Holger Rune's Short Shorts: A Fashion Statement and a Mind Trick

Holger Rune’s Short Shorts: A Fashion Statement and a Mind Trick

Holger Rune’s Short Shorts: A Nod to Tennis Fashion and a Mind Trick

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. – Holger Rune has become a fashion icon on the tennis court, sporting short shorts reminiscent of the 1980s. The 20-year-old Dane believes his five-inch inseam Nike shorts not only look good but also give him an edge on the court.

“I think five inches is pretty good,” Rune said at the BNP Paribas Open. “I don’t know how long these are, but they’re around five.”

Rune’s shorts have drawn comparisons to those worn by tennis legend John McEnroe. The Dane joked that pulling them higher helped him shake off a missed overhead and secure a straight-sets victory over Lorenzo Musetti.

“Did you see 5-5 in the tiebreaker? That’s why he missed the forehand. It’s a small mind trick,” Rune said.

Rune’s belief in the efficiency of his shorts extends beyond their appearance. “I’m not being selfish or anything. I just believe in my legs, not just the look, but on the court, I believe they’re efficient,” he said.

Rune’s next challenge will be against 2022 champion Taylor Fritz in the quarterfinals. The Dane will need to put his legs to the test against the American, who is known for his powerful serve and aggressive baseline play.

Rune’s short shorts have become a talking point in the tennis world, but the Dane remains focused on his performance. “I’m just trying to play my best tennis and win matches,” he said. “The shorts are just a part of that.”