Medvedev Praises Wife’s Sacrifices as He Balances Fatherhood and Tennis

Daniil Medvedev: Balancing Fatherhood and Tennis Success with Wife’s Sacrifices

Daniil Medvedev, the reigning Miami Open champion, has opened up about the challenges and rewards of balancing fatherhood with his tennis career. The Russian star, who welcomed daughter Alisa with wife Daria in October 2022, credits his wife’s sacrifices for enabling him to maintain his on-court success.

“As a player, I don’t think (fatherhood) has changed me, to be honest,” Medvedev said. “But hopefully it helps me mature, a little bit. Many times I’m still immature on the court, but I feel like I’m improving slowly every year.”

Medvedev acknowledges the significant role his wife plays in their daughter’s upbringing, especially when he is traveling for tournaments. “It’s not easy with tennis, because if you want to see your daughter a lot, then your wife has to sacrifice a lot,” he explained. “She has to travel with the baby, and many times it’s her taking the plane and not me. Being on a plane with a baby is not easy.”

Despite the challenges, Medvedev believes that fatherhood has brought out a new side of him. “It’s a balance. Sometimes my wife sacrifices some of her time and energy to come to the tournaments with our daughter. Me, I have to practice less somewhere, or maybe during the tournament I just have to find the time,” he said. “Before I would be in full tennis mode. Now, I have to find the balance to see my daughter also, otherwise it’s not a good life, I would say!”

Medvedev’s wife, Daria, has been a constant presence at his matches throughout his rise to the top of the ATP rankings. Fans have also been treated to glimpses of their family life, including Alisa’s adorable moments with her godfather, Andrey Rublev, and her hilarious reaction to seeing a poster of her father.

As Medvedev prepares to defend his Miami Open title, he is grateful for the support of his wife and the balance she has helped him achieve. “I’m trying. I think I’m doing well, but I’m always trying to find this balance,” he said.