Smashing Techniques in Badminton you must know

Smashing Techniques in Badminton every player must know

If you have been playing badminton and have reached a good level, this is the right time to learn the smashing technique. This is a great way to show some power in your game, making your opponent understand that you are a tough player. The best thing is that there is no defense for this shot which makes it unique compared to all the other shots played. 

What is smashing? 

A Smash shot is taken by jumping in the air and hitting the shuttle with good force. This shot can be played well if the speed and direction of the shuttlecock are kept in mind, as it has to fall inside the court. It is done nicely when the cock is higher in the air as it will allow the player to hit it harder, and the angle of the cock will be downwards. This shot is much more difficult for the opponent to attempt because of the pace of the shuttlecock and the downward facing of it. 

  • Use your wrist, thumb, and shoulder to make the most out of this shot while extending your arm. 
  • To ensure that your smash shot lands perfectly, take a long deep breath so that your body releases all the stress in midair, which will lead to the smash having more energy and power. 
  • There is a concept among professionals called “injection of pace,” which means that while going for the smash shot, players should go toward it faster. 

Smashing techniques in Badminton every player must know

In this article, we will discuss three techniques of smashing in badminton that every badminton player must know of and use during play. The first being; 

Forehand Smash Technique 

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This kind of smash is also called an overhead smash. A player hits this by keeping the tempo inclined downwards. It is one of the oldest smashing techniques in the history of badminton.

Forehand smash can be perfected by those who are into cricket as well as those who know how to throw a ball with brilliant pace and angle then this will be perfected by them. It can be compared similarly to throwing a ball straight. 

This is not as simple as it seems, as few badminton tricks are essential to know while trying this shot. Here, angle and posture play an essential role in getting the shot right, so the opponent finds it difficult to hit it back. 

How to play it? 

  • Start by raising your non-racket hand and aligning it above your chin. This will help you to get a nice angle while taking this shot. It is essential to get this shot right, even if it seems unrelated, as this step will ensure that your direction and pace are right. 
  • For good balancing, make sure that you are keeping most of the weight towards your rear foot. You can be careful by doing this, as it will save you from attempting a self-shot or getting a foul play. 
  • Your elbows should be kept straight. That will aid the racket to have a good fly in this shot. Keep your knees slightly bent while taking this shot, and your racket foot should be forward. 
  • Be on your toes with a ready mindset that will make your body act accordingly to take the forehand smash and have a strong forehand grip to see the results.

Backhand Smash Technique 

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This smashing technique is difficult to crack, but if done rightly, it can be immensely useful. Experts also avoid this smash if they can, as it is not everybody’s deal to get this right. Let’s look at how to attempt this shot. 

How to attempt the shot: 

  • It is necessary to get the backhand grip because it is a challenging task to achieve. For this move, the racket should flow swiftly from the forehand to the backhand grip. For this smash, it is important to know the shots, angle, and swings perfectly, which means that the players have to ensure that all their senses are open to master the backhand smash. 
  • If possible, it is advised to go with the forehand shot rather than take this one, as the moment this smash is played should be chosen very carefully. It is good to avoid the risk of taking this shot until it is necessary. As a backhand smash can be difficult for your opponent to attempt, it is much tougher for you to handle it because it needs the right angle and pace to do so. 
  • Your body should be turned so your back is facing the net. You should do this step in seconds so that it is to be done quickly. In this, the balance should be weighted on the racket foot, as in this smashing technique, balance is of the essence. 
  • The racket head should be directed downwards as the racket should be kept overhead. You should ensure that your pace and mindset are set correctly to take the smash perfectly. If the grip is more powerful, it is understood that the smashing will also be of great power. This smash requires the players to return swiftly after hitting the preceding shot, as all of this is done in lightning-fast movements. 
  • For this smash, the angles of the shot should be perfect for taking it beautifully, or else it can ruin the entire game.

Jumping smash technique 

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In this technique, you have to jump higher and take the shot. This badminton smashing technique is great for releasing anger, as it requires a lot of power to get this shot. 

How to take this shot: 

  • This smashing technique requires a good understanding of timing. It all happens in seconds as it makes the opponent’s games weak by giving them less time to react to the shot. 
  • Injection of pace again plays a huge role here as it is necessary to hit the cock harder depending on how it is. 
  • Forehand grip is better to take this smashing technique which will aid in a great balance and a comfortable grip. 
  • Jumping results in the body getting tighter. For this, it is important to loosen it and have a firm stance to ensure that the return is faster. 
  • Your legs should be kept straight, while your knees should be slightly bent. The racket arm should be stretched as far as the player can so that there is some tempo in the shot. The non-racket arm also plays a bigger role because you have to keep it at your rib cage level, and when in midair, that hand should come sideways, which would then be straightened by the elbows. 
  • With the racket foot of the player, you have to drive in the downward direction. If you want a smooth jump, take a deep breath and exhale while hitting the smash.
  • If you need balance, keep your racket foot facing forward. For this shot, you must be conscious and alert to ensure that there is not even a second that goes to waste. 


If you want to surprise your opponent, it can be done by disguising the shot. This will make your opponent miss the shot, giving you more points in return. These smashing techniques are not easy to attempt, but they can be done perfectly through training and immense practice. If you want to be like a pro player, it can be beneficial for you to watch some videos explaining smashing and various other ways to do it in detail. Focus and accuracy in smashing play a bigger role as well.

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