Rublev Wins Appeal, Keeps Dubai Points and Prize Money

Rublev Wins Appeal, Keeps Dubai Points and Prize Money

Andrey Rublev Retains Dubai Championships Points and Prize Money After Appeal

Andrey Rublev has successfully appealed his default from the Dubai Championships semifinals, resulting in the retention of his ranking points and prize money, albeit with a $36,400 fine.

The incident occurred during Rublev’s match against Alexander Bublik on Friday. After a point was awarded to Bublik at 6-5 in the third set, Rublev reacted aggressively towards a line judge, prompting the chair umpire to issue a default.

According to ATP regulations, a player who is defaulted from a match forfeits all money and ranking points earned in that event. However, the ATP ruled that the customary penalties in this case would be disproportionate.

The appeal process involved testimonies from Rublev, officials, and a review of video and audio materials. The ATP determined that Rublev’s actions, while unsportsmanlike, did not warrant the severe punishment of a default.

“The ATP believes that the customary penalties associated with a default … would be disproportionate in this case,” the tour said in a statement.

Rublev will still face a $36,400 fine for the code violation he received for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The decision to uphold Rublev’s points and prize money is a significant victory for the Russian player. It allows him to maintain his ranking and avoid a financial penalty that could have impacted his future earnings.

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