Ashwin's 100th Test Overshadowed by Family Emergency

Ashwin’s 100th Test Overshadowed by Family Emergency

Ravichandran Ashwin’s 100th Test, a milestone in his illustrious career, was marred by a personal crisis. The veteran spinner had to leave the India vs England Test series abruptly due to a medical emergency involving his mother, Chitra.

Ashwin’s 500th Test wicket, a landmark achievement, was overshadowed by the news of his mother’s condition. Hours after claiming the scalp of England’s Zak Crawley, Ashwin received the distressing news and immediately departed from the team camp.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) released a statement expressing support for Ashwin during this difficult time. “Ravichandran Ashwin has withdrawn from the Test squad, effective immediately due to a family medical emergency. In these challenging times, the BCCI and the team fully supports Ashwin,” the statement read.

Ashwin later recounted the harrowing experience on his YouTube channel. “I realized I was not getting calls from my parents or wife. I called my wife around 7 PM, asking why my parents weren’t answering my call. Her voice was a bit shaky. She asked me to come separately from the crowd and told me that my mother collapsed after a headache,” he said.

Ashwin’s emotional state was evident in his social media posts. In a humorous tweet, he shared a comparison of his match figures in his debut Test and his 100th Test, both of which were identical. “No improvement after all these years of playing the game. ‘Only my mom can say things like this,'” he wrote.

Despite the personal setback, Ashwin’s commitment to the team remained unwavering. He returned to the squad after his mother’s condition stabilized and played a crucial role in India’s victory in the series.

Ashwin’s experience highlights the challenges that athletes face in balancing their professional and personal lives. The support of the BCCI and his teammates during this difficult time is a testament to the importance of human connection and empathy in the world of sports.

Ashwin's 500th Test Wicket Overshadowed by Family Emergency

Ashwin’s 500th Test Wicket Overshadowed by Family Emergency

Ravichandran Ashwin’s 500th Test wicket milestone was overshadowed by a family medical emergency that forced him to leave the Indian squad immediately. The incident occurred hours after Ashwin achieved the historic feat, becoming only the ninth bowler worldwide to reach the landmark.

According to reports, Ashwin’s mother, Chitra, suffered a medical emergency. Ashwin revealed the details of the traumatic experience in a video on his YouTube channel. He stated that he realized something was amiss when he couldn’t reach his parents or wife after the match.

“I called my wife around 7 PM, asking why my parents weren’t answering my call. Her voice was a bit shaky. She asked me to come separately from the crowd and told me that my mother collapsed after a headache,” Ashwin said.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Ashwin blanked out and struggled to process the news. He was comforted by team physio and captain Rohit Sharma, who advised him to prioritize his family.

“I am part of the playing XI, and the game is in the balance. If I leave, the squad will be left with 10 people fighting against a full-strength England squad when they had the upper hand. If I go, they will be a bowler short,” Ashwin said, expressing his concerns about the team.

However, Ashwin’s primary focus was on his mother’s well-being. He was informed that she was not conscious and could not be seen. “I lost it,” he said.

Coach Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma stepped in to assist Ashwin. They arranged a charter flight for him to Chennai and ensured that physio Kamlesh accompanied him.

“Rohit did something else – he asked Kamlesh, our physio, to fly with me to Chennai and be with me. He was one of the two physios for the team. During our ride to the airport, Rohit kept calling and asking him to be with me during this challenging time,” Ashwin added.

Ashwin expressed his gratitude to Cheteshwar Pujara for finding flights in Ahmedabad and making it to Rajkot for him to travel. He also thanked Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid for their support and understanding.

Ashwin Leaves Rajkot Test Due to Mother's Health Emergency

Ashwin Leaves Rajkot Test Due to Mother’s Health Emergency

Ravichandran Ashwin, India’s veteran spinner, was forced to leave the Rajkot Test against England after the second day’s play due to a family emergency. Ashwin, who had reached the 500-wicket milestone earlier that day, addressed the press conference after the final session and immediately departed for home.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) initially stated that it was a “family emergency” that prompted Ashwin’s departure, but it was later revealed that the situation involved his mother’s health. Ashwin himself has not yet spoken about the matter, but his wife Prithi explained the situation in a column she penned ahead of the cricketer’s 100th Test.

In her column for the Indian Express, Prithi revealed that Ashwin’s mother suddenly collapsed, prompting the family to rush her to the hospital. However, instead of calling Ashwin, Prithi contacted Cheteshwar Pujara to arrange for the spinner’s return.

“During Rajkot, the kids had just got back from school when five minutes later, he got to 500. And soon, all of us were on the phone answering all the congratulatory messages,” Prithi wrote. “It was then that I heard a sudden scream from aunty as she collapsed, and in no time we were at the hospital. At that point, we had decided not to tell Ashwin because there wasn’t good flight connectivity between Chennai and Rajkot.”

Prithi then called Pujara, whose family helped arrange Ashwin’s return flight. After the scans, the doctor suggested that Ashwin’s presence would be beneficial, so Prithi informed him of the situation.

“Over the phone, he sounded so broken and hung up. It took another 20-25 minutes to process what I told him and for him to call back. And thanks to Rohit (Sharma), Rahul bhai (Dravid) and the others in the team and the BCCI – who followed up all the way till he reached here – he got here late at night,” she added.

Ashwin arrived home and found his mother in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Fortunately, she recovered, allowing Ashwin to return to Rajkot and rejoin his teammates on Day 4 of the Test.

“It was a very emotional moment for him to see his mom in the ICU. And after she stabilized, we asked him to rejoin the team. Given his personality, he would never leave a game like that. And he would have an extreme amount of guilt if he didn’t win the game for his team. Through those couple of days, I realized his yearning for time with his parents is a lot more now and it is coming with age and maturity,” Prithi said.

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