Buy Maxbolt Gallant Tour (White) Badminton Racket with cover at best price

 8,990.00  5,690.00

If you like power and smashing hard, Maxxbolt Gallant Tour Badminton Racket is the best option for you. Gallant The Most Powerful Racket Represent “TSUYOI” Power Like Never Before! Suitable For Offensive & Power Performance Player.

Delivery Time : 2-4 days

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Maxbolt Gallant Tour (White) Badminton Racket Specifications:

Maxbolt Gallant Tour Specifications
Brand Maxbolt
Weight 85g
Weight Category 4U
Flexibility Stiff
Frame Material TSUYOI
Shaft Material Japanese HMC
Balance Head Heavy
Suitable For Intermediate

Maxbolt Gallant Tour (White) Badminton Racket Description:

We Designed the Maxbolt Gallant Tour for Tour Players to Get the Ultimate Gallant Power Feel. So We Engineered it with our Team the get the Best carbon graphite with a special Grommet on the racket which gets better balancing Weight and Highest Tension up to 45lbs.