Eugenie Bouchard Turns Down Justin Bieber, Wins 'Family Feud'

Eugenie Bouchard Turns Down Justin Bieber, Wins ‘Family Feud’

Eugenie Bouchard, the former world No. 5 tennis star, recently revealed on Canada’s “Family Feud” game show that she turned down a date with pop icon Justin Bieber a decade ago. Bouchard, now 30, shared the anecdote while competing with her family on the show.

“It’s a funny story,” Bouchard recalled. “We played a tennis match for charity and he asked me to hang out later, but I had a boyfriend so I said ‘No.'”

Bouchard’s decision to decline Bieber’s invitation has since become a viral moment, with many praising her for prioritizing her relationship. However, Bouchard’s appearance on “Family Feud” was not just about her past dating life.

Joined by her siblings Will and Beatrice, their cousin Celeste, and Celeste Bouchard’s former boyfriend, Ryan Shepherd, the Bouchard family won nearly $12,000 after three episodes. Bouchard played a crucial role in the family’s victory, particularly in the final round.

In the fast money round, two players from each team must answer five questions without repeating any answers and accumulate 200 points. Bouchard and Shepherd teamed up to answer questions such as “Name something in the kitchen you unplug after using?” and “Name an animal with buck teeth.”

Bouchard’s answer of “10” for the question “On a scale of 1-10, how well can you do your boss’ job?” earned 35 points, which ultimately put the team over the top.

“What a cool life experience,” Bouchard wrote on social media after the show.

Bouchard’s appearance on “Family Feud” showcased her competitive spirit and quick wit, both on and off the tennis court. It also provided a glimpse into her personal life and her close relationship with her family.

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