Wimbledon prize money increased to a record £44.7 million

Wimbledon set to increase its prize money for the upcoming tournament

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) announced that it has increased the prize pool for Wimbledon to a record 44.7 million pounds ($56.52 million), an 11.2% increase as compared to last year. Based on this raise, the winners and runners-up of the men’s and women’s singles finals will also see their prize money rising to previous levels in 2019, where they received 2.35 million pounds and 1.175 million pounds, respectively.

“We are delighted to offer record prize money to the players competing at the Championships this year, with double-digit increases across the majority of events, “AELTC chairman Ian Hewitt said in their statement. He further added, “Our ambition with this distribution is to return the singles champions and runners-up prize money to the levels in 2019 prior to the (COVID-19) pandemic whilst… providing deserved support for players in the early rounds of the event.”

The Qualifying Competition prize money fund has received a 14.5% increase from last year, while Main Draw Singles players losing in the first round will receive £55,000, a 10% increase in 2022.

The prize pool for the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Doubles is a 10.7% increase from last year, while the Wheelchair and Quad Wheelchair Singles and Doubles events all rose by just shy of 20%.

The Wimbledon 2023 will officially start from July 3 to 16.