Rishabh Pant's Return to Delhi Capitals: Ponting Provides Insights

Rishabh Pant’s Return to Delhi Capitals: Ponting Provides Insights

Delhi Capitals (DC) coach Ricky Ponting has shed light on the team’s plans for the highly anticipated return of star player Rishabh Pant in the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) season. Pant, who has been recovering from a severe car accident in December 2022, is expected to make his comeback to professional cricket later this month.

Ponting revealed the team’s perspective, stating, “It’s a big decision we’ll have to make because if he is fit, you’d think he’d step straight back into that captaincy role.” However, he added, “If he’s not entirely fit and we have to use him in a slightly different role, then we’ve got some decisions to make there.”

Assessing Pant’s progress, Ponting noted, “He’s actually played some practice matches over the last couple of weeks, which has been really encouraging for us.” He expressed confidence in Pant’s physical readiness, asserting, “He’s kept in one of those games, he’s fielded in these games and the batting hasn’t seemingly been an issue for him so far.”

Reflecting on Pant’s journey, Ponting acknowledged the challenges the player has faced, stating, “We’ve obviously had worries and concerns that he might not have made it in time to be ready for the IPL this year.” He added, “I mean, he was a huge loss for us last year and what he went through, we can’t even begin to describe what he’s been through the last 12 or 14 months.”

Expressing anticipation for Pant’s return, Ponting remarked, “I want to see him back playing cricket again. I think the whole world wants to see him back playing cricket again and just playing with that youthful exuberance that he has.” Ponting highlighted Pant’s natural talent, stating, “Knowing Rishabh, it probably won’t (take time to adjust) because he’s such a natural talent.”

Ponting emphasized the importance of Pant maintaining his aggressive style of play, asserting, “I think he’ll just go out there and certainly, that’s my job anyway – I’ll be telling him to go back out and play the way that he’s always played.”

As cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Pant’s return, Ponting’s insights offer a glimpse into the team’s approach and expectations for the dynamic player in the IPL season.

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