Indian Shooters Adopt New Strategy for Paris 2024 Glory

Indian Shooters Adopt New Strategy for Paris 2024 Glory

Indian Shooters Aim for Paris 2024 Glory with New Strategy

In the wake of a disappointing performance at the Tokyo Olympics, the Indian shooting contingent is implementing a revised strategy for the upcoming Paris 2024 Games. Recognizing the need for a more balanced approach, the shooters will now prioritize rest and recovery in the lead-up to the event.

National rifle coach Suma Shirur emphasized the importance of this “big change,” explaining that the shooters will fly to Paris from home after a period of recharge. This contrasts with the extended training camp in Croatia prior to the Tokyo Games, which contributed to the team’s lackluster performance.

India’s shooters have already secured a record 19 quota places for the Paris Olympics. After the domestic Olympic trials in April-May, the team will participate in the ISSF World Cup in Munich from May 31 to June 8. This will be their only competition before the Games.

Following the World Cup, the shooters will have a brief training camp in Germany before returning to India for mental rejuvenation. Shirur believes this approach will allow the athletes to peak at the right time.

“After the Olympic trials, we’ll be going to the Munich World Cup, which is the first and the last competition where the team gets a chance to be comfortable in the shoes of being an Olympian,” Shirur said. “After the World Cup, we will have a short training camp in Germany. Shooters will have the chance to come back (to India) and emotionally recover, recharge and rejuvenate before we have a small camp and then fly to the Games.”

With a strong quota count and the momentum from last year’s Asian Games, the Indian shooting team is focused on building an efficient path to Paris. Rifle shooters have been particularly successful in securing quotas early.

“The shooters are in a very good zone now, so now it’s about sharpening things as we move forward,” Shirur said. “Most of the work has been done since last year. Now, we just need to fine tune them and focus on how to perform. Self-regulation is one of the most important aspects we are going to be working on going forward, because no matter how you feel, you still need to be able to go out there and perform.”