Which badminton shoes are the best?

Choosing the most ideal badminton shoe is always important. A comfortable and high-performing pair of shoes can enhance your game exponentially, against any opponent. Badminton shoes can be classified into various categories based on the shape, technology, cushion and material. So, to help you out we have listed below the best badminton shoes in 2021.

1. Yonex Eclipsion Z2

Yonex Eclipsion Z2 is a semi-one piece sole and Radial Blade Sole for maximum stability and grip promoting rapid footwork. Moreover, it comes in two colors – Red/Black & Acid Yellow.


Power Cushion : Power Cushion absorbs shock then reverses the impact energy for smooth transfer into the next movement. Compared with urethane, the YONEX Power Cushion construction provides 3 times more shock absorbing power. When dropped from 7m above a Power Cushion sheet, an egg will bounce back 4m without damage.

Power Cushion+ : A raw egg can be dropped from 12 meters above the POWER CUSHION+ mat, rebounding to a height of 6 meters without breaking.

Double Russel Mesh : Double Raschel Mesh is an ultra fine mesh that is extremely lightweight and durable. It provides eight times more air-exchange for releasing moisture than ordinary mesh fabric.

Durable Skin : The visually improved upper design technology increases durability whilst maintaining comfort for smoother footwork.

Synchro-Fit Insole : For Quicker Footwork. Synchro-Fit Insole construction allows a closer fit between shoe and foot, keeping power loss to an absolute minimum to achieve smoother movement and quicker footwork. Compared to conventional footwear, the mid to heel area on the insole is lifted to provide a closer-fit between shoe and foot. By holding the heel more firmly against the insole, the gap between shoe and foot is reduced, improving comfort and ensuring the foot does not slip forwards inside the shoe.