Asia Mixed Team Championships 2023: China beats Korea to win Gold

Asia Mixed Team Championships 2023: China beats Korea to clinch the gold medal

China has defended its title. The champions beat Korea 3-1 in the Asia Mixed Team Championships 2023 to clinch the gold medal. The badminton tournament being played in Dubai also saw India winning the bronze medal.

After a couple of narrow 3-2 wins over Malaysia and India in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, China made slightly easier work of South Korea in the final. Women’s doubles pairing Liu Shengshu and Tan Ning secured the decisive point as a Chinese line-up, missing most of their top players, came out on top.


After beating HS Prannoy, China’s Lei Lanxi beat Lee Yun-gyu comfortably to take the opening game in the singles game. Lee led 10-6 in the first game, but Lei – ranked 121 in the world – won the last six points from seven to take it 21-16.

The Chinese then secured four consecutive points in game two to hold an 11-7 advantage at the interval and stayed clear to seal a 21-16, 21-15 victory in the Asia Mixed Team Championships 2023 tournament.

In the women’s singles, Gao Fangjie took another big scalp to double China’s lead, defeating Kim Ga-eun 21-15, 21-15. The Chinese women’s doubles team won 21-11, 21-10, which saw poor defending from the Korean players early in the game.

Additionally, India, who lost 3-2 to China, and Thailand, who lost 3-1 to Korea, picked up the bronze medals.

The Ultimate Guide to different types of shuttlecocks

Badminton is a game that requires some specific skill sets and strategies to take your opponents down. But when you are a layman in the game, you understand that other than these factors, the necessary equipment needs to be purchased to refine the style. 

Why choose the right equipment for badminton? 

Badminton has various badminton types, shuttlecocks, and other equipment. The beauty of it is that these tools are made in different forms and styles. One can choose any badminton and shuttle they like according to their convenience. It is a must to play with the right game gear according to the level that you belong to. If you are a beginner and try your hand at an advanced level shuttle, it can make the game more complicated, and these kits are expensive to use carelessly. 

Three kinds of badminton shuttlecocks are available for players. It is suitable for different kinds and levels of game styles. Let’s see further what the highlights are that these shuttlecocks have and for which level of games they can be used.¬†

Feather shuttlecock 

  • The feather shuttlecock is used by all the high-level players. You won’t see this shuttlecock in a beginner’s hand as an intermediate and professional player deals with it.¬†
  • The professionals prefer it because it is made out of goose feathers, making the quality much more elite than the others. It is not recommended for newbies because they can be too rough with it as, initially, badminton can be a difficult game to engage in that can break the feathers and damage the shuttlecocks. Experts have an idea of how to engage with the shuttle that can maintain it.¬†
  • The positive is that it can be tackled quite conveniently, unlike the other shuttles. If you are looking for some slice and net spin, then this is the right tool, as it can be accomplished using a feature shuttle.¬†

The disadvantage will be that it is less durable than the nylon one. The feathers tend to break or bend after numerous matches. There are certain ways that this problem can be dealt with if it is stored in a humid environment. When the feather gets brittle, that leads to breakage of the shuttlecock, so keeping it in humid conditions is a way to avoid this situation. 

Here are a few recommended badminton feather shuttlecocks.

Babolat 1 Badminton Feather Shuttlecock Speed 76 

  • This is the supreme quality shuttle that is available in the market. It is one of the classiest options that are available for players.¬†
  • It is made with Taiwanese goose feathers and a triple-layer cock. You do not have to buy shuttlecocks often as it is quite durable, and this speed is moderate.

Adidas Flieger FS5 badminton shuttlecock 

  • If you have reached that level in your game where it is getting better, try this shuttlecock.¬†
  • It can be used for matches as well as practice sessions. This shuttlecock will give you a hands-on experience of what experts deal with in badminton.¬†
  • This is created out of the C goose feathers, and it also has a double-layer cork. These features can give you the experience of increased resistance, and the flight trajectory will improve to a great extent.¬†

YONEX Aeroclub ACB-TR Feather Shuttlecock

  • This shuttle can be used for practice games and tournaments by the players.¬†
  • Yonex feature cock is made with keeping all the precision in mind. It is also suitable for various climatic conditions.¬†
  • Natural duck features are used to make this shuttle, giving this shuttlecock a great flight trajectory.¬†

YONEX Aerosensa 2 AS2 Badminton Shuttlecock

  • The material that this shuttlecock is made up of is excellent for smashes and significant height drops. This shuttlecock is supreme in quality as the cork is solid 100%.¬†
  • This shuttle’s recovery time is shorter compared to the other shuttles. It does not get affected by cold or warm temperatures.¬†

Plastic/nylon shuttlecocks 

  • This is used by beginners in the game as there is no need to worry about the shuttlecock breaking easily. It is inexpensive compared to the other ones available.¬†
  • They are created from a nylon material which can be observed after you touch the shuttlecock.¬†
  • Because of the material, it takes a faster flight but a slower declaration rather than the feather cock. The game, due to this reason, is quite fast as there is not much control over it.¬†
  • The best part is that this shuttlecock can go without tearing up to 100 matches which is a great option for beginners as they can practice with it regularly.¬†

Here are a few recommended badminton nylon shuttlecocks.

FZ Forza NS 10 Badminton Shuttlecock 

  • It is excellent regarding durability, as this shuttlecock will give you an experience of extraordinary playability.¬†
  • The cork is made up of natural material, and the skirt of this shuttle has been updated for the players to get the best experience.¬†

YONEX Mavis 350 nylon shuttlecock 

  • The best feature of the YONEX Mavis 350 nylon shuttlecock is that they are just 0.005 seconds slower than the feather shuttlecock.¬†
  • It recovers at 0.008 seconds, much faster than the other shuttlecock.¬†
  • It is similar to a feather shuttle, which is why it is excellent for beginners and intermediates in the game.¬†

Cosco AERO 777 Nylon Badminton Shuttle 

This shuttle is used for club-level matches as it has a durable foam base that keeps the shuttlecock intact. 

YONEX Mavis 2000 Yellow Badminton Shuttlecock 

  • If you are a beginner in the field of badminton, then this shuttle should be your first buy, as it is strongly suggested that newcomers should use this.
  • It gives a glimpse of how the feather shuttle will feel. This shuttlecock will aid in making your flight performance much better while considering any other competitors in the market. You will see this shuttle lasting for a longer time.¬†
  • It is a pocket-friendly option and is preferred by most players in the field. You can encounter an excellent flight performance from YONEX Mavis Shuttlecocks.

Hybrid shuttlecock 

  • As the name suggests, it is the mix between two other types. It is a mixture of plastic and feather shuttlecock.¬†
  • This concept has been introduced recently, which is why it is seen in a small number. It is constructed so that the ends are that of a goose feather, and the frame is made of synthetic material.¬†
  • This goes without saying that hybrid shuttlecocks are more brittle than feather ones.¬†
  • This means that the prices are quite affordable due to reasonable manufacturing costs that give people an opportunity to play with a better quality product but at a lower price.¬†
  • The negatives here can be seen that the flight path and control could be better than the feather ones.¬†

Here are a few recommended hybrid badminton shuttlecocks.

Babolat Hybrid Badminton Shuttlecock 

This shuttle comes with a cork head and top-quality nylon features, making it durable equipment to buy. You can experience the features of durability, stability, and precision that make you improve the game to a greater extent. 

  • If you check out the online sites, one thing that can be observed is the shuttlecock’s speed. If this confuses you, read further to understand better what these shuttlecocks’ speed means.¬†
  • If the description says that the speed is 78, it indicates that it is the best one to buy. Speed 78 shuttlecock is the most popular one.
  • There are a lot of factors that are involved when one chooses a shuttlecock. Seeing the length of the court and the force plays a significant part, as it can affect gaming.¬†
  • The slow shuttle speed will decelerate faster and won’t reach the standard length when seen with the other shuttles. The exact opposite happens with the fast shuttle because the speed will make it travel much faster when a shot is hit, and the length it will travel will be much further.
  • The speed of these shuttlecocks ranges between the numbers of 75-79. As you can guess, if the number is less, then the shuttlecock is relatively slow, and if it is larger, the speed is faster.¬†
  • In the court, three factors can affect the entire game: temperature, humidity, and altitude. These things cannot be handled as it depends on the locations where the match is being held. Even though there are these speeds that the shuttlecocks are known to possess due to such conditions, they can change accordingly.

Speed of the badminton shuttlecocks 

65- Slow 

This is used at an altitude that is above sea level. The degree it is suitable for is above 30, which is very hot. Professionals rarely use it, and its popularity across the globe is relatively less 

76- Quite slow 

It is used for sea level altitude in matches. This speed of the shuttlecock is used for a degree that ranges between 25 to 30, which is a hot temperature. It is not seen that often in the game, which is why it is a rare occurrence 

77- Average speed 

This, too, is seen at a sea-level altitude. The temperature here is seen as average, which is between 15 to 25 degrees. It is not as rare and is sometimes seen being used in games 

78- Quite fast 

They are used for altitudes that are below sea level. This shuttle is utilized in the cold degree range from 0-15 degrees. It is the most popular one that players from across the globe use 

79 РFast 

The badminton shuttlecock is used in altitudes that go below sea level. It is used in places that have very cold that goes below freezing degree. This shuttle is also rarely used by players 

Purchase your shuttlecock using these guidelines, as it will aid you in getting your game even better. Choosing online sites to get this is the best option to go for as they give a detailed description of the product, which can help you read the things that were written above in the product description of the site for better understanding. Bring your A-game with the right shuttlecock while playing.

The best exercises to cool down after a badminton game

How to cool down after a Badminton game?

Giving importance to health has become a necessity in today’s age. What can be much better than getting involved in a sport covering all aspects of being healthy, fit, and good at something? That’s why those who play some kind of sport are always fit. Playing badminton requires immense strength and energy. Running around and hitting the shuttle makes the body exhausted. Playing this kind of sport can have a lot of advantages for the body, but there are certain aspects to keep in mind. Cooling down is a process that should be followed religiously after playing badminton, and the reasons are discussed further in the article.¬†

What is a cooldown? 

  • Those who have just started working out or playing an intense sport like badminton might find this term new. Cooling down is necessary after a session of a game or exercise to let the body feel relaxed. It is a workout that is usually slow compared to other ones. This lasts for only 5-10 minutes. It helps the body to reach back to a normal state as the heartbeat becomes regular.¬†
  • Cool down usually consists of stretches and mild exercises. It aids people in getting ready for their next match once as they are now in a much better state to tackle it when they are comfortable.¬†
  • To make your game better in badminton, it is essential to take precautions and follow the required cooldown techniques along with the others rather than just buying expensive equipment and getting disappointed if you see no results.¬†
  • A workout session should be made correctly to see the effects on the body. Warm-up, exercise, and cooldown should be planned so that the body gets the right treatment.¬†

The benefits of cooling down after a badminton game

Before doing anything, it is necessary to learn the reasons or benefits that the process involves, so people have logical reasoning behind performing it. People believe that cooling down after an intense exercise is unnecessary, or maybe are simply very lazy to do so because we all know how tough it is to push oneself for a workout and then a cool-down session may appear impossible, but while playing an intense sport like badminton, you must continually activate your muscles to support your body. A good cool down and stretch can help you perform better during the game. These are some of the advantages which are why cooldown is so essential after a game or workout. 

1) Avoides damages 

When engaging in the process of long and engaging matches, muscle tear is something that can happen to people. It is a painful experience that the body has to go through and may give nightmares to many. There is a way to ensure that it does not happen, and that is through doing the cooldown process. Those who end their day by not doing this can notice that they do not gain major benefits as opposed to those who religiously follow the cooldown exercises.

2) Regulates heartbeat 

This is one of the major reasons why cooldown is essential to adapt to the schedule. The body may experience dizziness due to exhaustion or other reasons, and it can be dangerous if there is no one around to handle the person. To ensure that light-headedness does not happen after a game, cooldown can play a good role as it helps the body to get the heartbeat back to a regular rate. 

3) No muscle cramping or stiffness 

The reason for cramping and stiffness in the body is the accumulated lactic acid. Getting this is not a treat, as they can make a person scream in pain. To make sure that you do not experience any of it, cooldown stretches can be your option as they aid the body in releasing the acid faster. This leads the body not to slow down the process as it gets into recovery mode more quickly. 

4) Stress release 

Dopamine and serotonin are the hormones in the body that make a person happy. While doing these cooldowns, it is observed that these are released, which makes the body feel relaxed and gets rid of all the stress. You will surely feel your mood improving after finishing the session with a cooldown. 

5) Good flexibility 

Cooling down can make you believe that you see a positive change in your body as it helps with being more flexible. As mentioned above, any tear and back pain can be avoided by doing it. Having good flexibility can also impact your overall game, which is why these stretches are advised by experts as well. 

6) Helps to meditate better 

In cooling down it is advantageous if you hold the stretch that you are in for a longer time, this will help you to stay focused and aid your muscles lengthening in your body. Meditation also helps you to clear your mind and focus better which cool down provides. This may be a winning deal for players who have back-to-back matches as they can concentrate with a calm mind. 

7) Regulation of blood flow 

There is more blood pumped when the body engages in sports or exercise. Cool down gives veins the ability to regulate normal blood back to the body along with making sure that the blood pressure drops. According to the doctors, there are no negative effects that are found in the process of cooling down; it just has numerous benefits contributing to making players better at the game. 

8) Reduces soreness

Nobody wants a sore body the next morning after playing an intense game as the soreness lasts for 2-3 days and forces you to stay in bed due to the discomfort that the body experiences. Stretching out can get rid of this soreness in no time as it helps in releasing the muscles and gives you instant relief. 

What are some regular cooldown exercises? 

These are some detailed cooldown exercises that people across the age can do. They are explained in a simple manner for better understanding. Carefully read the instructions so that you can experience how your body gets back to normal after engaging in it. 

Seated foot forward 

  1. Sit on a yoga mat with your feet outstretched. 
  2. Put your arms up and go forward with it. 
  3. Hold your feet with your hands. You have to be in this position for a minute or as long as your body is comfortable and not experiencing any pain. 

Downward facing dog 

  1. First, go into a plank position with your body. From here, you have to go up and down with your hips. 
  2. If you want to do this right, then it is crucial to keep the spine straight.
  3. To distribute the weight of your body proportionally, spread your fingers widely. 
  4. Your legs have to be pedalled out and in. Your body must switch between an inverted “V shape” and go back to normal and plank position.¬†
  5. This should be done for a minute. 

Butterfly stretch 

  1. Sit on the mat with your soles touching each other (if you want to make it more difficult, bend forward and try touching your head to the mat). 
  2. For a regular butterfly, stretch, erect your spine and take deep breaths, while you exhale you can let your body relax. 
  3. This stretch can be done for 2-4 minutes. 

Other common cooldown exercises 

Some of these exercises are self-explanatory, or there are tutorial videos that can be followed to look at how to do them. It is necessary to learn how to do them so that your body does not go through any accidents of tear and dislocation. People can look at some fun-cool-down exercises on the various internet platforms to make this end-session more exciting. 

  1. Toe touching 
  2. Shoulder-stretch 
  3. Lunge stretch
  4. Child pose 
  5. Split toe touch 
  6. Floor touch 
  7. Side stretch 

Easy exercises to follow 

As we all know it gets difficult for someone who is older or in that case even younger for the above-mentioned stretches. For minors and older adults, it can be challenging to do some difficult cooldowns. These few stretches can make the process much easier. 


Breathing or even walking can be the easiest form of cooling down or stretching for such people. 

Corpse position 

  1. Lie down on the mat with your arms alongside your body. Keep your feet facing upwards and not bent. Your palms must be open. 
  2. Feel relaxed by closing your eyes and letting all your body lose on the mat entirely. You do not have to hold any of the body parts tightly. 
  3. This position can be held for 5 minutes or more. 

Arms circles 

  1. Extend your arms to the sides and keep them on shoulder level. 
  2. You have to move your arms forwards 8-10 times in circles. Do the same process backwards. 

Follow these methods to give your body a much-deserving session of resting through this session! The next time you finish an intense game like playing badminton make sure to follow a cool-down routine. To revise the benefits that it has, the body gets back to how it was, it regulates the blood pressure, you feel more relieved and happier and you are more flexible than ever.

How to select a Badminton Racket?

In Badminton, having the proper equipment is necessary. Proper Badminton equipment, whether racket or shoes, is a must. Having a proper racket according to your game style can upgrade your game to another level.

Sometimes you may have to purchase a new racket, so many problems arise, like which racket is best for me. So, we, the God of Sports, are here to help you tell you which racket is good for enhancing your game.

Points to remember when you are going to purchase a badminton racket for you:

1. Balance Point or overall weight of Racket:

  • Head Heavy Racket:

A head-heavy racket means the weight shift towards the head. Head Heavy rackets will give you more power due to the momentum generated from heavier racket heads.

  • Head Light Racket :

A Head Light balance means the weight shifts less towards the head (towards the grip). A headlight racket will give you more manoeuvrability but less power.

For starters, always go for the Even-Balanced racket rather than going for Head-Heavy or Head-Light racket. Once you know your type, you can always replace your racket according to your suitability.

2. Head Shape:

  • Isometric: An isometric racket gives you a larger sweet spot, hence making it easier for you to hit a shot efficiently.
  • Oval: An oval-headed racket has a smaller sweet spot, but if the sweet spot hits, it gives you a slightly more concentrated power.

An isometric racket is easier to play with compared to an oval racket, as it gives you a larger sweet spot. Nowadays, 90% of rackets are made of Isometric shape.

3. String Tension:

String tension refers to how tight the racket string is tied to the racket, and it’s measured in pounds (lbs) normally. The tighter you tie your string, the less bouncy your string becomes, which means less repulsion power will be generated from the string bed. However, your shots will be more accurate and sharper.

4. Shaft Flexibility:

The stiffness of the racket shaft refers to how easily the shaft flexes (flexibility). If you are a Beginner, you want a shaft which is more flexible, while Advance Player will benefit from one that is stiffer.

The stiff shaft provides more resistance and a faster snap back (recoil) when flexed, which won’t be a problem for an advanced player.

5. Racket Weight:

Selecting the weight for your badminton racquet depends upon your playing technique and skill of play. The weight and balance of the racquet change when it is either strung or any extra grip is added.

In conclusion, a player has to choose the racket on the basis of these points. If you are confused about selecting the best racket for you, click on the link here. An expert will connect with you soon to guide you to the best racket for you.

To shop your favourite badminton products at the lowest price, visit our website – God of Sports.

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