Stolen Ferrari Recovered After 28 Years, Belonging to Former F1 Driver

Stolen Ferrari Recovered After 28 Years, Belonging to Former F1 Driver

Stolen Ferrari Recovered After Three Decades, Belonging to Former F1 Driver

In a remarkable turn of events, British police have recovered a Ferrari F512M stolen from Austrian Formula One driver Gerhard Berger in Italy nearly three decades ago. The red sports car was one of two vehicles taken while their drivers were competing in the San Marino Grand Prix in April 1995.

For years, the stolen Ferraris remained elusive. However, in January 2023, London’s Metropolitan Police received a tip from Ferrari that a vehicle being sold to a U.S. buyer by a U.K. broker had been flagged as stolen.

The Organized Vehicle Crime Unit swiftly launched an investigation and traced the car’s journey to Britain from Japan in late 2023. Officers seized the vehicle, estimated to be worth around 350,000 pounds ($444,000).

“Our inquiries were meticulous and involved reaching out to authorities worldwide,” said Constable Mike Pilbeam, who led the investigation. “We collaborated closely with the National Crime Agency, Ferrari, and international car dealerships, which proved invaluable in unraveling the vehicle’s history and preventing its export.”

While no arrests have been made, the investigation continues. The second stolen Ferrari remains missing.

The Ferrari F512M, produced between 1994 and 1996, is a highly sought-after sports car. With a top speed of 315 kilometers per hour (196 miles per hour), it was one of the fastest vehicles of its time. Only 501 units of the F512M were manufactured, making it a rare and valuable collector’s item.

The recovery of Berger’s stolen Ferrari is a testament to the dedication and collaboration of law enforcement agencies and the automotive industry. It also serves as a reminder that even the most elusive stolen vehicles can be tracked down and returned to their rightful owners.

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