7 instances when a cricket match was stopped for weird reasons

7 instances when a cricket match was stopped for weird reasons

Cricket, known for its unpredictable nature, has witnessed countless memorable moments on the field. From breathtaking catches to high-scoring thrillers, this sport never fails to entertain. However, amidst the excitement, there have been instances where the game has come to an abrupt halt due to the most peculiar reasons. Today, we embark on a journey through seven instances when a cricket match was stopped for the most bizarre and unexpected causes. 

From furry creatures invading the pitch to nature’s unpredictable wrath, these incidents remind us that cricket is indeed a game filled with surprises at every turn. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore the fascinating world of cricket’s strangest interruptions. Let’s dive into the extraordinary circumstances that left players, officials, and fans bewildered, proving that even in this gentleman’s game, the unexpected can become a reality. 

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Late food delivery incident during South Africa vs Bangladesh Test in 2017 

In Test match cricket, fans eagerly anticipate the moment when teams emerge from the pavilion after lunch and tea breaks. However, an unusual occurrence disrupted the usual proceedings during the second Test match between South Africa and Bangladesh at Bloemfontein in 2017. On day one of the match, the start of play was delayed as one of the teams had to wait for their food to arrive. This unexpected situation resulted in an international match being postponed until the necessary arrangements could be made. The incident served as a reminder that even the most meticulously planned events can encounter unforeseen obstacles, much to the disappointment of fervent fans eagerly awaiting the resumption of play. 

Confident South Africa target series sweep

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During the lunch break, the Bangladesh team encountered a minor delay as their food arrived 10 minutes later than the scheduled time. However, an interesting twist emerged when it was discovered that the delay was a result of a print error in the food menu, which led to the team receiving halal food. The incident gained significant media attention, with pictures of the delivered food being released and circulated widely. This unexpected turn of events sparked curiosity and discussions among cricket enthusiasts and the general public alike, highlighting the intricacies involved in catering to diverse dietary requirements during international sporting events. 

This particular match will be etched in the memories of both teams, as it witnessed an extraordinary display of batting prowess by four South African players who each scored centuries in the first innings. Additionally, the star pacemaker Kagiso Rabada showcased his exceptional skills by claiming five wickets in both innings, ultimately leading the home team to a resounding victory by an innings and a remarkable margin of 254 runs. This remarkable performance by the South African team left an indelible mark on the match and served as a testament to their dominance and collective brilliance on the cricket field.

Burnt gravy at Old Trafford 

During an enthralling match in 2007 at Old Trafford in Manchester, Lancashire, and Kent were engaged in a captivating battle. As Lancashire approached an imminent victory, the unexpected occurred – fire alarms abruptly sounded, bringing the game to a sudden halt. 

The interruption due to the fire alarms disrupted the intense atmosphere and added a unique twist to the proceedings. Both teams and spectators were momentarily taken aback as they awaited further instructions and eagerly anticipated the resumption of play. This unforeseen incident served as a reminder that even amidst the excitement of cricket, unpredictable circumstances can momentarily overshadow the game’s progress. 

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Following the activation of the fire alarms, the pavilion was swiftly and completely evacuated, ensuring the safety of all present. The fire brigade promptly arrived at the scene, instilling a sense of urgency and anticipation among the onlookers. With bated breath, everyone prepared themselves for the possibility of witnessing the pavilion engulfed in flames. However, much to everyone’s relief, the situation turned out to be a complete anti-climax. The feared spectacle of a blazing pavilion did not materialize, leaving the incident to be more of an unexpected disruption rather than a disastrous event. Nonetheless, the temporary suspension of play and the evacuation process created a memorable and unique moment in the course of the match. 

The surprising cause of the fire was traced back to a group of amateur cooks who had unintentionally overcooked a particular dish. Their culinary endeavor had taken an unfortunate turn, resulting in the dish being burnt to such an extent that it emitted smoke, triggering the fire alarms and setting them into action. The peculiar incident highlighted the consequences of culinary mishaps and served as a reminder of the importance of caution and precision in the kitchen. While the situation may have initially caused alarm and disruption, the underlying cause of the fire brought a touch of irony and even a sense of humor to the otherwise intense cricket match at hand. 

While cricket is known for its captivating moments, incidents involving burnt food leading to a disruption in play are a rarity. However, in 2007, such an extraordinary event occurred that left the hopes of play momentarily reduced to ashes. The unexpected mishap, caused by burnt food, brought an intriguing twist to the proceedings, showcasing the unpredictability and diverse range of incidents that can influence the course of a cricket match. This unique occurrence served as a reminder that even the most unconventional factors can unexpectedly impact the game, creating a memorable and unusual chapter in the annals of cricket history. 

India’s Baggage Delay Causes Match Delay in 2nd T20I Against West Indies in August 2022

In a recent incident in international cricket, the commencement of a match faced an unexpected delay due to the late arrival of baggage for the visiting team. This unforeseen occurrence unfolded moments before India’s second T20I match against West Indies at Warner Park in St Kitts on August 2. The untimely arrival of the baggage disrupted the scheduled proceedings, causing a temporary halt in the match’s start. This incident serves as a reminder that even meticulous planning can encounter unforeseen obstacles, impacting the smooth execution of highly anticipated cricket encounters. 

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A significant delay of three hours occurred at the start of the match, attributed to the crucial luggage of Team India being delayed. Cricket West Indies issued a statement explaining that the delay was a result of circumstances beyond their control, with team luggage experiencing considerable delays in transportation from Trinidad to St. Kitts. It was an unfortunate occurrence that affected the timely commencement of the match. Before this incident, India had emerged victorious in the first match of the series, securing a commanding 68-run win at Brian Lara Stadium in Trinidad and taking a 1-0 lead in the five-match series. 

A parallel situation occurred back in 1986 when Australia’s ODI match against India in Jamshedpur had to be postponed for similar reasons. Fast forward to the present, both India and West Indies are currently facing visa complications for their upcoming travel to the USA. These visa issues have arisen just before the last two T20I matches, originally slated to be held in Florida on August 6 and 7. This unforeseen setback has created uncertainties and challenges for the teams, potentially impacting the smooth execution of the matches. The situation serves as a reminder of the intricate logistical arrangements and administrative hurdles involved in international cricket tournaments. 

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A car stops play in Delhi 

During a Ranji Trophy match at the Palam Air Force Ground in 2017, Delhi faced off against Uttar Pradesh in an eagerly anticipated contest. The match showcased a star-studded lineup, including renowned players such as Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma, Rishabh Pant, and Suresh Raina. However, the third day of the game took an unexpected turn when a car managed to breach all security measures and made its way onto the field, leaving everyone astonished. 

Due to a direct connection between a stadium gate and the main road, coupled with the absence of personnel at their designated posts, a driver found an open pathway to freely enter the ground. Exploiting this lapse in security, the car effortlessly made its way onto the field, surprising everyone present. In an audacious display, the vehicle even managed to complete two laps around the pitch before its impromptu escapade was abruptly halted. 

Upon the car’s intrusion, the officials swiftly took action to block the driver’s potential escape routes, effectively sealing off any possible exit points. Subsequently, the intruder was apprehended and handed over to the police. Despite the driver’s claim of panic and insisting it was an honest mistake, the incident stands out as one of the most extraordinary reasons for a cricket match to be interrupted. 

Cricket Match Temporarily Halted as Nathan Lyon Accidentally Burns Toast in 2017 

A momentary interruption occurred during a live match, courtesy of Australian bowling sensation Nathan Lyon, renowned for his impressive tally of 482 Test wickets. In a rather amusing turn of events, Lyon inadvertently caused a slight halt when he left a toaster unattended, triggering the fire alarms and prompting the arrival of the fire brigade. The incident showcased that even highly skilled athletes can have unexpected mishaps off the field, adding a touch of lightheartedness to the intensity of the match. Lyon’s accidental toaster mishap momentarily shifted the focus from the cricket action to the comical side of the players’ lives, creating a memorable and light-hearted interlude amid the game. 

AUS v WI 2022: Nathan Lyon on the verge of surpassing Shane Warne's record at the Adelaide Oval

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The incident unfolded during the Sheffield Shield clash between New South Wales and Queensland in Brisbane back in 2017. Nathan Lyon, representing New South Wales, found himself engrossed in the game as his team was on the verge of victory. Amid the excitement, Lyon decided to make himself a toast, only to become so captivated by the unfolding events on the field that he inadvertently left the toaster unattended. Unbeknownst to him, this momentary distraction led to the fire alarms being triggered. Lyon’s unintentional act of toast-making turned into a light-hearted anecdote, highlighting the passionate involvement of players in the game and their ability to become fully absorbed in the proceedings. The incident added a touch of humor and relatability, reminding us that even professional athletes can get caught up in the excitement of their performances. 

“(The toast) popped up first, and I wasn’t satisfied, so I decided to put it back down. However, I got completely engrossed in watching the cricket,” Lyon later explained, shedding light on the amusing sequence of events. Despite the momentary distraction, New South Wales emerged victorious in the match, showcasing their resilience and skill. Lyon himself played a pivotal role, contributing with three wickets in the first innings. The incident served as a lighthearted reminder of the players’ human tendencies and their ability to get absorbed in their passion for the game, even at the expense of minor culinary mishaps. Ultimately, it was a memorable moment that added an amusing touch to the team’s triumph. 

Sun’s Brightness Halts India vs New Zealand ODI Match in 2019 

While rain and bad light often frustrate cricket fans by interrupting thrilling matches, an unexpected twist took place in 2019. During an ODI cricket match between India and New Zealand in Napier, the game came to a surprising halt due to the excessive brightness of the sun. Despite officials’ helplessness in controlling natural elements, the match had to be paused as the sun’s intense radiance posed challenges for the players. This rare occurrence left both spectators and players taken aback, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the sport and the influence of external factors on its proceedings. 

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During India’s batting innings at Napier, an incident unfolded involving opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan. In the 11th over, Dhawan struggled to pick up the delivery from New Zealand bowler Lockie Ferguson due to the intense brightness of the sun. The harsh glare proved to be a challenging and unpleasant experience for the batter. Concerned about the safety and fairness of the game, Dhawan engaged in a brief conversation with the on-field umpires. As a result, the match was temporarily suspended until the brightness of the sun diminished, allowing for better visibility and a level playing field for both teams. This episode highlighted the impact of natural elements on cricket matches and the importance of ensuring optimal conditions for all players involved. 

This unforeseen incident at Napier was a result of the unique geographical alignment of the ground, which runs from east to west. This alignment posed a challenge for batters during sunset, making it difficult for them to face fast bowlers effectively. The intense glare of the sun during this time created unfavorable conditions for the batsmen, affecting their visibility and ability to read the bowlers’ deliveries accurately. Interestingly, a similar occurrence had taken place previously at Napier during a Super Smash Twenty20 match between Central Stags and Canterbury Kings. These instances shed light on the significance of geographical factors and how they can impact the dynamics of cricket matches, emphasizing the need for adaptable strategies and considerations for varying playing conditions. 

Kandy Bee Attack 

During a cricket match in 1981, bees caused quite a stir by leaving several cricketers and officials injured. The incident became infamous and raised concerns about bee-related disruptions during games. Fast forward 26 years later, and history repeated itself in another cricket match. This time, England was facing Sri Lanka in Kandy when a sudden swarm of bees descended upon the stadium, catching everyone off guard. The players, filled with a mixture of fear and awe, found themselves completely bewildered, unsure of how to handle the situation. 

Spin magic from Embuldeniya, Mendis guide Sri Lanka to series win

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In a remarkable display of quick thinking, the umpire demonstrated his presence of mind by promptly lying flat on the ground to protect himself from the impending bee attack. Witnessing this action, the players swiftly followed suit, taking a prone position on the field, their stomachs pressed against the ground until the bees ceased their disruptive presence. The unexpected intrusion resulted in a significant halt in the game, as play remained suspended until the umpires deemed it safe to resume. Undoubtedly, this incident stands as one of the most astonishing causes of a temporary stoppage in cricket history.