Sunil Gavaskar Compares Dhruv Jurel to MS Dhoni, Sees Potential for Indian Team

Sunil Gavaskar Compares Dhruv Jurel to MS Dhoni, Sees Potential for Indian Team

MS Dhoni, the legendary Indian cricketer, has set an unparalleled benchmark for finishers in the game. His exceptional batting style has often rescued the Indian team from precarious situations. Despite not being a technically proficient batter in the conventional sense, Dhoni’s effectiveness has been undeniable, both for India and the Chennai Super Kings.

Recently, Sunil Gavaskar, the iconic former Indian cricketer, drew comparisons between Dhoni and a rising star, Dhruv Jurel. During the fourth Test in Ranchi, Jurel’s composed batting after the fall of the top order prompted Gavaskar to make the bold claim.

“Watching Dhruv Jurel’s presence of mind makes me think he’s the next MS Dhoni in the making,” Gavaskar said during commentary. “I know it’s a big claim, but when Dhoni was young, he showed the same presence of mind.”

Gavaskar has since elaborated on his comments, explaining that Jurel’s game awareness and adaptability remind him of Dhoni. “The way he thinks about the game, assesses the situation, and bats accordingly gives me the MS Dhoni feels,” Gavaskar said. “He can hit a six and then rotate the strike with ones and twos. Even in keeping, his quick reflexes and brilliant catches are reminiscent of Dhoni.”

Gavaskar believes that Jurel has the potential to emulate Dhoni’s success, albeit in his own unique way. “No one can become MS Dhoni,” he said. “But if Jurel can manage to do even some portion of the things Dhoni did, it would be great for Indian cricket.”

Gavaskar also sees Jurel as a potential option for the Indian team in shorter formats. “His ability to hit sixes with ease shows that he has the game for T20s and ODIs,” Gavaskar said. “If he gets a chance, he will likely bat at No. 5 or 6 as a finisher, just like Dhoni.”

Jurel’s IPL form will be crucial in determining his future prospects. “Form is very important,” Gavaskar said. “But the ease with which he is hitting sixes shows that he has the game for shorter formats.”