Pakistani Boxer Disappears in Italy, Steals from Teammate

Pakistani Boxer Disappears in Italy, Steals from Teammate

Pakistani Boxer Vanishes in Italy After Stealing from Teammate

A Pakistani boxer, Zohaib Rasheed, has disappeared in Italy after allegedly stealing money from a teammate’s bag, casting a shadow over the country’s Olympic aspirations.

Rasheed, a rising star in Pakistan’s boxing scene, had traveled to Italy as part of a five-member squad for an Olympic qualifying tournament. However, his actions have brought shame upon the Pakistan Amateur Boxing Federation (PABF) and the nation.

According to PABF secretary Colonel Nasir Ahmed, Rasheed took advantage of his teammate Laura Ikram’s absence during training to steal foreign currency from her purse. He then vanished from the hotel, leaving his team and officials in shock.

“It is most embarrassing for the federation and country the way Zohaib Rasheed has behaved,” Ahmed said. “He had gone there as part of a squad to take part in an Olympic qualifying tournament.”

Rasheed’s disappearance is not an isolated incident. In the past, Pakistani athletes have used international competitions as an opportunity to seek a better future abroad.

The PABF has notified the Pakistan Embassy in Italy and filed a police report. Authorities are actively searching for Rasheed, but he remains out of contact.

Rasheed’s actions have not only tarnished Pakistan’s reputation but also raised questions about the integrity of the national boxing program. The PABF is now facing scrutiny over its selection process and the measures in place to prevent such incidents.

The incident has cast a pall over Pakistan’s Olympic hopes. Rasheed was considered a potential medal contender, and his absence will be a significant blow to the team’s chances of qualifying for the Tokyo Games.