Manika Batra's Unwavering Determination Fuels Olympic Preparations

Manika Batra’s Unwavering Determination Fuels Olympic Preparations

Manika Batra, India’s top-ranked table tennis player, reflects on her recent victory against Chen Szu-Yu of Chinese Taipei. While the match may not have been her most impressive performance, it showcased her unwavering determination and ability to fight for every point.

Batra’s victory came after she found herself trailing 2-1 in the match. However, she remained composed and positive, eventually nudging ahead in the deciding game. This mindset is crucial for success in table tennis, as every point counts.

As Batra prepares for the upcoming Paris Olympics, where she will compete in the team, singles, and mixed doubles events, she aims to bring this same level of determination to every match. She recognizes that her physical fitness will be key to handling the demanding workload.

Batra’s sparring partner, Kirill Barabanov, has played a significant role in her development. He has instilled in her the belief that she can turn any match around, regardless of the score. This confidence has been instrumental in her recent successes.

While Batra continues to refine her skills, she also emphasizes the importance of physical training. She plans to focus on building stamina and recovery to ensure she is physically prepared for the challenges ahead.

Despite the success of her pimpled rubber technique, Batra is constantly seeking ways to improve her game. She is working on enhancing her attacking forehand play to keep opponents guessing.

Batra’s unwavering determination, positive mindset, and commitment to physical training make her a formidable opponent. As she prepares for the Paris Olympics, she is confident in her ability to deliver strong performances and contribute to India’s success.