Top 5 highest run scorers of all-time in Ashes

The Ashes is considered as one of the fiercest cricket battles. As we have India vs Pakistan for the cricket teams in the sub-continent, the battle between Australia and England is on the same lines. One of the oldest rivalries in the history of the sport, England squaring off against Australia always makes for headline news, and when the two sides meet in Tests, the stakes can’t get any higher.

The Ashes is of prime importance for both teams. It is on par with the Cricket World Cup for both teams. After winning the Ashes in 2020, Australia will be looking to retain the trophy. Their batting and bowling; both seem to be in tremendous form.

While England who are revolutionizing Test cricket with “Bazball” will be looking to snatch the trophy from the opposition’s hands. Who will prevail in this historic Test series between two of the oldest Test nations?

Many pundits have predicted the results of the ongoing Ashes series. Australian legend Glenn McGrath has predicted a 5-0 whitewash in the favour of the Australians. And he has predicted Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne to do good in the series.

Many legendary cricketers have displayed moments of brilliance in this historic Test series. From Sir Donald Bradman’s historic season in the 1930 season to Sir Alastair Cook’s remarkable 2010-11 season, the Ashes has witnessed several remarkable moments. In this article, we have a look at the Top 5 highest run-getters of all time in Ashes.

Top 5 highest run scorers of all-time in Ashes

#5 Steve Smith (3060 runs in 33 games)

Steve Smith

Steve Smith named Men’s Test Cricketer of the Decade | Cricket NSW Creator: Michael Dodge Copyright: 2017 Getty Images

Steve Smith has been an amazing player for Australia with the right-hander displaying his craft at the Ashes. The former Australian skipper is one of the very cricketers to feature in the top 10 run-getters of Ashes of all time.

Smith has scored 8,947 runs in 97 Tests at an average of 60.04. Out of the 8947 runs, over 3000 runs have come against England, which is 34.02% runs of his Test career. Also, Smith has scored more than 500 runs in successive Ashes series – 687 in 2017-18 and 774 in 2019.

Smith, who was banned from international cricket, made a return to Test cricket in 2019. The 2020 Ashes saw a very different Smith. He was absolutely sensational with the bat, making runs at an average of 110.57. With Smith smashing a wonderful century in the World Test Championship final, Smith will be looking to build on his amazing form.

#4 Steve Waugh (3173 runs in 45 games)

Top six players didn't wear helmets”, Steve Waugh opens up on Australia's bold tactic during 1989 Ashes tour

Creator: Ben Radford | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2003 Getty Images

Steve Waugh was one of the most prolific leaders in Australian cricket. Waugh has the highest win percentage 66, across all formats and is one of cricket’s greatest captains in history. Not only his leadership skills were excellent, but also his batting would envy any top-order batter.

The gritty right-hander is the third player to cross the landmark of 10,000 Test runs. Waugh has accumulated 3,173 runs against England in 45 Tests played from 1986 to 2003. Of the 32 Test centuries he notched, 10 were against England. He was more dominant against England in England, averaging 74.22 in 22 Tests.

His biggest Ashes season came in 1989 when he scored 506 runs at a staggering average of 126.50. His magnificent batting coupled with great bowling from the Aussies helped them win the Ashes 4-0.

#3 Alan Border (3222 runs in 42 games)

Alan Border - highest run-getters of Ashes

When part-time spinner Allan Border did full-time damage to West Indies | On this Day Creator: Adrian Murrell | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2006 Getty Images

Alan Border loved playing against England. The left-hander averaged 56.31 against the Poms in 42 Tests with 3222 runs with the assistance of 21 fifties and eight centuries.

His best came when Australia won three consecutive Ashes in 1989 (4-0), 1990-91 (3-0) and 1993 (4-1). During these series, Border’s leadership skills were as sharp as his batting skills. Did you know Border captained Australia in a record-breaking 28 Ashes Tests and won 13 of them? That makes him the most successful captain of the Ashes.

During the 1985 Ashes, Border played one of the most vital knocks of his career. During the Oval Test of 1985, Border played a valiant knock of 146* to salvage Australia’s chances to draw the Test. Also, his unbeaten knock of 200 at the Headingley Test from the 1993 Ashes series will forever be etched in every cricket fan’s memory.

#2 Jack Hobbs (3636 runs in 41 games)

Jack Hobbs - highest run-getters of Ashes

235 Jack Hobbs Cricket Photos and Premium High Res Pictures – Getty Images Creator: Central Press | Credit: Getty Images

The only player who made it to the Top 5 highest run-getters of all time in Ashes; Jack Hobbs was a pivotal player for England who helped the Poms win many important clashes. He was called ‘The Master’ and scored even after he went past 50 years of age.

Hobbs made 61,760 runs in first-class cricket and 199 centuries. Hobbs made 5410 runs in 61 Tests from 1908 to 1930. Out of the 61 Tests, 41 were a part of the Ashes. In the Ashes, he scored 3636 runs in 71 Test innings against England at 54.26, including 12 centuries.

#1 Sir Donald Bradman (5028 runs in 37 games)

Sir Donald Bradman - highest run-getters of Ashes

Furious debate rages after Don Bradman letter to former Australian PM Malcolm Fraser emerges: ‘Right-wing nutjob’ | 7NEWS Creator: Fox Photos | Credit: Getty Images

The top spot is obviously occupied by none other than; the maestro himself, Sir Donald Bradman. In the 52 Tests that he has played, Bradman has scored 6996 runs at an unbelievable average of 99.98.

He is the only player to score more than 5,000 Test runs in the Ashes. He has hit 19 of his 29 Test centuries against England and averaged 89.78 against them. Bradman’s record of 974 runs in the 1930 Ashes is the most runs scored in a Test series. The record is yet to be broken even after 93 years.

Bradman has played many unforgettable innings during his career. One such came inning came during the third Test at the Headingley in Leeds where he slammed his career-best of 334 runs.

5 famous handled-the-ball dismissals in cricket

5 famous handled-the-ball dismissals in cricket

Nothing hurts more than getting out in an unfortunate matter. Be it a run-out or a hit-wicket; a batter dreads getting out in such a way. ‘Handled the ball’ is one such expression. A batsman might be dismissed for handling the ball under Law 33 of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) if they intentionally touch the ball with one or both of their hands during a delivery while holding the bat in their hands. 

It is touted to be one of the unluckiest ways to get out. The batter is hapless to be dismissed since, more frequently than not, the infraction is unintentional rather than deliberate. When the batter notices the ball heading dangerously toward the stumps, their instincts can sometimes take control. Let’s have a look at some of the famous incidents when batters were given out for handling the ball. 


5 famous handled-the-ball dismissals in cricket 

  1. Brian Lara vs Australia (1993, Melbourne) 
  2. Steve Waugh vs India (2001, Chennai) 
  3. Andrew Hilditch vs Pakistan (1979, Perth) 
  4. Mohinder Amarnath vs Australia (1986, Melbourne) 
  5. Cheteshwar Pujara vs Leicestershire (2014, Derby) 

Brian Lara in 1993: West Indies vs Australia, Melbourne 

Brian Lara was famously dismissed in 1993 during the West Indies vs Australia match. He handled the ball and was declared out. Brian Lara was trying to field a shot that he misjudged and ended up touching the ball with his glove. The umpire immediately declared him out and the West Indies went on to lose the match. This dismissal has gone down in cricket history as one of the most famous handled-the-ball dismissals. The bowler who delivered the ball that led to Brian Lara’s dismissal was Glenn McGrath. 

On This Day - Brian Lara Single-Handedly Demolishes Australia In 1999 - News Nation English

Creator: Ben Radford | Credit: Getty Images

Commentators at the time said that this dismissal was a turning point in the match as it changed the momentum and gave Australia the upper hand. They praised the umpire’s quick decision and called it a great example of good officiating. They also praised Lara for accepting the decision gracefully. One commentator said: “Lara’s dismissal could be the defining moment of the match. The umpire made the right call, and Lara accepted it with grace. That’s cricket.” 

Brian Lara reportedly said: “It was a mistake on my part, and the umpire made the correct call. It is always sad to be dismissed in such a manner, but I accept it.” After the game, Lara joked that he was so surprised by the dismissal that he had to ask the umpire if he was out. He also said that it was a learning experience and a reminder to always be alert while batting.

Steve Waugh in 2001: India vs Sri Lanka, Chennai 

India’s historic 2-1 Test series win over Australia in 2001 is a source of pride for every Indian cricket fan. The match in Kolkata was especially memorable as India managed to give the Australians a follow-on, resulting in an embarrassing defeat for the top-ranked team.

Steve Waugh's brutal response to Shane Warne sledge | 7NEWS

Creator: Adam Pretty

During the Chennai Test, Steve Waugh was coming out to be a difficult batsman as he was batting at 47. Harbhajan Singh, one of India’s legendary spinners, was trying hard to break through the defenses of Steve Waugh. Waugh missed a sweep against the off-spinner, and it appeared that the ball spun too late and moved in the direction of the stumps. At that point, Waugh pushed the ball away with his hands, resulting in him getting declared out. 

With this dismissal, Steve Waugh became the sixth batsman in Test matches to be given out for handling the ball and the eighth batsman overall at that time. Steve Waugh reportedly said: “I knew I was in trouble the moment I lifted my hand to the ball. It wasn’t intentional and I accept the umpire’s decision.” 

Andrew Hilditch versus Pakistan (1979, Perth) 

In a Test match against Pakistan in Perth, Andrew Hilditch suffered one of the rarest handled-the-ball dismissals. Standing at the non-striker’s end with a score of 29, Hilditch blocked an incoming wide throw with his hands and handed the ball to the bowler Sarfaraz Khan. The bowler appealed to the umpire, who declared Hilditch out for handling the ball. It is the only incident where a non-striker was given out for handling the ball. 

New opening batsman Andrew Hilditch in action in the nets.Australian... News Photo - Getty Images

Creator: Fairfax Media Archives | Credit: Fairfax Media via Getty Images

This incident caused a lot of debates in the cricket world, as it was seen as against the ethics of the game. The fact that a non-striker was dismissed in such a manner is still considered to be highly unusual. Many critics felt that this dismissal was the result of an unconventional interpretation of the laws of cricket. The incident has caused much debate over the years, as it is rarely seen in cricket. 

Many commentators have expressed their views on this incident. One commentator said: “It’s the most unusual and bizarre way to be given out in cricket. Andrew Hilditch was given out for an act that went against the ethics of the game.” Andrew Hilditch reportedly said: “I was shocked and surprised by the umpire’s decision. I was trying to do the right thing, but I accept that the umpire made the right call according to the laws of cricket.” 

Mohinder Amarnath versus Australia (1986, Melbourne) 

1983 World Cup winner Mohinder Amarnath lost his wicket in the most unlikely way during the 1986 India-Australia one-day international series. Amarnath, who was batting at a total of 15 runs, was up against off-spinner Greg Matthews. The delivery was flighted by the bowler and spun off the deck. On the other hand, Amarnath played the ball with gentle hands and didn’t seem bothered by the turn. 

5 Unique records held by Indians in List A cricket

Creator: Patrick Eagar/Popperfoto | Credit: Popperfoto via Getty Images

Amarnath attempted to cut the ball at first with barely any foot movement but ultimately had to defend it in an awkward position. The ball bounced off the ground in the direction of the stumps, and Amarnath instinctively responded by using his hands to bat it away. As the Australians prepared to appeal, Amarnath belying his misstep with a smile, walked slowly to the pavilion.

Cheteshwar Pujara versus Leicestershire (2014, Derby) 

India’s Cheteshwar Pujara was given out for handling the ball in a County Championship Division Two match between Derbyshire and Leicestershire. He was the 59th first-class player overall and only the second Indian, after Mohinder Amarnath, to experience this sort of dismissal. He also became the first player to get out in this manner in England since Karl Krikken of Derbyshire did so in 1996. 

BAN v IND 2022: “Indian Test batting still needs him,” Sanjay Manjrekar heaps praise on Cheteshwar Pujara

Creator: MUNIR UZ ZAMAN | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

While batting at number six, Cheteshwar Pujara played a fastball from left-arm seamer Atif Sheikh without much difficulty. However, upon looking back, he quickly slapped the ball, which appeared to be headed toward the stumps. Pujara was eventually declared out after it was confirmed via replays that he handled the ball.

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