Ash Barty Shines in Golf and Tennis, Rules Out Professional Return

Ash Barty Shines in Golf and Tennis, Rules Out Professional Return

Ash Barty, the three-time Grand Slam tennis champion, showcased her diverse athletic abilities this week in New Zealand. While she narrowly missed the cut at the New Zealand Pro-Am Championship in golf, she made headlines with her impressive performance on the tennis court.

Barty, who also played cricket professionally for a brief period, displayed her exceptional hand-eye coordination and athleticism in both sports. Despite missing the cut in golf by two shots, she enjoyed a strong second round in the team event at Millbrook Resort in Queenstown.

When asked about the possibility of pursuing professional golf or returning to professional tennis, Barty unequivocally stated, “The answer is no to both.” She emphasized her love for playing tennis as a hobby and the joy she finds in spending time outdoors.

“I love playing as a hobby and it’s obviously lovely to get outside for 18, go for a walk, and enjoy it,” Barty said.

Barty’s retirement from tennis at the age of 25 after winning the 2022 Australian Open marked a remarkable end to her illustrious career. Since then, she has embraced motherhood and found time to indulge in her passion for tennis.

Her recent performance in New Zealand serves as a testament to her enduring athleticism and the joy she derives from participating in sports. While she may not be pursuing professional golf or tennis, Barty’s love for both sports remains evident.

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