Head's Boom Franchise Returns with Enhanced Auxetic Technology

Head’s Boom Franchise Returns with Enhanced Auxetic Technology

Head’s Boom franchise returns with its second generation, offering a crowd-pleasing racquet that caters to a diverse range of players. Its unique head shape, wider in the upper hoop, expands the sweet spot, facilitating effortless power, ample spin, and precise hitting. The Boom’s user-friendly design inspires confidence, encouraging players to execute their shots with ease.

This latest iteration retains the core features of its predecessor, with the primary enhancement being the incorporation of Auxetic 2.0 technology. This advanced carbon fiber construction resists deformation upon impact, delivering enhanced feedback and a more connected feel. Initially introduced in the yoke of the frames, Auxetic 2.0 has now been extended to the handle, resulting in a plusher and more stable response.

The Morph Beam, with its robust cross section, provides ample power, while the elongated box shaft ensures effortless playability. A uniform string pattern promotes consistent ball trajectory and forgiveness, while enlarged power grommets and directional drilling maximize string movement, further expanding the sweet spot for comfortable impact.

Aesthetically, the Boom’s green-and-black livery remains largely unchanged, but the color-blocking scheme now aligns with Head’s other racquet lines. The concept specs have been refined and relocated from the hoop perimeter to the throat interior. Additionally, a special Mint cosmetic option is available for the MP and Team L models, which Coco Gauff is expected to use on tour.

The lineup welcomes a new member, the MP L, which is lighter and less demanding than the MP. This weight class is gaining popularity, offering a smooth transition from junior to standard-length racquets, with its quick handling and effortless playability.

Head’s Lynx Touch string remains the recommended pairing for the Boom racquets. Designed for a wide audience, this string provides a friendly feel, with deeper ball-pocketing, increased snapback, and a softer response, appealing to players seeking enhanced power and forgiveness.

The new Boom models will be available in stores from March 7th. Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews in the coming weeks.