Messi's Name Saves 90-Year-Old Woman from Armed Intruders

Messi’s Name Saves 90-Year-Old Woman from Armed Intruders

Lionel Messi’s global influence extends far beyond the realm of football, as evidenced by a remarkable incident involving a 90-year-old woman in Israel. Ester Cunio, a resident of Kibbutz Nir Oz, found herself facing armed intruders who stormed her home. Amidst the chaos, Cunio’s mention of Messi’s name proved to be a life-saving intervention.

The gunmen demanded information about Cunio’s family, but she claimed to have limited Hebrew proficiency and spoke in Argentine Spanish. In an interview with Fuente Latina, Cunio recounted the encounter: “I told him not to talk to me because I didn’t understand his language. The Arab language, and I speak poor Hebrew. I speak Argentinian Spanish, so he asks what Argentina is. Then I tell him, ‘do you watch football?’ He said he liked it and I told him I am from Messi’s country.”

To Cunio’s astonishment, the gunman expressed admiration for Messi and placed his arm on her shoulder. He handed her his gun and instructed her to make the peace sign, which was captured in a photograph. Cunio expressed her hope that Messi would see the image and assist in the release of her abducted grandchildren, David and Ariel.

Messi’s impact transcends sports, serving as a symbol of peace and unity. This incident highlights the profound influence he wields on a global scale, inspiring hope and fostering connections across cultural and linguistic barriers.

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