Lacoste Returns to Paris Fashion Week with Tennis-Inspired Extravaganza

Lacoste Returns to Paris Fashion Week with Tennis-Inspired Extravaganza

Lacoste’s Triumphant Return to Paris Fashion Week: A Tennis-Inspired Extravaganza

French fashion icon Lacoste made a grand return to Paris Fashion Week, showcasing its latest collection at the hallowed grounds of Roland Garros’ Court Philippe-Chatrier. The show marked a significant milestone for the brand, not only as its first appearance at the event in three years but also as a poignant homage to its tennis heritage.

Under the creative direction of Pelagia Kolotouros, the collection exuded a vibrant palette of deep browns, rust oranges, and forest greens. Models glided across an elevated platform at mid-court, their attire adorned with subtle nods to the sport that has defined Lacoste’s legacy.

From a floor-length green trench coat reminiscent of a tennis ball to pleated skirts that would not look out of place on Chatrier’s clay courts, Kolotouros seamlessly blended tennis aesthetics with contemporary fashion. Polo shirts and V-neck sweaters, once ubiquitous on-court attire, were reimagined with a fresh, modern touch.

The collection also featured a vintage racquet bag, a playful accessory that evoked the brand’s tennis roots. In a social media post, Lacoste declared that the collection “re-energizes the brand in the spirit of the young René Lacoste,” the legendary tennis player who inspired the brand’s iconic crocodile logo.

Kolotouros’s inspiration extended beyond the brand’s history. She has previously cited Venus Williams as a “muse” and hailed Novak Djokovic’s dominance as “inspiring.” In an interview with Interview magazine, she praised Williams’ embodiment of the brand’s values and Djokovic’s unwavering focus and stamina.

The show was attended by a star-studded audience, including Emma Roberts, Adrien Brody, and Mel C. The collection received widespread acclaim, with Vogue noting its “elegant modernism” and its ability to “carve out a new path” for the brand.

Lacoste’s triumphant return to Paris Fashion Week was a testament to its enduring legacy and its ability to fuse its tennis heritage with contemporary fashion. The collection celebrated the brand’s roots while embracing a fresh, modern aesthetic, ensuring its continued relevance in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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