and its rise happened soon after India won the first T20 World Cup in 2007. The MS Dhoni-led team lifted the first World Cup, and it gave rise to the Indian Premier League, the biggest T20 tournament in the world to date. With the introduction of leagues like the IPL, the focus of the cricketing fans drastically shifted to the T20 format. 

Fans got the taste of a quicker, faster format with sure results within 4 hours. T20 handed more amusement than the two older formats. Test cricket was already in its dying stage, with “The Ashes” being one of the few events which were keeping the format alive amongst the fans. T20 was the antidote to the long, tedious hours of cricket, and it worked very well to rejuvenate the meaning of the game. 

The IPL has had a large influence on the game of cricket. It has drawn some top international players to the league and has become known for its exciting and high-scoring format. The shorter format of the matches has also allowed more opportunities for teams to come out on top, making it more difficult for any one team to dominate the tournament. 

The IPL has also had a major influence on cricket’s commercial and business side, with the league’s massive success allowing teams to earn huge amounts of money in sponsorships and broadcasting rights. This has increased top players’ wages and increased investment in cricket’s infrastructure and youth development programs. The IPL has also been credited with creating new jobs in the sport and helping bring more attention and recognition to the game worldwide. 

While many fans, especially the younger generations, are glued to the T20 format, some have accused the shortest format of the game of killing the entire game. Is it true that T20 has killed Test cricket? Or it’s just an accusation without any base? Let’s have a look at it. 

IPL: Has it seriously killed Test cricket? 

Now, many fans are against the whole idea of T20 cricket as it is considered to be killing Test cricket slowly. However, the fans have already drifted away from the Test format and were only interested in the ODIs. But as soon as IPL came into the picture, it hijacked the market completely. Fans went berserk for the shortest format as the fours, and massive sixes were not a sight of novelty. 

The financial rewards from playing in the IPL have also had an effect on Test cricket. Many of the top players are now opting to play in the IPL rather than participate in test cricket, which can affect the traditional form of the game. It is difficult to say whether the Indian Premier League (IPL) has had a direct and negative impact on test cricket. The IPL has certainly changed the landscape of cricket, but it is still too soon to evaluate its long-term effects on the world’s oldest form of the game. 

MS Dhoni won the toss and inserted Mumbai Indians in to bat.

Source: Cricbuzz

Many experts have suggested that the IPL could provide a boost to test cricket by bringing more fans and attention to the game. However, there are also concerns that the intense IPL schedule could put too much strain on players and potentially lead to injuries or further fatigue if they are not given enough rest and recovery time. Ultimately, it is hard to say what the long-term effects of the IPL on test cricket will be, but it is clear that the competition has had an overall impact on the game and its future. 

The IPL’s influence on cricket is not limited to just Test cricket. The league has been credited with introducing the sport to new audiences, helping to drive up interest in cricket worldwide. It has also helped fund projects such as improved facilities, training programs, and academies for young players all around the world. Additionally, the IPL has brought in new rules and regulations, as well as innovations such as pitch technology and third-umpire decisions, which have all had an effect on the game of cricket as a whole. 

IPL, PSL, and BBL all came into the existence as the T20 format started running for the entire year. And as it is rightly said, too many cooks spoil the dish. The T20 format is sounding less and less amusing after 15 years of its existence due to the numerous numbers of matches per year.

As opposed to all the accusations, the T20 format has done more good to Test cricket than harm. People have slowly started enjoying Test cricket again as they want a break from the one-sided batting-oriented games. While the fans also enjoy the fast-paced games in T20 cricket, they also want to see technicality and aggression in the purest format of the game. Virat Kohli’s era as India’s Test captain greatly helped the format. The aggression bought into the game influenced and also seemed attractive to the newer generations. 

The same work is being done by Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum as they are re-defining Test cricket as a whole via ‘Bazball’. The T20 World Cup winners have set new heights in the Test format, which is as interesting as it can get. Credit for England’s new mentality toward Test cricket should also be given to the T20 format. The T20 format has taken sports to undiscovered places. The T20 format, especially IPL, has even handed many modern-day Test aces like Jasprit Bumrah, Rishabh Pant, Washington Sundar, and Shardul Thakur. So, in our opinion T20 format has benefited the growth of Test cricket. 

VISAKHAPATNAM, INDIA – MAY 10: Trent Boult of the Delhi Capitals celebrates taking the wicket of Faf Du Plessis of the Chennai Super Kings during the Indian Premier League IPL Qualifier Final match between the Delhi Capitals and the Chennai Super Kings at ACA-VDCA Stadium on May 10, 2019 in Visakhapatnam, India. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

The success of the IPL has also had other positive effects, such as encouraging more international players to participate in the competition, bringing together different cultures, and creating opportunities for talented players worldwide. Additionally, the IPL has helped to re-engage traditional cricket fans and bring in new ones, driving up viewership and helping the sport reach new heights. Ultimately, the IPL has had a major impact on test cricket and cricket as a whole, and its influence is likely to continue for years to come. 

Test cricket has always been the best format of the game, and it will continue to be the same for generations to come. The T20 structure is like a breath of fresh air and has handed the fans more reasons to love the sport. Having said that, top cricketers of top countries still prefer Test cricket over lucrative leagues like IPL and PSL. Cricketers are ready to let go of their million-dollar deals to represent their country in the red-ball format. 

Here are some of the famous quotes about the IPL: 

  1. “The IPL has changed the face of cricket in India and it’s been a wonderful journey for many of us.” Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  2. “The IPL has caught the imagination of the masses and I think it is here to stay.” – Sachin Tendulkar
  3. “IPL is an incredible platform which has opened up avenues for a lot of youngsters who have got a chance to show their talent.” – Virat Kohli
  4. “IPL has been a great platform to measure a cricketer’s skills and talent.” – Yuvraj Singh
  5. “The IPL has become a global phenomenon and I’m proud to be part of it.” – Brian Lara
  6. “It has always been amazing to play in the IPL. The quality of the cricket and the audiences have only made it better.” – Shane Warne

There are pros and cons. While it has led to shorter attention spans, IPL has led players to play a very exciting form of cricket that no longer leads to boring dead rubbers. Do you think IPL has killed Test cricket?

The best Indian Badminton Players to watch out for in the 2023 India Open

The best Indian Badminton Players to watch out for in the 2023 India Open

Badminton. It is one of the most watched sports in India. After Cricket and Football, Badminton manages to get the most viewership. Such is the popularity of the sport that it has a league of its own. Named Pro Badminton League, the Indian badminton league is one of the top badminton leagues in the world. Its playing field features the top Indian and international badminton talent in the world, including Olympic and World Championship Medal Winners.  

Players like PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Lakshya Sen, Kidambi Srikanth and Parupalli Kashyap have become household names today. These badminton players have made the nation proud by representing the nation on the international podium and winning accolades. 

The YONEX Sunrise India Open 2023 will start on 17th January. Many Indian shuttlers will get a chance to showcase their talent. From Lakshya Sen to Krish Desai, many talented badminton players will be on the grandest stage. And the audience will have a keen eye on these shuttlers.

Here’s a closer look at the top 11 Indian Badminton Players to watch out for in the 2023 India Open tournament.

Men’s Singles

Priyanshu Rajawat

Priyanshu Rajawat is an Indian badminton player. He was part of the Indian team that won the 2022 Thomas Cup. The Indian shuttler has the highest World rank of 47. 

Source: Instagram/ @rajawatpriyanshu

The teenage sensation has won the 2019 Bahrain International, 2021 Ukraine International, 2021 India International Challenge and 2022 India Chattisgarh International Challenge. Additionally, the shuttler was runner-up in the 2022 Bangladesh International.

Currently, the Indian badminton player has a World Tour rank of 51.


Women’s Singles

Aakarshi Kashyap

Aakarshi Kashyap is an Indian badminton player. She was selected to be part of the Indian team at the 2018 Asian Games. She was also a part of the national women’s team that won the gold medal in the 2019 South Asian Games.

1,069 Commonwealth Games Sri Lanka Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Source: Creator: Stephen Pond        Credit: Getty Images        Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

The high-profile shuttler has won 2020 Kenya International, 2022 Maldives International and 2022 Bangladesh International. Ms. Kashyap was on the losing end of the major finals twice. She lost the finals during the 2018 Bulgarian International and 2020 Uganda International. 

Currently, she has a World Rank of 32 in Women’s Singles and a World Tour Rank of 37.

Ashmita Chaliha

Ashmita Chaliha is an Indian badminton player. Born and brought up in Guwahati, she began playing badminton at the age of seven and trained at the Assam Badminton Academy under Indonesian coach Edwin Iriawan and India’s Suranjan Bhobora, she was also coached by Pullela Gopichand for the Asian Games. Chaliha was part of the national junior team that competed at the 2017 World and Asian Junior Championships.

Source: Instagram/ @ashmichaliha

She was selected to be part of the Indian team for the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia. Chaliha won her first senior international title at the 2018 Dubai International Challenge in the women’s singles event. She was the gold medalist at the 2019 South Asian Games in the women’s singles and team events.

The Indian shuttler won a Gold medal at the 2019 South Asian Games, winning two straight sets; 21–18 and 25–23. Ashmita Chaliha also won the 2018 Tata Open India International and 2018 Dubai International. Chaliha lost the 2022 Bangladesh International finals against Aakarshi Kashyap.

Tasnim Mir

Tasnim Mir is a former BWF World Junior Number 1 player. She is the first Indian to grab the World Number 1 ranking in the Under-19 girls singles in the BWF junior rankings. The feat hasn’t been achieved by any other badminton player,  including two-time Olympic medallist P V Sindhu and London bronze winner Saina Nehwal.


                                                                                          Source: Twitter/ @Tasnimmir_india

Tasnim has won the 2022 Iran Fajr International and the 2022 India Chattisgarh International Challenge. As a junior, the shuttler has won the 2019 Dubai Junior International, 2020 Nepal Junior International, 2021 Bulgarian Junior International, 2021 Alpes Junior International and 2021 Belgian Junior International.

She has also participated in the doubles category. She has won the 2019 Dubai Junior International with Ayan Rashid. 

Women’s Doubles

Tanisha Crasto/ Ashwini Ponnappa

Tanisha Crasto & Ashwini Ponnappa

                                                                                                           Source: Indian Express

Former World Championship medallist Ashwini Ponnappa has teamed up with Tanisha Crasto. The formidable pairing will definitely be having a great YONEX Sunrise India Open. With Gayatri Gopichand and Treesa Jolly cracking the Top 20, Ashwini – Tanisha can get into the mix to offer two competitive challenges from the home side.

Tressa Jolly/ Gayatri Gopichand

Tressa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand

                                                                                                                        Source: ESPN.in

Gayatri Gopichand and Tressa Jolly are heavily bet to win big at the YONEX Sunrise India Open tournament. The duo, who are in incredible form, upset the second-seeded Korean pair of Lee Sohee and Shing Seungchan at the 2022 All-England Championships.

Mixed Doubles

Ishaan Bhatnagar/Tanisha Crasto

Ishaan Bhatnagar and Tanisha Crasto

                                                                                                           Source: Times of India

Eighteenth-seed Indians Ishaan Bhatnagar and Tanisha Crasto will be in the mix at YONEX Sunrise India Open. The duo, who have already clinched the mixed doubles title at the Syed Modi International badminton tournament, will look to add more to their tally. 

Akshan Shetty/ Simran Singhi

The Indian duo of Akshan Shetty and Simran Singhi are the latest duo in the mixed doubles category. The pair has participated in a total of 4 tournaments and earned 11620 points in total. 

Rohan Kapoor/ Reddy Siki

Rohan Kapoor and Reddy N Siki are ranked 66 in the BWF mixed doubles rankings. The Indian duo has participated in a total of 6 tournaments and earned 15890 points in total. 

So that’s it. These are the top Indian badminton players who are expected to surprise everyone with their performances at the YONEX Sunrise India Open.

Do you think there are any other badminton players who deserve a mention? Comment down your thoughts.

Top 7 badminton players of all time

Top 7 Badminton Players of all time

Badminton is one of the most famous sports in the world. Over the years, so many players have made us fall more in love with this amazing game. Their dedication, motivation, and thirst to win inspire the fans every time we watch them play. There rises a superstar every new decade, but only some are remembered throughout history. Let us have a look at the top 7 badminton players of all time. 

Top 7 badminton players of all time 

Lin Dan 

Lin Dan is undoubtedly, the best player in the history of Badminton. A career of over 2 decades that was filled with domination, the “Super Dan” had no competition in the business. The Chinese shutter won an Olympic Gold medal at the age of 21 years. Do we need to say anything more?

Sport/Recreation editorial image. Image of badminton - 175334230

Copyright: (c) Mohd Shahjehan Maamin | Dreamstime.com

A two-time Olympic gold medalist, a six-time All-England Champion, and a five-time World Champion, Lin Dan is the ultimate GOAT of the sport. Lin Dan won a total of 662 games in his glorious career which began in 2000. Lin Dan won a total of 66 titles. His aggression was enough to dominate any player on the court, as he was invincible during his prime. He was sharp, he was ruthless, and he was the champion of the champions. 

Lin Dan’s player profile 

  1. Date of Birth: October 14th, 1983 
  2. Handedness: Left 
  3. Years Active: 2000 to 2020 
  4. Career Records: 662 wins, 131 losses 

Lee Chong Wei 

Datuk Lee Chong Wei is the only Malaysian shutter to retain his no.1 spot for more than a year. Lee Chong Wei enjoyed a 199-week streak while being ranked no.1 from August 21st, 2008, to June 12th, 2012. Lee Chong Wei was close to perfect in Badminton Asia Championship in 2006 and 2014.

Lee Chong Wei jump smash | Match Video by BWF - www.youtube.… | Flickr

Creator: TONY SHI Copyright: HE SHI AKA TONY SHI

He is also a triple Olympic Silver medalist in 2008, 2012, and 2016 Men’s singles events. Lee Chong Wei was handed the tile of “Datuk Wira” by the Governor of Malacca, Moha Khalil Yaakob. 

Lee Chong Wei’s player profile 

  • Date of Birth: October 21st, 1982 
  • Years Active: 2000 to 2019 
  • Career Records: 713 wins, 135 losses 
  • Handedness: Right 

Gao Ling 

Gao Ling is touted to be one of this generation’s all-time great YONEX All-England Champions. Gao Ling experienced a decorated career in women’s doubles with a total of four titles to her name, which is the most by any shutter to date.


Source: Twitter/ BWF

Gao Ling is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. The Chinese shutter started playing Badminton at the age of 8 years and never looked back. She has also won a bronze in women’s doubles at the Olympics 

Gao Ling’s player profile 

  1. Date of Birth: March 14th, 1979 
  2. Handedness: Right 
  3. Years Active: 1993 to 2009 
  4. Career Records: 611 wins, 128 losses 

Taufik Hidayat 

The Indonesian badminton player is widely known for holding the record for the fastest smash (305 km/hr) in the history of the sport. Taufik Hidayat achieved this feat at the 2006 World Championship.


Source: Twitter/ Badminton Updates

Taufik Hidayat was a fan favourite as he held his heart in his sleeves while being on the court. Hidayat had an unorthodox style of playing the game which he had mastered throughout his career. Watching him was a treat for badminton lovers. Taufik retired in 2014 as one of the greatest of the game. 

Taufik Hidayat’s player profile 

  1. Date of Birth: August 10th, 1981 
  2. Handedness: Right 
  3. Years Active: 1996 to 2014 
  4. Career Records: 413 wins, 138 losses 

Tony Gunawan 

Tony Gunawan is an Olympic Gold medalist and has also won the World Championship with Indonesia. Gunawan later went on to win another World Championship with the United States of America.


Source: Instagram/ Candra Wijaya, OLY


Tony Gunawan is remembered as the Greatest Double Player in the history of badminton. During his glorious career, Gunawan clinched titles like the 2000 Olympic Gold and the 2001 and 2005 IBF World Championships with 3 men’s doubles partners. 

Tony Gunawan’s player profile 

  1. Date of Birth: April 9th, 1975 
  2. Handedness: Right hand 
  3. Years Active: 1992 to 2001 
  4. Career Records: 501 wins, 163 losses 

Rudy Hartono 

Rudy Hartono was one of the biggest badminton players during the 60s and 70s. Rudy Harton won the All-England Championship a total of eight times, out of which he won 7 times at a trot from 1968-1974. He also clinched the World Championship in 1980. Rudy Hartono is known as the guy who revolutionized the sport. The Indonesian surely makes this list of the greatest of all time. 


Source: Twitter/ LadPsycho


Rudy Hartono’s player profile 

  1. Date of Birth: August 18th, 1949 
  2. Handedness: Right 
  3. Years Active: 1965 to 1982 
  4. Career Records: 15 wins, 4 losses 

Liem Swei King 

It is said that it was very difficult to take the eyes of Liem Swei King when he used to grave the court. He believed in his work ethic and played the game with sheer confidence. Liem Swei King was so good at his game that there is a whole movie made about him with the title “King”. The movie takes us through the life of the two-time World Championship winner. Liem Swei King won the World Championship in 1980 and 1983.

Source: YouTube/ AllEnglandBadminton

Liem Swei King’s player profile 

  1. Date of Birth: February 28th, 1956 
  2. Years Active: 1974 to 1988 
  3. Career Records: 14 wins, 3 losses 
  4. Handedness: Right 

So, these were the top 7 legends from badminton who have enthralled us all over the years. Do you think we missed out on any shuttler that absolutely deserved a mention in this list?

Ganguly vs Dhoni vs Kohli: Who is the greatest Indian captain?

Ganguly vs Dhoni vs Kohli: Who has been the greatest Indian captain?

Sourav Ganguly and MS Dhoni are the founding fathers of modern-day Indian cricket. While the legend Sourav Ganguly injected the fighting spirit into the frail Indian side, MS Dhoni got back the glory days in the country. India won their first World Cup in 1983 but failed to thrive on the success achieved by the great Kapil Dev. It took India more than 2 decades to win their second World Cup, which came in the face of the 2007 T20 World Cup. 

While MS Dhoni carried India toward its peak, Sourav Ganguly created a solid base for it to happen. Then came Virat Kohli, the most fearless of all. Not a single team in the world wasn’t scared to face Virat Kohli’s Test team, even the big bullies Aussies. Virat Kohli dominated the Baggy Green on their turf not once but twice. Virat Kohli was the new captain of the new India, and it never got any better. 

What if you are asked to select one among the three? Ganguly vs Dhoni vs Kohli: Who is the greatest Indian captain? Let’s have a closer look.

Let’s have a look at their journey as Indian captains. 

Sourav Ganguly: 

Team India is known for its passion and aggressive approach toward the game. Sourav Ganguly is the prime inspiration behind that. Who can forget his famous celebration at the Lords in 2002, where he rattled the entire British team as well their media with his shirtless celebration? The Prince of Kolkata had one message for his team “don’t get dominated” by any opposition. He forced the fighting spirit amongst the Men in Blue. Ganguly also handed many youngsters like MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh a chance to play in his team, the players who later went on to win many accolades for India. 

Sourav Ganguly Discharged After COVID-19 Treatment - Pragativadi

Creator: Michael Steele | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2003 Getty Images

Most importantly, Sourav Ganguly took charge of the Indian team when the side was going through its worst phase, as many senior Indian players, including Mohammad Azharuddin, got banned for match-fixing. Azharuddin was charged with match-fixing in the year 2000 and was later banned for life by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The incident took place after India toured South Africa in 2000; India won the series 3–2. The scandal left a huge dent in team India and its reputation. 

Sourav Ganguly became the prime candidate to lead the Indian team after superstar Sachin Tendulkar stepped down from the role citing his health as the reason. As Ganguly was the vice-captain at that time, the BCCI decided to hand him the bandwidth of the Indian team. Ganguly proved to be a promising captain as he took India to the 2000 ICC KnockOut Trophy finals in his first year. 

Sourav Ganguly-led India reached the finals of the 2003 World Cup for the first time since 1983. However, India lost the finals against Australia. Nevertheless, Ganguly had a brilliant tournament in which he scored 465 runs at an average of 58.12, which also included 3 centuries. By the year 2004, Ganguly was termed one of the most successful captains of Team India. 

MS Dhoni:

MS Dhoni is arguably, the greatest Indian captain of the modern generation. He is the only captain to win all three ICC limited-overs trophies, including the 50-50 World Cup, the T20 World Cup, and the Champions Trophy. MS Dhoni might come second to only the great Australian player Ricky Ponting in terms of captaincy in international cricket. MS Dhoni’s game sense and leadership qualities set him apart from everyone else. MSD took charge of the young Indian side in the first T20 World Cup when the seniors refused to take responsibility. 

MS Dhoni wins ICC Spirit of Cricket Award of the Decade | Cricket News – India TV

Creator: Hagen Hopkins | Credit: Getty Images

The sumptuous MS Dhoni won India the 2011 50-50 World Cup with a six, a memory which is tattooed in the memories of every Indian fan. Even the best captains out there take inspiration from MS Dhoni. The guy from Jharkhand changed the fortune of Indian cricket as well as the definition of elite captaincy. MS Dhoni won the Champions Trophy in 2013; the last ICC Trophy won by India. MS Dhoni has won 4 IPL trophies with Chennai Super Kings. 

Famous quotes about MS Dhoni 

  1. “Dhoni is the best Captain I have played under.” – Sachin Tendulkar
  2. “I would go to war with Dhoni by my side.” – Gary Kirsten 
  3. “He knows exactly what he wants to do in the middle. He is always calm and composed. He allows himself to make those tough decisions on the field. For me, he will always be my captain.” – Virat Kohli 
  4. ” If Dhoni tells me to jump from the 24th floor, I’d readily do it.” – Ishant Sharma
  5. “As far as One-Day Cricket is concerned, Dhoni is one of the greatest Captains of all times.” – Saurav Ganguly 

Virat Kohli: 

Virat Kohli was handed India’s leadership in 2014 when MS Dhoni took a step down from the Test format. In 2017, Virat Kohli became the all-format skipper of the Indian national team. Virat Kohli was an adamant leader who demanded fitness and full dedication. Virat’s regime was one of the most dominating eras in Indian cricket’s history but only in the bilateral series. Be it a down-under Test series or hosting any team at home, Virat’s side entered the match as the favourites. 

Virat Kohli surpasses Ricky Ponting by breaking 1214-day drought


Having said that, Virat Kohli’s team failed to thrive in the major ICC events. Be it the 2019 50-50 World Cup or 2021 T20 World Cup, team India got out of the tournament in an embarrassing manner. India also failed to win the ICC WTC finals against New Zealand. Virat Kohli was replaced by Rohit Sharma as the full-time Indian captain in 2022. However, Virat Kohli will still be remembered as one of the most influential captains of team India. 

Team India played a total of 95 matches under Virat Kohli’s captaincy in ODIs. India managed to win a total of 65 matches and maintained a winning rate of 68.42%. Virat Kohli is the fourth-most successful Indian captain in the 50-over format behind MS Dhoni, Sourav Ganguly, and Mohammed Azharuddin. 

Who is the better captain?

Dhoni captained India in 60 tests, out of which he won 28, lost 18, and drew 15. His win percentage is 45. Ganguly captained India in 49 tests in which he won 21, lost 13, and drew 15. His win percentage is 42.85. Dhoni has an upper hand over Sourav Ganguly in Test cricket. Dhoni won the ODI and the T20I World Cup, which automatically makes him the more successful captain in the limited-overs format. 

Virat Kohli has captained India in 68 Test matches and managed to win 40 of them. Virat Kohli is the most successful Indian Test captain. Virat Kohli has captained India in 24 Test series and has won 18 of them. He never lost a Test series at home. 

Ganguly vs Dhoni vs Kohli: Who has been the best captain for India 

Virat Kohli is out of contention because while he achieved a lot in Test cricket, he failed to win any major ICC tournament with a solid team. Sourav Ganguly injected a new trend in Indian cricket, and he is the closest to MS Dhoni regarding the best captains. 

MS Dhoni is clearly the best captain in the history of Indian cricket. 

Famous cricketers talk about MS Dhoni, Sourav Ganguly, and Virat Kohli in captaincy: 

Former South Africa captain Graeme Smith: 

“The biggest difference between Dada’s captaincy and Dhoni’s captaincy is MS, the player for me. I think in that middle order, the ability to close games, win games, and finish games in that calm that he brought to the people around him. I think that the biggest difference between the two heroes is MS Dhoni. 

If Dada had an MS-type player, his team would have been slightly more developed; I think you would have seen him win plenty more trophies. Dada was blessed to play or not blessed to play in an era where Australian cricket was at the forefront and dominating the world game as well, which at the time, the team had won the most during that period, 

I agree that when it comes to Test cricket, having played against MS, you would always feel that you had an opportunity to work him over, especially away and out of India, but I think when it comes to Test cricket, I’ll have to sit with Dada, but one-day cricket, certainly MS is my man.” 

Former Sri Lanka captain Sangakkara 

“You can be judged on a lot of things, but sometimes you have to leave something behind, and I think in that sense, Dada did a lot to create a wonderful legacy for others to inherit, and MS benefitted from that. MS, an exceptional player and unbelievable captain, has moved Indian cricket forward. But the foundation for all of that was laid by Dada for me. In one-day cricket, the ability to finish is always very, very tough. So, I would go with MS for sure in limited-overs cricket, in white-ball cricket just because he batted at that tougher finisher position, but in Test cricket, without a doubt, Ganguly every day.”

Former India opener Gautam Gambhir 

“Both these guys have taken Indian cricket forward, but just purely from an impact point of view, I can only talk about MS Dhoni because he was very serious about taking Indian cricket forward.” 

Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin 

“Cricket captains will always be spoken about with respect to their records and the kind of triumphs they managed, but Virat Kohli’s legacy as a captain will stand for the kind of benchmarks you have set. There will be people who will talk about wins in Australia, England, Sl, etc. Wins are just a result, and the seeds are always sown well before the harvest! The seeds you managed to sow is the kind of standard you set for yourself, hence setting the expectations straight with the rest of us.” 

Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah 

“Integrity, insight, and inclusivity. Virat Kohli’s contribution to the team as captain is invaluable; Virat Kohli has been a great leader to this side. It’s been a pleasure playing under Virat Kohli.” 

Former Indian coach Ravi Shastri 

“Virat can go with his head held high. Few have achieved what you have as captain. Definitely India’s most aggressive and successful.”

Footballers who surprised everyone at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The biggest sporting event in the world had everything to offer its fans. From controversies to legendary goals, football was the ultimate winner in the 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup. One of the greatest players of all time, Lionel Messi, finally won the World Cup and completed football. The finals were set up between France and Argentina as both parties left their everything on the pitch to clinch the auspicious trophy. Kylian Mbappe bagged an iconic hat trick to take the game to the penalties, but Emi Martinez rose up to the occasion to win it for the Argentines. 

While the world celebrated Messi’s glory, some fans also felt bad for Kylian Mbappe. The PSG youngster was arguably the best player on the pitch that night, as he seemed to be unstoppable. However, Argentina proved to be a better side throughout the exciting finale as the South Americans didn’t allow France to take the lead even once in the game. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Luka Modric, and Robert Lewandowski, alongside Lionel Messi, featured in their last World Cup. 

One of the most taking points of the World Cup will be the rise of the underdogs in the tournament. Qatar World Cup 2022 has already handed us plenty of new names who have the potential to become big names in the coming future. Apart from the usual big names, many players played exceptionally well in the tournament. Players like Yassine Bounou and Josko Gvardiol made a name for themselves with back-to-back world-class performances. Let’s have a look at the players who surprised everyone in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

5 Players who surprised everyone in the 2022 FIFA World Cup 

1) Yassine Bounou: Goalkeeper (Morocco) 

Yassine Bounou cible de Manchester United

Creator: Alex Pantling | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

Sevilla’s goalkeeper was one of the biggest surprise packages of this year’s World Cup. Yassine Bounou, also known as ‘Bono’, emerged as the leader from the back for the Moroccans in the Qatar World Cup 2022. Apart from his back-to-back solid performances, Bono was also a motivating factor for his team. Bono carried his side to the round of 16 after a heroic performance against Spain in the penalty shoot-out. Bono was also one of the best players for Morocco during their iconic win against Portugal in the quarter-finals. 

2) Josko Gvardiol: Centre-back (Croatia) 

Josko Gvardiol hands transfer boost to Real Madrid

Creator: Marvin Ibo Guengoer – GES Sportfoto | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2022 Marvin Ibo Guengoer – GES Sportfoto

Croatia has created history in their two consecutive World Cup campaigns. The 2018 World Cup finalists managed to beat Brazil in the quarter-finals of this year’s tournament. Josko Gvardiol was Croatia’s wall in the back. The masked knight made sure that his goal was safe in his watch. Josko Gvardiol also scored a goal against Morocco to win it for Croatia in their fight for 3rd place in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. 

3) Sofyan Amrabat: Central midfield (Morocco) 

Surprise source now claims Sofyan Amrabat to Liverpool is a done deal

Creator: Francois Nel | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

Sofyan Amrabat took the World Cup 2022 by storm. He was arguably one of the best midfielders in the high-end competition. He single-handedly dominated the Spanish trio of

Gavi, Pedri, and Busquets in the Round of 16 clash. Amrabat is now being tipped to be joining a big club in the coming summer window. He was surely a surprise package of the 2022 World Cup. 

4) Cody Gakpo: Winger (Netherlands) 

Liverpool confirm signing of World Cup star Cody Gakpo | Arab News

Creator: ALBERT GEA | Credit: REUTERS

Cody Gakpo has made all the headlines recently as he joined the English giants Liverpool for a transfer fee of around £37 million. Liverpool didn’t waste any time signing the Dutch sensation after his spectacular stint in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Gakpo created history after becoming the first Dutch player to score in all three of the group stage matches at a World Cup. The 23-year-old also became only the fourth Dutch player to score in three consecutive World Cup games — joining the likes of Johan Neeskens, Dennis Bergkamp, and Wesley Sneijder. 

5) Emi Martinez: Goalkeeper (Argentina) 

Emiliano Martinez:मार्टिनेज को 11 साल तक नहीं मिला मौका, 2021 में किया डेब्यू, दो साल में बदली मेसी की तकदीर - Who Is Emiliano Martinez Know About Argentina's Goal Keeper Life Story,

Creator: Buda Mendes | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: Buda Mendes

Emi Martinez has been in top form for a couple of years now, but he outdid himself in the 2022 World Cup. The Argentine was ruthless while defending his goal. He saved his country in back-to-back penalty shootouts against Netherlands and France in the semi-finals and the finals of the 2022 World Cup, respectively. He also won the Golden Gloves for his outstanding performance in the tournament.

What do you think about this list? Do you think any other football player deserved a mention? Comment your answers.

Tennis Players who have defeated Nadal, Djokovic and Federer

Tennis players who defeated Nadal, Djokovic & Federer

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic are the three greatest Tennis players of all time. These 3 GOATs have amassed the most grand slams in the history of the sport, with Nadal (22) leading the pack with Djokovic (21) second and Federer (20) in the 3rd spot. Next to them is Pete Sampras, who has won a total of 14 grand slams, mind the gap. Let’s be realistic; every player had to face at least one of them in their journey before winning a major trophy. It is surely a difficult task to get the better of any of them. 

Federer’s retirement from the sport might have come as a sign of relief for many players out there. Having said that, there are few players who actually don’t fear facing any of these 3 aces. Actually, there are plenty of players who have beaten all of these 3 in the game of tennis. Now it is surely a huge achievement to defeat Nadal, Federer and Djokovic in one’s career. Let’s have a look at these players. 

Tennis players who have beaten Nadal, Djokovic and Federer 

Andy Murray (29 wins against the Fab 3) 

Andy Murray is one of the undisputed legends of the game. The only player to clinch the no.1 spot in the Federer-Nadala-Djokovic era. The player who has gotten the better of the Fab 3 most of the time. Andy Murray is surely the 4th best player of this generation. 

Creator: Juan Manuel Serrano Arce Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

Wins against the Fab 3 

  1. Roger Federer: 11
  2. Novak Djokovic: 11
  3. Rafael Nadal: 7

Juan Martin del Potro (17 wins against the Fab 3) 

Juan Martin del Potro earned the respect in the sport, even from the Fab 3. He is one of the most feared opponents, as he can dominate any superstar on a good day. If not for his injuries, Juan Martin would have been twice the player he has been in his career till now. However, he still holds a solid record against the Fab 3. 

Del Potro Honours Late Father With Emotional Letter | ATP Tour | Tennis

Creator: Cameron Spencer Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2018 Getty Image

Wins against the Fab 3 

  1. Roger Federer: 7
  2. Rafael Nadal: 6
  3. Novak Djokovic: 4

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (16 wins against the Fab 3) 

If not for his severe knee injury, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga would have enjoyed a completely different career. Even the Fab 3 failed at certain points to hold on to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s solid comebacks. He was a serious player who gave Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic a run for their money. 

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in tears as he ends remarkable career after French Open defeat - KESQ

Creator: CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Wins against the Fab 3 

  1. Roger Federer: 6
  2. Rafael Nadal: 4
  3. Novak Djokovic: 6

Lleyton Hewitt (14 wins against the Fab 3) 

Lleyton Hewitt has a solid record against the Fab 3. Taking nothing from Australia, Hewitt did have a bit of an upper hand against the young Federer and Nadal. 

Davis Cup: Aussie team spirit strong says captain Hewitt | 2 March, 2022 | All News | News and Features | News and Events | Tennis Australia

Creator: Mark Metcalfe | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2022 Getty Images

Wins against the Fab 3 

  1. Roger Federer: 9
  2. Rafael Nadal: 4
  3. Novak Djokovic: 1

Dominic Thiem (14 wins against the Fab 3) 

It will be safe to say that Dominic Thiem is the closest tennis player who comes to the Fab 3. Thiem has a solid record against Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic. Having said that, Dominic Thiem has lost some important matches against the Fab 3, as he was beaten by Nadal in two French Open finals and by Djokovic in the Australian Open. Nevertheless, Thiem is an exceptional talent, and he can replace Federer in the Fab 3 with the Swiss legend retired from the game. 

Dominic Thiem: 'The Improvement Is There Every Single Day' | ATP Tour | Tennis


Wins against the Fab 3 

1) Roger Federer: 5

2) Rafael Nadal: 5

3) Novak Djokovic: 4 


Tomas Berdych (13 wins against the Fab 3) 

Tomas Berdych had a career to cherish. The Czech superstar was a Wimbledon finalist and was ranked no.4 during his peak. He holds a solid record against the Fab 3. Not many in the world can get the better of Federer a total of 6 times. 

Tomas Berdych | Stan Wawrinka practicing with Tomas Berdych … | Flickr

Get this image on: Flickr

Wins against the Fab 3 

  1. Roger Federer: 6 
  2. Rafael Nadal: 4
  3. Novak Djokovic: 3 

Stan Wawrinka (12 wins against the Fab 3) 

Stan Wawrinka has won three Grand Slam titles in his career. Interestingly, the 37-year-old is only a Wimbledon title away from completing the career slam. Stan Wawrinka would have dominated the world of tennis if not for the likes of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. However, he still has a solid record against the fab 3, mainly against Novak Djokovic. 

Stan Wawrinka: Roland Garros Defeat 'Mirrors Where I Am' | ATP Tour | Tennis


Wins against the Fab 3 

  1. Novak Djokovic: 6 
  2. Roger Federer: 3 
  3. Rafael Nadal: 3
When football fans wreaked havoc in stadiums

5 times football fans wreaked havoc in the stadium

Football is nothing without its fans. It is safe to say that footballing enthusiasts are one of the most passionate devotees in the world. They support their respective clubs and countries with every inch of their soul. A loyal fan will never leave his side, even during its worst. A football fan will religiously enjoy a 0-0 draw while watching the match wholeheartedly. That’s what makes this beautiful game more special. 

Having said that, the same passion turns out to be dangerous once in a while. The love for the team makes the fans go wild and violent. We have seen the fans storming the field when their team goes a goal down. There have been many incidents where the match had to be stopped due to such behaviour. The fights between two rival clubs have accounted for countless injuries and hundreds of deaths on many occasions. Let’s have a look at some of the worst scenarios caused by the fans in football. 

5 times football fans wreaked havoc in the stadium 

1) Arema FC vs Persebaya Surabaya: 126 dead, 300 hospitalized 

Arema FC fans went berserk when their side lost their first home game in 23 years. Arema FC lost 3-2 to Persebaya Surabaya, and the loss was too much for the home supporters to take. Arema FC fans stormed into the Kanjuruhan Stadium, intending to injure the match officials and the players. Arema FC fans started throwing bottles and other objects at the referees and the players. The riot caused by the fans spread out of the stadium, with Arema FC fans setting more than 5 police vehicles on fire. 

When fans wreaked havoc in stadiums

Image Courtesy: Outlook India

The police were forced to use firing tear gas, which is banned by FIFA, to get the crowd under control. However, it only got worse as it led to a stampede as the fans were trying to exit the stadium. Some fans got injured due to the suffocation, and others were found dead in the stampede. Many people were reported dead in the panic caused, including two police officers and many children. The Indonesian police reported a total of 125 deaths, and more than 300 people were admitted to the hospital, many of whom died before reaching the hospital and also during the treatment. It is undoubtedly one of the worst moments in the history of any sport. 

2) Nice vs Cologne: 1 fan was heavily injured 

A dispute between the Nice and Cologne fans resulted in the delay in the kick-off time during their Europa Conference League match at the Allianz Riviera on September 2022. The UEFA Governing body released an official statement stating that the reason behind the delay was crowd disturbance. The footage on social media showed the Ultras throwing flares into the ground while fighting with other fans. French media publication RMC Sport later reported that one fan was heavily injured after falling from the stands. 

Cologne released an official statement quoting: ‘Unfortunately, the start of the game is delayed due to violent clashes between fans in the stadium and the stands. We are looking into the background,’ the German club quoted. Cologne captain Jonas Hector even had to come out and address the away fans through the PA system. ‘We want to play the game with you. We also want that game to take place. But we have to say that we do not like to see this,’ he said. ‘We worked damn hard last year and in the playoff. And we would very much like to do this with you and ask you to keep calm and support us as much as possible.’ 

3) Argentina fans vs Brazil Fans 

Now, this incident sums up the football fans for you. It is one of those incidents that will make you angry and surprised simultaneously. Now we have heard fans of Arsenal and Liverpool fighting with each other in India, but here we got fans of Brazil and Argentina getting into a tussle with each other. The FIFA World Cup fever got high in India, especially in the states like Kerala and Kolkata. While team India is yet to qualify for the World Cup, the footballing fans of India have already picked their favourite countries to support apart India. 

When football fans wreaked havoc in stadiums

DOHA, QATAR – DECEMBER 03: Players shake hands prior to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Round of 16 match between Argentina and Australia at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium on December 03, 2022 in Doha, Qatar. (Photo by Mike Hewitt – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar are highly influential, and they have their fans everywhere. Similarly, they have got Indian fans rooting for Portugal, Argentina, and Brazil in the absence of India in the FIFA World Cup. In the recent video, which was taken in Kollam, Kerala, we can witness Argentina and Brazil fans getting into a fight with each other during a rally passing through the Sakthikulangara area. A case was registered at the Sakthikulangara PS in Kollam for the same matter. 

4) Cruzeiro vs Atletico Mineiro: 1 shot to dead, 1 injured 

Brazilians love their football, and sometimes this passion for the game gets the better of them. A fan was killed before the match between Cruzeiro and Atletico Mineiro in March of 2022. The report adds that the 25-year-old man got shot in the stomach and was later announced dead in the hospital in Belo Horizonte. Another fan was shot in the shoulder during the incident. However, he survived the shot as he was declared stable. Cruzeiro and Atletico Mineiro, the defending Brazilian champions, were set to face each in a regional championship game. 

5) Gillingham FC vs Rotherham United 

Fans of Gillingham FC and Rotherham United invaded the pitch during their match in April 2022. The fan invasion later turned out to be a huge fight between the supporters of the two teams at Priestfield Stadium. The police arrested 20 or more people, and they were sentenced to unpaid work and jail time. Some of the fans were also banned from entering the stadium for at least 10 years. 

Superintendent Ray Quiller of Kent Police said: “There is no place in football or elsewhere in society for the type of violence and behaviour that occurred following this match. In the presence of genuine football supporters, including children, the actions of these individuals were unacceptable. Football Banning Orders were introduced in the late 1980s to help improve safety at matches. They remain an essential power at our disposal despite there being far fewer incidents today than there were back then. I am pleased to see them given in the circumstances of this case, and we will continue to seek these against offenders who act in this manner at football matches.”

Gillingham’s co-chairman, and chief executive, Paul Fisher, said: “The football club is pleased to see that the police have dealt with the unsavoury incident which occurred following the final whistle against Rotherham United. “Such behaviour will not be tolerated at a family club such as Gillingham.” 

Court prosecutor Pietro Matarazzo said: “It was the league one season’s last day, and Gills would go down if they lost, and Rotherham would go up if they won, and there was a large-scale pitch invasion.”

The best XI of 2022 FIFA World Cup

The best XI of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Four weeks, 64 games, and in the end, it came down to a set of penalties to cement the new World Champions. Yes, the dreams of millions have turned into a reality. Lionel Messi, the greatest of all time, won his first World Cup with his set of Argentine soldiers. And what a game of football it was, as English commentator Peter Drury quoted, “In the end, all I can say is thank you”. It was a night of two no.10s dominating from both ends. However, the world celebrated Messi lifting the only trophy missing from his cabinet in his last World Cup match.

While the world celebrated Messi completing the football, some lovers of the game felt bad for the 23-year-old Mbappe. The PSG starlet left his soul on the pitch as he grabbed a hat trick to keep France in the game till the end. The winner was decided via a penalty shootout in which Emi Martinez emerged as a hero. Argentina added their 3rd World Cup to their trophy cabinet while paying all their respect to the late Maradonna during celebrations.
World Cup 2022, which was surrounded by controversies before it began, turned out to be one of the best footballing tournaments ever. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Luka Modric, and Robert Lewandowski, alongside Lionel Messi, featured in their last World Cup.

World Cup 2022 was dominated by the underdogs who made the tournament better. Teams like Morocco, Japan, and even Saudi Arabia gave us one of the tournament’s best matches. Players like Yassine Bounou and Josko Gvardiol made a name for themselves with back-to-back world-class performances. Let’s have a look at the best XI of FIFA World Cup 2022.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Best XI

Goalkeeper – Yassine Bounou (Morocco)

Sevilla’s goalkeeper was the leader from the back for Morocco. Yassine Bounou, also known as ‘Bono’ dominated his area as he emerged as one of the favourites in World Cup 2022. Besides his exceptional performance, Bono was also a motivating factor for his team. Bono carried his side to the quarter-finals as he came big against Spain in the penalty shoot-out and later denied every opportunity created by Portugal in the quarter-final to reach the semi-finals against France. Morocco didn’t conceive a single goal from the opponent in World Cup 2022 till they faced France in the semi-finals.

Right-back – Achraf Hakimi (Morocco)

Achraf Hakimi penned one of the best stories in this year’s World Cup. Born and bought up in Spain, Hakimi rejected the opportunity to represent the 2010 World Cup winners and opted to play for Morocco. The former Real Madrid full-back then eliminated Spain and Portugal with a series of brilliant performances for his side in the world’s biggest sporting event. Remember the winning penalty in the Round of 16 penalty shoot-out against Spain and the celebration after that.

Centre-back – John Stones (England)

England looked like a solid team in the World Cup until they came across France in the competition’s quarter-finals. However, Gareth Southgate’s side put on a tough fight in which John Stones played a huge part. Stones is one of the top defenders in the business, and he displayed his quality at the back for the Three Lions in World Cup 2022 as well. Stones has a knack for playing progressive passes during attacks as well, which makes him more crucial for his teams.

Centre-back – Josko Gvardiol (Croatia)

The Croatia national football team has already gained everyone’s respect with their historic runs in the back-to-back FIFA World Cups. The 2018 finalists made it to the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup after getting the better of Brazil in the quarter-final stage. Josko Gvardiol was their main man in the back. The masked centre-back stood tall for the Croatians and made it to the best XI of World Cup 2022. Gvardiol also scored a goal against Morocco to seal the 3rd place for Morocco.

Left-back – Ivan Perisic (Croatia)

Ivan Perisic continued to shine in any given position for Croatia as he does it so well for Tottenham. Perisic can prosper anywhere on the pitch; he is as brilliant of an all-rounder as it gets. Perisic had a total of three assists and a goal in the 2022 World Cup. Adding to that, Perisic has directly been involved in a total of 11 FIFA World Cup goals in the last three tournaments, which include six goals and five assists.

Right midfield – Antoine Griezmann (France)

Antoine Griezmann was arguably the second-best player for France in the 2022 World Cup, only behind Kylian Mbappe. Griezmann took the new role handed to him by Didier Deschamps with both hands and fulfilled it perfectly. The Atletico Madrid star, who has spent most of his career as a striker, adapted to the mid-field role quite easily. Griezmann surely had a good campaign.

Central midfield – Sofyan Amrabat (Morocco)

Sofyan Amrabat is one of the most talked about midfielders after the World Cup 2022. His performance against Spain, in which he was all over the Barcelona midfield trio Gavi, Pedri, and Busquets, gave him the limelight of his life. Amrabat is now being linked with Liverpool as he has a very good possibility of joining the Merseyside club in the winter transfer window.

Left midfield – Luka Modric (Croatia)

37 years old and still the best midfielder of World Cup 2022. Luka Modric can never get old, and this year’s World Cup was an example of it. The Croatian skipper wore his heart on his sleeves as he carried his side to the 3rd spot in his last and final World Cup. Football will miss the magician from Madrid at the highest level of the game.

Right-wing – Lionel Messi (Argentina)

One of the best stories ever written in the history of any sport is Lionel Messi winning the World Cup. The little master scored in each of the knock-out games, including two goals in the finals against France to lift the auspicious World Cup trophy. Lionel Messi won the golden ball award as he scored a total of 7 goals and had 3 assists under his belt in this year’s edition of the FIFA World Cup.

Centre-forward – Richarlison (Brazil)

Brazil was the favourite to win the 2022 Qatar World Cup before their shocking exit against Croatia in the quarter-finals. Tottenham’s Richarlison was selected and played ahead of the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino, and it turned out to be the right decision by Brazil’s manager Tite. Richarlison displayed some outstanding skills during the entire campaign, as he scored a total of 3 goals.

Left wing – Kylian Mbappe (France)

Kylian Mbappe is the highest goal-scorer of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, with a total of 8 goals under his belt, which included a hat trick in the finals. Even most of his doubters have turned into a fan after seeing Mbappe’s class in the 2022 World Cup. Mbappe won the Golden Boot of the 2022 World Cup and was arguably the tournament’s best player alongside Lionel Messi.

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