Buy Mizuno Fortius 50 Spirit Badminton Racket @lowest price

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Mizuno Fortius 50 Spirit Badminton Racket Specifications:

Mizuno Fortius 50 Spirit Specification
Brand Mizuno
Weight 83g
Weight Category 4U
Flexibility Hi-Flex
Stringing Capacity 30 lbs
Frame Material Japan HMG T46
Shaft Material Japan HMG T46
Balance Head Heavy
Suitable For Advanced

Mizuno Fortius 50 Spirit Badminton Racket Description:

Revolutionary Titanium T-Joint : A precision-tooled Titanium barrel connecting the frame to the shaft is embedded with carbon particles to reduce vibration and strengthen the fusing of the two. This construction reduces torque from both frame & shaft as well as the lateral twisting of the frame in off-center shots for a better transfer of power and control.

Hot Melt Tech : The graphite sheets are heated at a higher temperature to further eliminate the impurities during the initial manufacturing process. This results in a smoother more consistent coating that not only strengthens the frame but enhances the aerodynamics of the graphite thus increasing the racquets velocity.

High Foam System : By using a special molding technology, EVA foam is used on the internal of the frame. Strengthening the external frame while still keeping the flexibility of the inner frame. This construction enables the frame to absorb shock when hitting the shuttlecock and offers more power.

Slim Shaft : Slim Shaft reduces drag and enables the racquet to be highly responsive. The thickness of the shaft reduces overall racquet weight and thus creating high-speed smashes with ease.

Rapid Response System : The Rapid Response System is an innovative technology aimed at delivering explosive power with every shot. By carefully calibrating the kick-point on the shaft, a moderate snapping back and a quick spring back create a faster and more accurate smash.