Dimitrov Embraces Mission to Revive One-Handed Backhand in ATP Top 10

Dimitrov Embraces Mission to Revive One-Handed Backhand in ATP Top 10

Grigor Dimitrov, the former world No. 3, is on a mission to revive the one-handed backhand in the ATP’s Top 10. With Stefanos Tsitsipas’ recent departure from the elite group, Dimitrov is the last remaining player with this visually-appealing shot.

Dimitrov acknowledges the significance of the one-handed backhand’s decline, stating, “It is a big deal.” He believes that the shot’s beauty lies in its complexity, requiring precise timing, ball-watching, and swing mechanics.

Despite the dwindling presence of one-handed backhands, Dimitrov remains optimistic. He is determined to keep the shot alive and inspire future generations. “I’m counting on every guy that’s still out there with one hand to keep on pushing and playing for that,” he said.

Dimitrov’s recent resurgence has seen him climb to No. 13 in the rankings. With just 45 points to defend in Indian Wells and Miami, he has a chance to return to the Top 10 for the first time since 2018.

However, Dimitrov’s focus is not solely on rankings. He is driven by a desire to overcome personal challenges and achieve his goals. “For me, I have a different quest, I have different battles to fight right now,” he said.

In the third round of Indian Wells, Dimitrov will face No. 21 seed Adrian Mannarino. Dimitrov has a perfect 4-0 record against the Frenchman.

Dimitrov’s determination to revive the one-handed backhand and his unwavering focus on personal growth make him an inspiring figure in the tennis world. His journey serves as a reminder that even in the face of changing trends, passion and perseverance can prevail.