The ultimate guide to selecting a squash ball

The ultimate guide to selecting a squash ball

While buying sports items, it is necessary to consider all the criteria and essential details. There are many varieties in each item that are specifically prepared to fit certain game types and players. To get your game correct initially, it is better to look at all these sub-points that will help you select the best item that is fit for your level and aid you in saving money from getting wasted. 

Playing Level 

For beginners or childrenРWhite dot ball/ single blue dot ball is made for beginners due to higher bounce. It has 40% more bounce than the ball for advanced players, which makes players confident in their game as they can give more hang time. There is no need to warm up the ball before beginning the game. 

For intermediatesРIt bounces more than 10% more than the Prime. The refined players should use this ball. It is suitable for cold weather conditions. 

For advanced levelРTo play with this level of ball, there is a great technique requirement, and both players must be good in their gameplay. 

Court temperature 

The squash court’s temperature is essential when selecting the right ball, as it can affect the game.¬†

Low temperature: Go for a ball that bounces much higher. 

Higher temperature: When it is hotter, balls have a low bounce. 

The material used in squash ball 

It is better to know the basics and the game’s elements down to the T to understand better the sport you will be playing.¬†

The balls are composed of raw butyl rubber, and a mixture of natural and synthetic materials is added. The ball is empty from the inside, more towards the hollow side, and the air that is present inside works as an absorbent of energy converted into heat. This process makes the rubber expand more which makes it bouncier. One should know this, as the squash ball should be warmed up to bounce. 

Choosing the Right Squash Ball

Choosing the ball must be according to a player’s level of game and expertise. For beginners, it is always better to start from ground level and not directly skip on the upper ones, as that can ruin the fundamentals of the game, which can have a bad impact in the future.

Online websites are the best source for buying this equipment as they give ample knowledge and information on the ball they sell. It will be easier to know the ball’s performance by reading through these details to know if the ball is better for your style.¬†

Educational videos on various internet platforms can give a fair understanding and personalized opinions on which ball to choose while listening to the reviews given by game experts. 

If you are visiting a store, ask the salesperson to help you choose the ball, as they have deep knowledge and hands-on experience in knowing which ball will suit your game the best. 

What are the different squash ball types? 

If you have started developing a new interest in squash and are looking forward to purchasing a squash ball, then it can be done by looking at the different symbols displayed on it. 

Various colours on the ball mean a difference in bounce, and the temperature can also affect it. 

  • Blue Single Dot: This is the squash ball for beginners. It is the ideal choice for those who have just started in this game because it has the highest time of hanging in the air compared to any other ball. Blue single dot allows players to enjoy rallies and get comfortable with the game.¬†
  • Red Single Dot:¬†This is highly used and is fit for intermediate players. It has the quality of good bounce as the diameter is larger. One can use this ball to develop their skills and reach a higher level because of good hanging time.¬†
  • Yellow Single Dot: Club or semi-pro players use this squash ball, a fit choice in cool places. The hanging time of this is more than Double dot type.¬†
  • Yellow Double Dot: Professionals in this game who have mastered their skills use this type, and they can be commonly seen in the squash circuit. The qualities of this ball that makes it the most favourable choice are that it is consistent and it sustains games that have hard-hitting, which aids in maintaining the ideal temperature for better performance in the game.¬†
  • White ball: This should be only used in the glass courts. It is more like yellow double dot balls in its performance. It is used in glass courts so that there is more visibility of it in the court.¬†

Specifications of a squash ball 

DiameterРIt is measured perpendicular to the seam. The diameter ranges between 39.5mm to 40.5mm. 

Weight- Ranges between 23-25 grams.

Changing of the ballРThere are no hard and fast rules when it comes to changing the ball. If you feel that the ball has worn off as it starts looking shinier and skidding, then it is a sign that the ball needs to be changed. This occurs when the ball is used for more than 8-10 hours of playing. If there are no such signs, the ball is good to go. 

In professional matches, a ball change is allowed after every two games. 

Package- These balls are sold individually, in a tube, a 3-pack, and a box. If you go for a single ball, it is given in a small cardboard box; these are more for beginners. For Pro and Competitive matches, the balls are bought in tubes containing three balls. Tubes are much more preferred than individual ones because they are used to store the balls in an orderly way which keeps them protected from any harm and slows down the process of wear and tear. It is also clean and handy to carry in the racket bag. A box contains 12 individually packed balls. 

Best Brands to buy Squash Balls 

While buying these squash balls, it is always better to go for a well-known brand to get your hands on the best quality product. A few of them are listed down below with their features and positives. 

1) Dunlop 

This brand has a well-set reputation. They are known to produce the largest number of squash balls in the entire globe. The famous ball most commonly used is the DUNLOP PRO YELLOW DOUBLE Dot ball. As white squash balls were mentioned above that were only used in glass courts, this brand was the first to develop them, including the Red, Yellow, and Blue. 


  • Dunlop Pro is officially used by World Squash Federation (WSF), the Women‚Äôs International Squash Players Association, and Professional Squash Association (PSA). ‚óŹ It is known to give a steady performance that will aid players in engaging in powerful and decent gameplay.¬†
  • They produce 7 types of squash balls that fit every game.¬†

2) Head 

This brand is developing a good name in the market after they have come up with great sets of rackets. It is a sports brand that is based in the UK. Their products are renowned worldwide because of the quality of goods that they supply. These balls are made up of excellent materials; the control is high-level and durable. 


  • It is easy to recognize the different types as different colours on the ball mark them.
  • These balls are created out of special rubber material, which changes the entire gameplay as it makes it easier to use.¬†

3) Prince 

They are known to create balls that give an ulterior game experience by being extra bouncy, having fast speed, and great durability. It has a quick pace. 


  • Squash players from any level can use balls made by this company. ‚óŹ The World Squash specifications approve it because of the material used to make this which makes the gameplay quite effective and comfortable while using it on the court.¬†

4) Tecnifibre 

This company has lots of experience as it was made in 1979. It now only makes squash equipment, which gives it an exclusive reputation. They produce squash racquets, strings, balls, grips, bags, and more. The speed of the ball is known to be steady, while the bounce is quite consistent. Excellent for experienced players in the game. 


  • It comes with two balls in a pack.¬†
  • Expert players can use this to see a change in their game as it is made up of ulterior quality.¬†
  • This company sells squash balls made by the ex-world number one player Thierry Lincou.¬†


With this guide, buy the optimum squash ball to improve your game. This will also help you to put your money into the right equipment and save a lot of time by not playing with the wrong ball, which can ruin the entire skill. With the right ball choice for every player and details about the squash ball, we hope there are no doubts left in your ball to select the right one.

How to select a Squash Racket

If you are new in the field and want to know what is squash, then we have made the job easier for you as it is a game that two or four players play in a court covered with four walls with a hollow rubber ball. Those who are into the game of squash will be keen to know which rackets are suitable for them to increase the quality of the game. Let’s look more into the details so that you know which racket fits you by the end of the article. Squash Racket Shape¬†

When deciding on a squash racket, it is essential to keep in mind its shape. Four kinds of shapes are usually found in squash, and that is: 

  1. Elongated teardrop 
  2. Teardrop 
  3. Oval 
  4. Square head 

These 4 have special abilities that can be observed by the player when they use different shapes of rackets. The teardrop ones are known to have more power in them than compared to the square-head racket. The Square-head is recognized for its control. 

Next comes the throat of these rackets that are important in the game. They are divided into two categories: Closed throat squash rackets and open-throat squash rackets. The main difference between the two is that the open throat has more power as the strings are longer. In the closed-throat ones, the main is shorter, giving the player more command of their racket. 

Squash racket balance 

There are three kinds of balance in squash rackets, and they are categorized as Head heavy, Even, and Headlight. 

Head heavy: As the name suggests, this is on the heavier side because most of its weight is on the frame of the racket. The plus point in this situation is that more power is given by head-heavy ones, which also aids in better control and handling. One can experience their swings being excellent with this kind of. 

Even: This is between the two others, which gives perfect balance, and here the weight is more on the throat at the bottom of the strings. This is a better option for those who are confused with the other rackets. 

Headlight: This racket is focused on speed which is why being light in weights plays a major role here. It is suggested that those who have a slow game can go for this racket that consists of serves or drops. You can change the direction of your shot with the help of your wrist, which is why it is also called a wristy swing. 

How to know about the balance?

You can check the balance of the racket by using these techniques. 

  • If you put the racket on your palm, the weight can be judged according to the place it is leaning. If the racket is leaning in one direction and is balanced in the other, then it means that you have got your answer. For head heavy, the balance is more towards the higher angle. For even, it is around the base where the strings are located, and for the last one, i.e., the headlight, the balance is usually seen either in the handle or the grip.¬†
  • Internet sites have made life much easier, which is why it has become an efficient job to check the balance of your racket if you are online shopping. Head-heavy rackets have a balance between 350-380mm. Even rackets are known to have their balance at 340mm. In the case of headlight rackets, it ranges below 340 up to 320 mm.¬†

Squash racket weight 

The weight of the racket can usually vary between 110 and 140 grams. One thing that needs to be noted is that this weight does not include the string and the grip. These rackets are divided into four categories according to their weight. 

Heavy: These weigh above 140 grams. This is great for players who want more power and are fond of hard-hitting shots, as they can see the racket doing wonders with it. It can be a task to bear the weight of this after a point which is why this is used only sometimes by the players. 

Mid-weight: This ranges between 130-140 grams. It is popular amongst intermediate players as it is not leaning on any extreme sides of the weight. If someone is looking for accuracy in their shots, then these kinds of rackets are a suitable option as they give stability when it comes to playing shots. 

Light racket: This has become a successful racket in today’s world, as most players lean towards it. The weight varies from 120-130 grams, and the advantage that is seen in these rackets is that it is great for manoeuvring. Power is guaranteed by light rackets, which makes it more attractive. It is necessary to remember that light rackets are sometimes the best choice, and one should not buy them thinking that they perform the best as it has their own set of drawbacks.¬†

Ultra-light: Squash rackets that weigh under 120 grams are categorized under this section. This is best in making the other opponent nervous, as speed is a speciality of ultralight. A few disadvantages that it has is control and power are not in its favour. Those who are good at the game can use these. 

Squash racket beam 

When we say racket beam in simple words, it means how thick the frame of the racket is. How wide the racket is from the side is considered under this aspect. Here, there are three measurements. Let’s look at them in detail for better understanding.

Wider beam: Those who are beginners in this field are seen with this kind of racket. This has the advantage of being more powerful as the frame consists of an additional material which makes it wide in size. The measurements are seen as 20-21mm. 

Average beam: This is the most common one which is utilized by players. It ranges from 18-19. This is one of the safest options to go for, which is the reason for its popularity. 

Narrow beam: The measurement is taken in mm. Wide beams are usually between 16-17mm. The positives that this gives are that it has more flexibility than compared to the others and good manoeuvring and this kind is seen being used by those players who have an ample amount of experience in the game of squash. 

What are some useful recommendations? 

Those who specifically want a few suggestions in rackets can read further to know what experts suggest for various degrees of players. 

NIVIA Attack-Ti Squash Racquet 

This racket is made up of steel, and the material that is used is of high grade. The strength of this is that it is lightweight and durable, which gives a noticeable performance. If you are a beginner in the game and want something comfortable, this can be a great option to go for. 

Cosco LST 125 Aluminium Squash Racquet 

Players have experienced a strong grip with this racket, and the weight of it is around 0.75 pounds which makes it another brilliant choice for beginners. Those who are above 12+ can definitely go for it, as it has an anti-slip feature that makes it efficient for newcomers to handle the racket well. 

Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Top 125 

The pro player Mohamed El Shorbagy used this; this racket has multiple features, which is why it makes it to the top of the list. The price is high compared to the others. It gives a great balance when it comes to the essential aspect of squash: power and control. It is recommended for expert players, and this was released in the year 2021. 

Prince Airstick 130 

This is the classic choice that Ramy Ashour used. It weighs around 130 grams, and it was released a few years back, but the experts believe that this racket can still perform excellently. It is known for its good power and maneuver, which will make your opponent sweat. The material used in his racket is graphite, which aids with giving an edge for some powerful action in the court. 

Head Nano Ti 110

This budget-friendly racket will fit into your spending and also give you the feel of a good game. If you are just getting to know squash, then it is better not to go for something which will be too expensive, as when your game improves, that will be the right time to go for it. For now, this option is the best as it gives all the brilliant features. The weight of this racket is around 149 grams, and this has been recommended strongly as a good racket, to begin with. 


It is always a clever step to buy such types of equipment with a proper set of knowledge about how other factors affect performance. Take a view at the specifications to get an idea of what will be the most suitable for you. With this guide, we hope that you get your own racket that will make you stand out from the rest of the players.

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